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All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 10/10/2013

Magg.FrancescoBARACCA34Alegi (Franks et al.)5a, 1a, 70a, 91a19/06/1918Nieuport, Spad, 1916-17.36
tenSilvioSCARONI26Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 6 unoff.)4a, 44a, 43a, 76aNieuport, HD.1, 1917-18.
t.ColPier RuggieroPICCIO24Alegi (Franks et al.)(1 balloon)(+ 1 unoff.)5a, 3a, 77a, 91aNieuport, Spad, 1917-18.
Ten.Flavio TorelloBARACCHINI21Alegi(Franks et al.)(1 balloon)(+ 9 unoff.)7a, 26a, 81a, 76a18/08/1928Nieuports, HD.1, 1917-18.33 (citation)
captFulcoRUFFO DI CALABRIA20Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 6 unoff.)4a, 44a, 42a, 1a, 70a, 91aNieuport, Spad, 1916-18.
Sgt.MarzialeCERUTTI17Alegi (Franks et al.)(1 balloon)(+ 5 unoff.)79a26/05/1946Nieuport ace, 1917-18.
tenFerruccioRANZA17Alegi (Franks et al.)(3 to 8 unoff.)77a, 91aNieuport, Spad, 1917-18.
Ten.Giovanni 'Giannino'ANCILLOTTO11Alegi (Franks et al.)(3 balloons)114a, 27a, 30a, 80a, 77a18/10/1924Nieuport ace, 1917-18.
sgtAntonioREALI11Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 18 unoff.)79aNieuport, HD.1, 1917-18.29
sgtGiovanniNICELLI9Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 3 unoff.)79a05/05/1918Nieuport, HD.1, 1917-18.8
Ten.FlaminioAVET8Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 4 unoff.)73a, 82a, 70aNieuport, HD.1, Spad, 1917-18.
S.Ten.ErnestoCABRUNA8Alegi (Frank et al.)(1 balloon)(+ 1 unoff.)28a, 84a, 80a, 77aNieuport, HD.1, Spad, 1917-18.
S.Ten.AlvaroLEONARDI8Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 3 unoff.)41a (gunner), 80aNieuport, HD.1, 1917-18.11
Ten.Carlo Francesco 'Francis'LOMBARDI8Alegi (Franks et al.)77aNieuport, Spad VII, 1917-18.6
tenGastoneNOVELLI8Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 1 unoff.)28a (obs), 30a, 81a, 76a, 91a03/07/1919Nieuport, Spad, 1917-18. KIFA.
tenLuigiOLIVARI8Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 7 unoff.)1a, 70a, 91a13/10/1917Nieuport, Spad, SVA, 1916-17. KIFA.12(Shores); 19
Ten.LeopoldoELEUTERI7Alegi (Franks et al.)73a, 121a, 70a19/01/1926HD.1, Spad, Ballila, 1918.1 unoff.
Ten.MarioFUCINI7Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 6 unoff.)5a,25a,84a,Sez. Dif.Grott.,87a,76a,78aNieuport, SVA, HD.1 ace, 1917-18.
ten VOrazioPIEROZZI7Alegi (Franks et al.)(1 or 9 unoff.)255a,St.Brindisi,GI Venezia (260a),261aSeaplanes M.5, M.9, 1917-18.6
sgtCosimo 'Cosme'RENNELLA BARBATTO7Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 10 unoff.)31a, 32a, 48a, 45a, 78a03/05/1937Nieuport, HD.1, 1917-18.
CaptAntonioRIVA7Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 6 unoff.)29a, 73a, 71a, 78a17/08/1951Nieuport, HD.1 ace, 1917-18.
S.M.AldoBOCCHESE6Alegi (Franks et al.)70aHanriot, Spad, 1918.
Ten.AlessandroBUZIO6Alegi (Franks et al.)75a, 81a, 76aNieuport, Hanriot, 1916-18.5 (Bongiovanni list)
S.M.AntonioCHIRI6Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 7 unoff.)77a, 78aNieuport, HD.1, 1917-18.5
Cap.Bartolomeo 'Bortolo'COSTANTINI6Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 1 unoff.)3a, 13a, 14a, 78a, 43a, 91a19/07/1941Nieuport, Spad, 1917-18.
