Israeli victory credits of Arab-Israeli wars

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 25/01/2019

MajGioraEPSTEIN AVEN17P.Mersky101 Sq, 113 SqMirage III, Six-Day, Attrition, Kippur.
LtColYiftahSPECTOR15P. MerskyTayeset 101Mirage III, 1967-70, F-4, Kippur.12 (Aloni); 16
MajAvrahamSHALMON14,5S.Aloni119Sq, 101SqMirage III, Six-Day, Attrition, Kippur.14; 13,5 (Mersky)
Lt ColAmirNACHUMI14Mersky, Weiss, Aloni(1 credited to unit)107 Sq, 110 SqF-4E, Kippur; F-16, Osirak, Lebanon.15; 13,5; 12
MajAsherSNIR13,5P.MerskyTayeset 119Mirage, Six-Day, Attrition; F-4 Kippur.12,5
MajIsraelBAHARAV12S.Aloni113 Sq, 101 SqSix-Day, Attrition and Yom Kippur wars.14(Cooper); 11(Mersky)
DrorHARISH12D.LednicerTayeset 119Mirage III, Attrition and Kippur wars.9; 11 (Aloni)
CaptYa'akov 'Kobi'RICHTER11,5P.Mersky117SqSix-Day; Mirage, Attrition, Kippur.10,5 (Aloni)
LtColOdedMAROM11P.Mersky101SqMirage, Six-Day, Attrition, Kippur war.5; 13,5(T.Cooper); 12
ColYehudaKOREN10,5P.Mersky105Sq, 117SqMirage, 6-Day, Attrition; Nesher,Kippur.9
MajShlomoLEVI10S.Aloni147Sq; 117Sq, 113SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.9(P.Mers.)
LtColMosheMELNIK9,5D.Lednicer(1 "no weapon")119 SqF-4E, Yom Kippur; F-15, Lebanon.4,5; 5,5; 8,5
MajEitanKARMI9P.Mersky101Sq, 119SqSix-Day, Attrition, Yom Kippur wars.5
CaptAmosBAR8D.McCarthyTayeset 117Yom Kippur War.2; 7 (Lednicer)
LtShlomoEGOZI8P.Mersky101 Sq, 119 Sq, 107 SqMystere IV, Mirage, F-4E, 6-Day,Kippur.5
CapIlanGONEN8P.Mersky101SqMirage III, Six-Day, Yom Kippur wars.
LtZe'ev 'Rafi'RAZ8S.Aloni+D.LednicerTayeset 69, Tayeset 110, Tayeset 117F-4E, Yom Kippur; F-16, Lebanon.3; 4
MenachemENIAN7,5D.LednicerSix-Day, Kippur, Lebanon wars.8
ColUriGIL7,5P.MerskyMirage III; F-15, Lebanon War.6; 9 (D.Lednicer); 10
LtColAmosAMIR7P.Mersky101Sq, 119SqSix-Day War, Attrition War.
MajYirmiyahu 'Jeremy'KEIDAR7P.Mersky105Sq, 114SqSMB-2, Six-Day; Nesher, Kippur.
MajAvnerNAVEH7D.Lednicer133 Sq, 106 SqF-15 ace, Lebanon.6,5
Yitzhak 'Jeff'PEER7D. LednicerMirage III, 1967-69. F4E 1970.
MajRanRONEN PECKER7P.Mersky101Sq, 119Sq, 201SqMirage, border, 6-Day, Attrition wars.5(S.Al.); 8
LtColMenachemSHARON7S.Aloni101Sq, 144SqMirage III, Attrition; Nesher, Kippur.5
NameWITHELD7S.AloniMirage III, Six-Day, Attrition, F-4E.
MichaelZUK7D.Lednicer101 SqMirage III, 1969-73.
