Aces in the defence of island and convoys

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 27/02/2016

FLtGeorge Frederick "Buzz"BEURLING2732[31+1]CanadaRAF & RCAFC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq,249Sq RAF, 403Sq, 412Sq RCAF20/05/1948Spitfire, Malta, Channel, 42-43. KIFA.
FOPatrick Alfred 'Paddy'SCHADE1418[16+2]Great BritainRAFC.Shores(3,5 V-1s)501Sq, 54Sq, 126Sq, 91Sq11 (Hess, citation)
SLdrAdrian Philip "Tim"GOLDSMITH1313[11+2]AustraliaRAAFC.Shores234Sq, 242Sq, 126Sq, 452Sq16,5 (Hess); 15 (Shores)
SLdrHenry WallaceMCLEOD1321CanadaRAF & RCAFC.Shores & C.Williams132Sq,485Sq,602Sq,411Sq, 603Sq,1435Sq,443Sq27/09/1944Malta ace. KIA.
LtCdrAlfred Jack 'Jackie'SEWELL1313[6+7]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams806Sq, 804Sq03/10/19435+7sh
FLtRaymond BrownHESSELYN1219[18+1]New ZelandeRAFC.Shores & C.Williams234Sq,249Sq,att 272Sq,222Sq,64Sq RAFPOW 1943.21,5; 22;20,5(Shores)
FLtJack John William 'Slim'YARRA1212AustraliaRAF & RAAFC.Shores & C.Williams232Sq, 64Sq, 249Sq, 185Sq, 453(RAAF)Sq10/12/1942Malta ace.
LtCdrStanley GordonORR1112[6+6]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams806Sq, 804SqFAA ace.6+8sh
PONigel ManfredPARK1111[10+1]New ZelandeRNZAFC.Shores & C.Williams126Sq8,5
WCdrYiannis (John) AgorastosPLAGIS1117[15+2]RhodesiaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams65, 266, 249, 185, 64, 126Sq; Bentwaters Wg RAFSpitfire V, Malta, 1942.
POClaude III 'Weavy'WEAVER1113[12+1]USARAF & RCAFF.Olynyk, C.Shores185 RAF, 403Sq RCAF28/01/1944Malta, Sicily, 1942. France, 1943. KIA.13,5 (Toliver)
FLtPaul VirgilBRENNAN1010AustraliaRAF & RAAFC.Shores & C.Williams64Sq, 249Sq, 79Sq, 452Sq13/06/1943Spitfire V, Malta, 1942. KIFA.
POPeter AlfredNASH1012[11+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams65Sq, 609Sq, 249Sq12,5
WCdrAlexander Coultate'Sandy'RABAGLIATI1021[20+1]Great BritainRAFShores & Wil.(4 balloons)46Sq, 126Sq, Takali Wg, Coltishall Wg5 (Hess)
FOFrederick NealROBERTSON1012[11+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams769Sq, 66Sq, 261Sq, 219Sq, 96Sq31/08/1943KIA.
FLtRipley Ogden 'Rip'JONES99[7+2]USAUSN & RAFC.Shores & C.Williams611Sq, 126Sq17/10/1942Spitfire V ace, Malta, 1942.
FLtNorman CarterMACQUEEN99[7+2]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams602Sq, 249Sq04/05/1942KIA.
SLdrJohn FrederickMCELROY913[10+3]CanadaRCAF & IDF/AFC.Shores & C.Williams54Sq,249Sq RAF,421Sq,416Sq RCAF; 101Sq IDF/AFMalta, Europe.Spitfire, Israel 1948 War.14,3; 10+4sh and 3
FLtColin HenryPARKINSON99[8+1]AustraliaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams56Sq, 19Sq, 603Sq, 249Sq, 229Sq, 457Sq10
FLtWilliam Thomas EdwardROLLS918[17+1]Great BritainRAFC. Shores72Sq, 122Sq, 126Sq10 (W.Hess)
LtWilliam Lawrence LeCoqBARNES88[6+2]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams806Sq04/03/1941FAA Fulmar ace, Malta 1940-41.5
WCdrRobert Alexander 'Butch'BARTON817[12+5]CanadaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams249Sq, North Weald WgHurricane ace, BoB, Malta 41.16; 10+4sh (Shores)
CdrCharles L. G. 'Crash'EVANS810[2+8]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams803Sq, 806SqFAA ace.
