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News: 21st century conflicts

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

War in Ukraine

War in Syria


US-China Conflict

Last century conflicts


India Pakistanian wars




Chinese conflicts


Cold War and after



Wars in Yugoslavia

Central & South America

African conflicts


Jet aces

Jet aces in all wars


War in Ukraine

Ukrainian and Allied victory credits

Russian victory credits


Other 21st century conflicts

Nagorno-Karabakh conflicts victory credits

War in Syria victory credits

Iran-Pakistan-India sector skirmishes

US-China Conflict

Middle East

Egyptian victory credits

Israeli aces

Israeli victory credits

Syrian victory credits

Other nations with Arab forces

Fighter pilots with Israel during the War of Independence 1948-49

RAF pilots in Palestine 1948

French victory credits

India Pakistan wars

Indian victory credits

Pakistani victory credits



Caucasus conflicts victory credits and claims


Afghan conflicts

Soviet-Afghan war victory credits 1979-89

Afghan Civil War victory credits 1989-2001



North Vietnamese aces

North Vietnamese victory credits

Communist allies victory credits in Vietnam

American victory credits

US allies aerial victory credits in Vietnam

Red Chinese claims during the period


Chinese conflicts

Chinese People's Republic victory claims

Soviet pilots victory credits

Chinese Nationalists victory credits

American victory credits

Other countries victory credits



Indonesian conflict victory credits


Cold War and after

Warsawa Pact victory credits

American and Nato victory credits

Yugoslavian victory credits

Red Chinese victory claims

Civil Aircraft downed claims

Friendly kills, self kills



Mediterranean skirmishes victory credits


Gulf wars

Iranian victory claims of the First Gulf War

Iraqi victory claims of the First Gulf War

Pilots of other countries victory claims of the First Gulf War

American victory credits in the Second Gulf War

Coalition Arab pilots victory credits in the Second Gulf War

Iraqi pilots claims in the Second Gulf War


Wars in Yugoslavia

NATO victory credits

Yugoslavian victory claims


Central & South America

Football War aerial victory credits

Cuban pilots victory claims

Falkland War aerial victory credits

Skirmishes or coups in Central and South America


African conflicts

African wars and skirmishes victory claims

French victory credits in the Algerian War



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