CaptArielCOHEN6,5D.Lednicer144 SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.5 (Mersky)
CaptMosheHERTZ6,5P.Mersky101Sq, 113SqMirage III, Attrition; Nesher, Kippur.5; 6 (T.Cooper)
LtOmriAFEK HOFMAN6S.Aloni+D.Lednicer119SqMirage, F-4E, 1967-73.4
CaptYoramAGMON6P.Mersky101 Sq, 69 Sq1966, Six-Day, Yom Kippur, Golan.5; 7
LtColUriAVEN-NIR6P.Mersky117Sq, 144SqSix-Day, Yom Kippur wars.5 (T.Cooper); 7
CaptAsafBEN-NUN6S.Aloni, D.LednicerTayeset 109, 101, 114Mystere, Six-Day; Nesher, Yom Kippur.5
MenachemELIYAHU6D.Lednicer119Sq, 144SqMirage III, Nesher, 1970-73.
LtColAbraham 'Avi'LANIR6S.Aloni, D.Lednicer117 Sq, 101 Sq13/10/1973Mirage III, Golan, Six-Day, Kippur. POW.4
LtColEitanPELED6D.Lednicer(+ 1 no-weapon kill)201 Sq, 119 SqF-4E, Attrition, Kippur wars.5 (Mersky)
CaptMenachemSHMUL6S.Aloni119Sq, 114SqMirage, 6-Day, Attrition; Nesher, Kippur7
MajShaulSIMON6D.Lednicer133 SqF-15, Lebanon War.
LtColEhudHANKIN5,5S.Aloni105sq, 117Sq, 201 Sq, 69Sq07/10/1973Mirage, Six-Day, Attrition; F-4, Kippur.5; 3; 6 (T.Cooper); 6,5
GideonLIVNI5,5D.Lednicer101 SqMirage III, Nesher, 1973-74.
Eytan'S'5D.LednicerF-16, Lebanon War.
LtColHerzlBODINGER5S.Aloni, D.Lednicer110Sq, 117Sq, 101SqMirageIII, Kippur; Nesher, 1974.>5; 3; 2
ColEzra 'Babban'DOTAN5D.LednicerTayeset 117, 109Golan, Six-Day War; A-4, Attrition War.
CaptGideonDROR5S.Aloni101Sq, 113SqMirage III, Six-day, Yom Kippur wars.
MajYoelFELDSHO5D.Lednicer(+1 unconf)110 Sq, 133 SqF-4E, Kippur; F-15, Lebanon.4
YoramGEVA5D.Lednicer101SqMirage III, Nesher, 1972-73.6
Avraham 'Avi'GILAD5S.Aloni119SqMirage III, Nesher, 1970-73.1; 4
MajItamarNOINER5P.MerskyMirage III, 1969-73.
MajYoramPELED5D.Lednicer(+ 2 unconf)133 SqF-4, Kippur; F-15 ace, Golan, Lebanon.
LtColBen-AmiPERI5P.MerskyTayeset 201, Tayeset 105F-4E ace, Kippur, Lebanon wars.
MajGioraROM5P.MerskyTayeset 119, 113, 1151st IDF ace, Mirage III, 1966-69.
CaptReubenROSEN5D. Lednicer119Sq, 101Sq, 113SqMirage III, Attrition; Nesher, Kippur.3 (Aloni)
AviemSELLA5D.Lednicer69SqMirage III, War of Attrition.
Israel 'Relik'SHAFIR5D.Lednicer110 Sq, 133 SqF-15, 1979; F-16, Lebanon, 1982.4
CaptShlomoWEINTRAUB NAVOT5D.LednicerTayeset 11702/01/1970War of Attrition. Killed AA.4 (Aloni)
CaptAmnonARAD4,5D. LednicerTayeset 117, Tayeset 69Six-Day War, Yom Kippur.3 (Aloni)
MajEitanBEN-ELIYAHU4S.Aloni(+ 1 no-weapon kill)101 Sq, 201 SqAttrition, Yom Kippur, Lebanon wars.
MajAvihuBEN-NUN4S.Aloni116Sq, 119Sq, 69SqSix-Day, Attrition wars.5; 6 (T.Cooper)
MajRafiBERKOVICH4D.McCarthy117 SqF-16 pilot, 1981, Lebanon 1982.
AmitESHCHAR4S.Aloni, D.Lednicer101SqMirage III, Yom Kippur War.
AmnonGURION4D. Lednicer201 SqF-4E, 1972-73.2
DanHALUTZ4D.Lednicer201 Sq, 109 SqF-4E, Yom Kippur War.3
RoniHOLDAI4D.Lednicer201 SqF-4E, Kippur 1973.