WCdrRobert Carl 'Moose'FUMERTON814CanadaRCAF & RAF406Sq RCAF, 89Sq RAF, 112, 113
SubLtGraham AngusHOGG812[4+8]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams806Sq11/11/1940FAA ace.
FLtGarth EdwardsHORRICKS89[7+2]CanadaRAF & RCAFC.Shores & C.Williams185Sq RAF, 417Sq RCAF5+2
SLdrJames Archibald FindlayMACLACHLAN817[16+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams261Sq, 1Sq, AFDU31/07/1943Hurricane, Malta, Desert. POW 1943.
WCdrMaurice Michael 'Mike'STEPHENS823[20+3]Great BritainRAF, TurkAF, USAAFC.Shores & C.Williams3Sq, 232Sq, 274Sq, TurkAF, 80Sq, 57FG,249Sq, 229SqBoB ace. Malta Spitfire ace.22 (Hess); 17+3sh (Ledet)
SLdrRonaldWEST88Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams126Sq, 249Sq, 185Sq, 131Sq9
POJohn Livingstone 'Tony'BOYD77[5+2]AustraliaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams135Sq, 242Sq, 185Sq14/05/1942Hurricane, Malta, 1942. KIA.
GCaptGeorgeBURGES77Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.WilliamsHal Far Flt, 261SqMalta, Gladiator, Hurricane, 1940-41.
SLdrEdward GoughDANIEL711Great BritainRAFC.Shores & Wil.(4 V-1s)89Sq, 1435Flt05/07/1944Beaufighter, Sicily 42; Tempest 44. MIA.5
MajRonald CuthbertHAY713[4+9]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams801Sq, 808Sq, 47 Naval WingOnly RM British Pacific Fleet ace, 1945.
WCdrRobert Wendell 'Buck'MCNAIR716CanadaRAF & RCAFC.Shores & C.Williams249Sq RAF, 411Sq,403Sq,421Sq,126Wg RCAFSitfire Malta ace, 1942.17
WCdrRichard Angelo 'Mitch'MITCHELL78[5+3]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams64Sq, 603Sq, 249Sq, 605Sq18/03/19457,5
FLtAnthony JohnRIPPON77[4+3]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams601Sq, 261Sq, 107SqKIA.5 (W.Hess); 4+2
FLtGraySTENBORG715[14+1]New ZelandeRNZAFC.Shores & C.Williams111Sq, 185Sq, 91Sq24/09/194310.5
F/OFrederic Frank 'Eric'TAYLOR77Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.WilliamsHalFarFF, 261Sq26/02/1941KIA.
LtCdrRupert ClaudeTILLARD77[6+1]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams808Sq08/05/1941FAA ace.
MajReade FranklinTILLEY77USARAFC.Shores & C.Williams121'Eagle'Sq, 601Sq, 126SqSpitfire V ace, Malta, 1942.
POGordon RussellTWEEDALE77AustraliaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams43Sq, 126Sq, 185Sq09/05/1942
FOJames HamiltonBALLANTYNE66[5+1]CanadaRCAFC.Shores & C.Williams222Sq, 603Sq, 229Sq08/03/1944Spitfire V ace, Malta, 1942. KIA.8; 4,25 (Shores)
FLtJohn Henry EricBISLEY67[6+1]AustraliaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams126, 249, 54SqSpitfire, Malta 42, Darwin 43.
LtCdrRupert ArnoldBRABNER66[5+1]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams805Sq, 801SqFulmar, Sea Hurricane FAA ace, 1941-42.
FOGeorge Andrew F. 'Buck'BUCHANAN67[6+1]RhodesiaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq, 249Sq RAFSpitfire Malta ace, 1942.
