Rising of the aces


Central Powers

Allied Forces

Small countries


Fighter aces with 30 or more victories

Aces against balloons

Pilots with airship kills

Balloon observer victory credits

WW1 aces killed during the war


Central Powers

Aces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Hungarian aces

Czechoslovakian aces and pilots

Sudeten German aces and pilots

Croatian and Slovenian aces and pilots

Polish aces and pilots

Aces of Germany

Bavarian Aces of WW1

Bulgarian victory credits

Otoman victory credits

Allied Forces

Aces of Australia

Aces of Belgium

Aces of Canada

Scottish aces

Aces of France

Aces from Great Britain

Aces of Ireland

Aces of Italy

Aces of New Zeland

Notable pilots of Northern Ireland

French-Canadian aces and pilots

Romanian pilots victory credits

Czechoslovakian pilots

Aces of Russia

Serbian pilots victory credits

Aces of South Africa

Aces of USA

Aces from Wales

Small countries

Aces and pilots from other countries

Aces and pilots from Argentina

Aces and pilots from South America

Baltic nations aces and pilots

Aces and pilots from Neutral countries

Commonwealth small nations victory credits

Aces and pilots from Asia

Pilots born in Indochina


British two-seater aces of WW1

British observer aces of WW1

Central Powers two-seater aces

Central Powers observer aces


Airmen of Aviation Maritime in WW1

French pilots in the Russian Front

French airmen of Antillean or African origin


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