S.M.GuglielmoFORNAGIARI6Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 3 unoff.)78a03/02/1956Nieuport, HD.1, 1917-18.7
Sgt.AttilioIMOLESI6Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 2 unoff.)79a11/03/1918Nieuport ace, 1917-18. KIFA.
Sgt.CesareMAGISTRINI6Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 4 unoff.)78a, 91aNieuport, HD.1, Spad, 1917-18.
sgtGuidoNARDINI6Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 2 unoff.)75a, 78a, 91a26/01/1928Nieuport, 1916-18.
tenLuigiOLIVI6Alegi (Franks et al.)(1 or 2 unoff.)2a, 42a, 76a17/07/1917Nieuport ace, Spad, 1916-17.
tenGiorgio 'Giuliano'PESSI 'PARVIS'6Alegi (Franks et al.)82a, 78a, 91a18/07/1933Spad VII ace, 1917. KIFA.2 unoff.
SgtPOLI6Alegi (Feb.1918 list)
sgtCosimo DamianoRIZZOTTO6Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 1 unoff.)77aNieu, Spad, 1917-18. Br.14, Paraguay.
sgtMarioSTOPPANI6Alegi (Franks et al.)3a, 76aNieuport 11 ace, 1916. Test pilot.
sgtRomoloTICCONI6Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 1 unoff.)76a, 81a26/08/1919HD.1, 1918. KIFA.
S.Ten.MicheleALLASIA5Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 1 unoff.)37a, 80a, 77a, 5aSez SVA20/07/1918Farman, Nieuport, SVA, 1916-18.
S.Ten.AntonioAMANTEA5Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 4 unoff.)43a, 71aNieuport ace, 1917-18.
Sgt.ARRIGONI5Alegi (Feb.1918 list)
S.Ten.SebastianoBEDENDO5Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 3 unoff.)48a, 42a, 72a, 71a24/08/1935Hanriot HD.1 ace, 1918.
Stv.UmbertoCALVELLO5Alegi (Franks et al.)260a, 261a18/08/1919Seaplane M.5 ace, 1918.'Aer.2a, 4a, 5a (gunner)Improbable gunner ace.3 or 2 (Alegi et al.)
Cap.GiulioLEGA5Alegi (Franks et al.)21a, 76a, 81aNieuport, Spad, 1918.
Ten.VFedericoMARTINENGO5Alegi (Franks et al.)260a09/09/1943Seaplane M.5 ace, 1918. KIA WW2.
Ten.GuidoMASIERO5Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 10 unoff.)26a,86a,91a,78a,3a Sez.SVAHD.1 ace, SVA, 1917-18.7 (citation)
tenAmadeoMECOZZI5Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 4 unoff.)46a,49a,48a,45a,50a,76a,78aHD.1 ace, 1917-18.
tenGiorgioMICHETTI5Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 3 unoff.)43a, 76aHanriot HD.1, 1917-18.
capoGiuseppePAGLIACCI5P. Varriale260aMacchi M.5 1918.4 sh
soldPANERO5Alegi (Feb.1918 list)
s.tenAlessandroRESCH5Alegi (Franks et al.)(1 unoff. balloon)26a, 70aNieuport, HD.1, 1917-18.4
tenGiovanniSABELLI5Alegi (Franks et al.)Sq Aviatik,2a,71a,Sez.Dif.Albania,91a25/10/1917Nieuport, Spad, 1917. KIA.
Ten.MarioDE BERNARDI4Alegi (Franks et al.)(+ 1 unoff.)75a, 91aNieuport, 1916. Spad, 1918. Test pilot.9
Stv.Luigi 'Billy'DE RISEIS4Alegi (Franks et al.)259a, 261a, 241a06/01/1926Hydroplane M.5 pilot, 1918.5; 3
2noccAndreaRIVIERI4P. Varriale261aHydroplane M.5, 1918.
skdtFerrucio MariaFIO1SFS TriesteItalian navy pilot.
Table: Italian aces of WWI

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