SLdrWilbert GeorgeDODD68[6+2]CanadaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams54Sq,185Sq, 402Sq RAFHurr, Spit, Malta 42, ETO 43.5.33
FLtKenneth William SamuelEVANS66[4+2]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams126Sq
WCdrStanley BernardGRANT67[6+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores65Sq, 249Sq, Takali Wg10
LtCdrNigel George 'Buster'HALLETT66[0+6]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams807Sq, 884Sq, 887Sq
POClaud Eric 'Hamish'HAMILTON66Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams234Sq, 261Sq, 185Sq
FLtGilbert McLean 'Gillie'HAYTON66New ZelandeRAFC.Shores & C.Williams98Sq, 12Sq, 66Sq, 89Sq, att 1435 Flt RAF20/10/1942Dead in the sunk HMT Laconia.5 (Shores)
SLdrWilliam John 'John'JOHNSON67[4+3]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams145Sq, 126Sq, 133Sq
FLtFrank EverettJONES66[4+2]CanadaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams72Sq, 249Sq5,83
subLtIvan Lawrence FirthLOWE66[1+5]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams806Sq
FLtIan RoyMACLENNAN67CanadaRCAF & RAFC.Shores & C.Williams401Sq, 1435Flt(Sq), 443Sq6
FLtGeorge Charles CalderPALLISER611[4+7]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams249Sq
WCdrNevil EverardREEVES614Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams89Sq, 239Sq, BSDU16 (W.Hess)
FLtMervin CharlesSHIPARD613AustraliaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams68Sq, 89Sq
SLdrRoderick Illingworth A.SMITH614[13+1]CanadaRAF & RCAFC.Shores & C.Williams126Sq RAF, 412Sq, 401Sq RCAF
FLtJohn LawrenceWATERS66Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.WilliamsHal Far FFlt, 261Sq5; 4
POJohn WilliamWILLIAMS69CanadaRAFW. N. Hess132Sq, 603Sq, 164Sq, 249Sq RAF30/10/1942KIFA.6 (Shores-Will.)
WCdrEric Norman 'Timber'WOODS613[11+2]CanadaRAFC.Shores124Sq, 72Sq, 249Sq RAF, 286 BalkAF Wg16/12/1943
FLtHarold Woolgar 'Harry'AYRE55Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams261SqHurricane I ace, Malta, 1940-41.4+1
FLtDenis AlfredBARNHAM56[5+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams65Sq, 609Sq, 154Sq, 601Sq, 126SqSpitfire, Channel, Malta, 1941-42.7,5
FLtPeter CharlesCOBLEY55Great BritainRAFW.N.Hess252Sq, 272Sq, 613SqBeaufighter ace, Tunisia, Sicily 42.2 (Shores)
FLtRaoul WilliamDADDO-LANGLOIS56[5+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams249Sq10/07/1943Spitfire ace, Malta 42, Sicily 43. DOW.
FOEric Sidney 'Dicky'DICKS-SHERWOOD57[5+2]RhodesiaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams266, 603, 229, 238, 94, 145, 92Sq RAFSpit, Channel 41, Malta 42, Sicily 43.
WCdrArthur HayDONALDSON55[3+2]Great BritainRAFC. Shores & C. Williams263Sq, 249SqWhirlwind, Channel 41. Spit V, Malta 42.5,33
SLdrHenry GrahameEDWARDS57Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams604Sq, 89Sq6
CdrRichard Exton 'Jimmy'GARDNER510[6+4]Great BritainRAF & FAAC.Shores & C.Williams242Sq, 252Sq CC, 807Sq FAA8.58
SLdrReginald JackHYDE55New ZelandeRNZAFC.Shores & C.Williams66Sq, 261Sq, 197Sq
FLtCarl L.JOHNSON55[4+1]USARAFC.Shores & C.Williams227Sq23/11/1942
WCdrHenry PatrickLARDNER-BURKE58[7+1]South AfricaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams19Sq, 46Sq, 126Sq, 222Sq, 1Sq, Coltishall Wg RAF
WCdrAnthony Desmond JosephLOVELL522[16+6]CeylanRAFC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq, 145Sq, 1435Flt, 322Wg19,83
FLtJohn FrancisPAIN58[7+1]AustraliaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams32Sq, 261Sq, 73Sq
FOJohn DonaldRAE513[11+2]New ZelandeRAFC.Shores & C.Williams485Sq, 603Sq, 249Sq
FLtAllan HughSCOTT55Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams124Sq, 603Sq, 1435Sq, 122Sq6,5
MajCecil Jack O.'Zulu'SWALES55[3+2]South AfricaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams222, 603, 229, 185Sq RAF, 10SAAF, 4SAAFSq
POWilliam L.THOMPSON55[4+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams126Sq
