Hell above the continents



Allied Forces

Neutral countries




Austrian aces

Aces of Bulgaria

Aces of Croatia

Aces of Finland

French Vichy air force pilots victory credits

German aces

Aces of Hungary

Aces of Italy

Italian aces of the RSI

Aces of Japan (Army)

Aces of Japan (Navy)

Pilot from Japanese-occupied Korea

Aces of Rumania

Aces of Slovakia

Spanish aces in the Luftwaffe

Sudeten German aces and pilots

Aces and pilots of German colonies

Yugoslav pilots with Croats

Pilots from other countries in the Luftwaffe

Pilots from Baltic States in the Luftwaffe

Luftwaffe pilots born in former French regions

French pilots in the Luftwaffe

Soviet aces in the ROA of Gen. Vlassov

Vlasovits and Eastern volunteers in the Luftwaffe

Allied forces

Australian aces

Aces and notable pilots of Belgium

Aces of Canada

Pilots from the Channel Islands

Aces of China

Italian scores against Axis

Croatian pilots victory credits in April War

Aces from Czechoslovakia

French aces

French-Canadian aces and notable pilots

Aces of Great Britain

Aces and pilots of Greece

Aces and pilots of Holland

Aces and pilots of Ireland

Pilots from the Isle of Man

Aces of New Zeland

Notable pilots of Northern Ireland

Aces of Norway

Pilots of Philippines victory credits

Polish aces

Aces of Rhodesia

Romanian scores against Axis

Scottish aces

Aces of South Africa

Aces of Soviet Union

White Russian notable pilots in WW2

Spanish aces in the VVS

Aces of USA (USAAF)

Aces of USA (RAF)

Aces of USA (Marines)

Aces of USA (Navy)

Welsh aces and notable pilots

Notable pilots of Yugoslavia

British Indian Empire notable pilots in WW2

Indian Natives notable fighter pilots in WW2

Pakistani notable fighter pilots in WW2

Notable Sinhalese and Tamil fighter pilots in WW2

Empire and Dominion small nations pilots in WW2

British Palestinian and Israeli pilots in WW2

Caribbean airmen in WW2

Pilots of other Allied countries

Austrian and German airmen with Allies

Neutral and small countries

Argentine-British pilots victory credits

Pilots of Helvetia victory credits

Swedish pilots victory credits

Danish pilots victory credits

Thai pilots victory credits

Pilots of Baltic States with Allies




WW2 aces killed during the war

Aces of the Winter War

Aces and notable pilots involved in motorsport


Axis Aces of the Battle of France

Axis Aces of the Battle of Britain

Luftwaffe reconnaissance aces

Luftwaffe balloon killers

Luftwaffe night fighter aces in WW2

Luftwaffe jet aces in WW2

Luftwaffe rocket fighter pilots in WW2

German aces of two wars

German and Axis day heavy bomber killer aces

Axis heavy bomber killers

Luftwaffe Zerstörer aces

Japanese heavy bomber killers


Allied Aces of the Battle of France

Allied Aces of the Battle of Britain

Aces in the defence of Malta islands and convoys

Norwegian famous pilots in 1940

Yugoslavian famous pilots in April War

Fleet Air Arm Aces of WW2

Allied catafighter pilots victory credits

Allied jet pilots victory credits

Notable RAF bomber gunners

Notable RAF fighter turret gunners

Allied victory credits against German jets

Aces against V-1 Diver bombs

Aces and future aces in the AVG

U.S.Navy Patrol Plane Aces of WW2

US Bomber Gunner Aces of WW2

Afro-American pilots victory credits in WW2

Native Indian American victory credits in WW2


Female fighter pilots victory credits

Sturmovik and bomber aces of VVS

Belarussian aces in the VVS

Ukrainian aces in the VVS

Caucasian aces in the VVS

Azerbaijani airmen in WW2

Asian Republic aces in the VVS


French Armée de l'Air pilots victory credits by units

French airmen with 1 to 4 victories in WW2

Notable French pilots killed in WW2

French victory credits in the Battle of France

French victory credits in the Battle of Britain

Free French in the RAF

Free French pilots killed in WW2

French twin-engine pilots victory credits

French Aeronautique Navale pilots victory credits

French gunners victory credits

French victory credits in the MTO with the Allies

French victory credits in the Eastern Front

French victory credits in the Battle of Germany Nov 44-May 45

French airmen of Antillean or African origin

Pilots of French origin in the Luftwaffe


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