SLdrArthur WilliamVAREY56[5+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams126Sq, 66Sq
WCdrAdrianWARBURTON57[2+5]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams22Sq, 431Flt, 69Sq, att 1435Sq12/04/1944
FLtWilliam Joseph 'Timber'WOODS57[6+1]IrelandRAFC.Shores-C.WilliamsFtrFlt, 261Sq, 80Sq20/04/1941Gladiator, Malta, 1940. KIA.5,5
SLdrGeorge Byrne StanislausCOLEMAN47Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams256Sq, MNFU, 46Sq, 272Sq, 600SqBeaufighter 42-45, Malta, Tunisia, Italy
SLdrArthur Allan 'Pinkie'GLEN49Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq, 603Sq
GCptPeter ProsserHANKS415[11+4]Great BritainRAFC.Shores1Sq,5OTU,257Sq,56Sq, Duxford, Coltishall, Luqa WgsHurricane, B.of France. Malta, 1942.14,33;10+4(Shores); 13+1
FLtErik LawsonHETHERINGTON45Great BritainRAFW.N.Hess601Sq, 611Sq,249Sq31/10/19423(or 2)+1sh(Shores)
POJohnHURST45[4+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams603Sq
FLtEdward BrianMORTIMER-ROSE413[9+4]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams234Sq, 249Sq, 185Sq, 111Sq28/01/1943KIA.10,33
FLtJames ElvidgePECK45[4+1]USARAF & USAAFF. OlynykRAF 126Sq, 2FS/52 FG, 394FS/367FG12/04/1944Spitfire, Malta 42, N.Africa 43. KIFA.6 (Toliver)
SLdrLeonard StanleyREID47AustraliaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams504Sq, 130Sq, 185Sq, 79RAAFSq, 452Sq4 (Shores)
F/LtJohn G. 'Jock'SANDERSON45[3+2]AustraliaRAFC.Shores & C.Williams602Sq, 249Sq, 452Sq
WCdrWilliam Arthur J.'Jack'SATCHELL47Great BritainRAFC.Shores234Sq, 302(Polish)Sq, 603Sq, 141Sq, Takali Wg6
WCdrDonald HamiltonSMITH46[5+1]AustraliaRAAFC.Shores & C.Williams126Sq, 41Sq, 453Sq5
FLtWilliam Coltart 'Wally'WALTON47Great BritainRAFW. N. Hess1435Sq6 (Shores-Will.)
SLdrCharles ErnestBROAD37Great BritainRAFW. N. Hess185Sq, 222SqHurricane, Spitfire, Malta, 1942.2+1 or 3+1(Shores)
SLdrKenneth LangleyCHARNEY36Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams185Sq, 602Sq, 132SqSpitfire, Malta 42, ETO 44.9
FLtLouis George CharlesDE L'ARA35Great BritainRAFW.N. Hess65Sq, 249SqSpitfire V ace, Malta 42.1+2 (Shores)
WCdrWilliam AndersonDOUGLAS36Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams603Sq, 453Sq, 611Sq, Coltishall Wg15
SgtJohn CarltonGILBERT33Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams249Sq5
WCdrEdward John 'Jumbo'GRACIE310[7+3]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams79Sq,56Sq,23Sq,601Sq,126Sq,Takali Wg,32Sq,169SqB.of Br. ace, Malta.11.33
SLdrCharles G.StDavid 'Porky'JEFFRIES36[3+3]Great BritainRAFC.Shores3Sq, 232Sq, 261Sq, 185Sq, 155Sq2+3sh (Shores); 4+2sh
MajCharles JamesLAUBSCHER36[4+2]South AfricaRAF & SAAFC.Shores & C.Williams274Sq, 261Sq, 242Sq RAF; 2Sq, 10Sq, 11Sq SAAF
SLdrKeith AshleyLAWRENCE36[4+2]New ZelandeRAFC.Shores & C.Williams234Sq, 603Sq, 421Flt, 185Sq RAF6,33
SLdrPeter William 'Pip'LEFEVRE310[5+5]Great BritainRAFC.Shores(1 Blenheim by mistake)46Sq, 126Sq, 266SqKIA.6,42
WCdrCharles W. M.LING33Great BritainRAFC-J.Ehrengardt4 SFTSHurricane pilot, M%alta, 1940.
WCdrPercy Belgrave 'Laddie'LUCAS33[1+2]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams249Sq, 616Sq, 613SqSpitfire V, Malta 1942.6
SLdrDonald William A.'Dimsie'STONES312[7+5]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams79Sq, 249Sq, MNFU, 605Sq, 155Sq, 67Sq12,5; 10+5sh
SLdrPeter DouglasTHOMPSON36[2+4]Great BritainRAFShores & Will. (citation)(5 V-1s)32Sq, 605Sq, 261Sq, 185Sq, 601Sq, 129Sq'Diver' ace.3sh
SLdrLeslie WilliamWATTS37Great BritainRAFW. N. Hess603Sq, 249Sq, 616Sq, 322(Dutch)Sq29/04/19456; 1+2sh (Shores)
FLtCyril Stanley 'Bam'BAMBERGER25Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams610Sq, 41Sq, 261Sq, 93Sq, 243SqSpit, Hurr, BoB, Malta 41, Italy 43-44.6
PODavid UsherBARNWELL26[4+2]Great BritainRAFC.Shores185Sq, MNFU14/10/1941Hurricane II, Malta, 1941. MIA.5,7 (Shores-Will.)
GCaptJohn DerekBISDEE210[8+2]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams609Sq, 249SqSpit, BoB, Channel, Malta, Desert 42.10
FLtPhilippe MarcelCHARRON27CanadaRAF & RCAFC.Shores & C.Williams126Sq RAF, 412Sq RCAF19/11/1944Spitfire ace, Malta 42, ETO 44. KIA.
LtCdrR. Michael 'Mike'CROSLEY25[4+1]Great BritainFAAC. Shores813Sq, 800Sq, 880SqFAA ace.
WCdrHugh Anthony Stephen'Tim'JOHNSTON26[5+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams257Sq, 133Sq, 126Sq, 165Sq
FOMichael WilliamKINMONTH27Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams89Sq11/11/1943KIA.5
WCdrGeoffrey WilsonNORTHCOTT29[8+1]CanadaRAF & RCAFC.Shores & C.Williams401Sq,603Sq,229Sq,416Sq,402Sq,126Wing
GCaptJohn MarlowTHOMPSON210[8+2]Great BritainRAFC.Shores111Sq, 131Sq, Takali, HalFar Wg, 338Wg11 (Shores)
SLdrInnes BentallWESTMACOTT25[3+2]Great BritainRAFC.Shores56Sq, 261Sq, 1435Flt, Takali Wg
CaptVasseure Howe 'Georgia'WYNN25[3+2]USARAF & USAAFF. Olynyk249Sq, 334FS/4FG; 27FEWSpitfire, Malta 42; P-47, P-51, ETO 44.
SLdrAnthony Richard HenryBARTON19[8+1]Great BritainRAFC.Shores32Sq, 253Sq, 124Sq, 126SqHurricane, BoB. Spifire, Malta 42.10.5
LtCdrJohn MartinBRUEN19[4+5]IrelandFAAC.Shores801,759,803,778,800,836Sq FAASkua, Fulmar, Sea Hurricane, MTO, 40-42.5; 4+4sh
SLdrJohn Harvey 'Crash'CURRY18[7+1]USARAFC.Shores & C.Williams137Sq, 610Sq, 601Sq, 80SqSpit ace, Malta, Desert 42, Italy 44.6,33 (Toliver)
WCdrBillyDRAKE122[20+2]Great BritainC.Shores1Sq, 421Flt, 128Sq, 112Sq, Hal Far WgWestern Desert.24,5 (Drake); 18 +2sh
SLdrMervin Robert 'Bruce'INGRAM114[8+6]New ZelandeRNZAFC.Shores & C.Williams611Sq, 601Sq, 243Sq, 152Sq11/07/19449,33
SLdrPeter William Olber'Boy'MOULD111[8+3]Great BritainRAFC.Shores1Sq, 185Sq01/10/1941KIA.
WCdrStanley CharlesNORRIS19[8+1]Great BritainRAF & RNZAFC.Shores & C.Williams610Sq, 485(RNZAF)Sq, 126Sq, 33Sq, 243Wg, 11Sq10
GCaptGeorge FfolliottPOWELL-SHEDDEN17[5+2]Great BritainRAFC.Shores33Sq, 242Sq, 258Sq, 615Sq, MNFU, 96Sq, 29Sq5,2; 5 (W.Hess)
F/OArthur Maurice OwenPRING19Great BritainRAFW. N. Hess604Sq, 89Sq, 76Sq7 (Shores)
LtPhilip Donald JulianSPARKE16[4+2]Great BritainFAAC.Shores & C.Williams806Sq11/05/1941Fulmar, Hurricane, Malta, Crete, 1941.
SgtGeorge ArthurTUCKWELL15Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams272Sq8
SLdrJeffery GeorgeWEST16[4+2]New ZelandeRAFC.Shores & C.Williams616Sq, 249Sq, 103MU
SLdrPaul Caswell PoweFARNES09[7+2]Great BritainRAFC.Shores & C.Williams501Sq, 164Sq8.33; 7+1sh
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