UriLISS4D. LednicerMirage III, 1969-73.
YuvalNEEMAN4D.Lednicer117SqMirage III, Attrition, Kippur wars.
LtColYa'acov 'Yak'NEVO MILLNER4S.Aloni101Sq, 105SqMystere IV, Sinai; SMB-2; Mirage III.3
CaptAmiROCKACH4D. Lednicer117SqMirage III, Attrition, Kippur wars, POW.3 (Aloni)
ColAharon 'Yalo'SHAVIT4D.Lednicer101 Sq, 105 SqM.IV, Sinai; SMB, 6-Day; Nesher, Kippur.
DanielSHLAIDER4D.LednicerMirage III, Kippur War.
Tzvika 'Evi'VERED4D.Lednicer117SqMirage III, Golan, Kippur War.3
MajDanSEVER3,5D.Lednicer101 SqMirage III, Six-Day, Kippur.
CaptAmosSHACHAR3,5S.Aloni, D.Lednicer105 Sq, 113 SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.
SLdrMordechai 'Modi'ALON KLIVANSKI3Cull, Aloni & NicolleTelAviv Sq, 101Sq16/10/1948S.199, 1948.
CaptEhud 'Udi' 'Amit'BEN-AMITAI3S.Aloni + D.Lednicer113Sq20/01/1981Nesher, Yom Kippur. KIFA.
LtYeshayahu 'Shai'EGOZI3P.RazouxTayeset 10106/11/1951Mystere IV, Sinai War.2
MajGioraFOREMAN3S.AloniTayeset 101Mirage III, Six-Day, Attrition wars.
CaptAvshalom 'Avsha'FRIEDMAN ROM3D.LednicerTayeset 110, Tayeset 117Mirage III, War of Attrition.
ColRanGOREN3S.Aloni, D.LednicerTayeset 101, 107Mirage III, Attrition; F-4E, Kippur.
AmiramKALICHMAN3D.LednicerMirage III, Kippur 1973.
HagaiKATZ3D.Lednicer, D.McCarthy117 Sq, 253 SqF-16, 1981, Lebanon 1982.
Rafael 'Rafi'KOREN3S.Aloni(1 "no weapon" kill)119 SqF-4E, 1973.
CaptArnonLAPIDOT LEVOSHIN3D.Lednicer119SqMirage, Six-Day, Attrition; F-4, Kippur.2 (S.Aloni)
NaftaliMAIMON3D.LednicerTayeset 107, Tayeset 110F-4E, Yom Kippur.2
CaptYitzhakNIR3D.Lednicer119SqMirage III, Attrition, Kippur wars.
GilREGEV3D. Lednicer107 SqF-4E, 1973, Golan.2
CaptYohaiRICHTER3S.Aloni+D.Lednicer101SqMirage III, Six-Day, Kippur wars.1; 2
OdedSAGEE3S.Aloni119SqMirage III, Six-Day War.4 (Lednicer)
CaptSaulSCHWARTZ3D.McCarthy133 Sq, 106 SqF-15 pilot, Lebanon, 1982.
LtColYiftachSHADMI3D.Lednicer, D.McCarthy69 Sq, 133 SqF-4E, 1973; F-15, Lebanon, 1982.
Daniel 'Dani'SHAKI3S.Aloni107 SqF-4E, Yom Kippur.
MajElyezerSHKEDY3D.McCarthy117Sq, 116SqF-16, Lebanon, 1980.4,5(McCarthy), 2 (IAF)
DanSION3D.LednicerMirage III, Yom Kippur War.
CaptDavidTAVOR3D.Lednicer113SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.1; 2
RaananYOSEF3D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
YehudaBAVLI2,5D. LednicerTayeset 110F-16, Lebanon war.
CaptMichael 'Diamond'HABER2,5S.Aloni101SqMirage III, Nesher, 1966-73.2
MajOferLAPIDOT2,5D.Lednicer133 SqF-15A D, Lebanon War.2
Eliezer 'Uri'YAARI (YE'ARI)2,5D.Lednicer119SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.
EliezerADAR2D.LednicerMirage III, Kippur 1973.
EitanADRES2D.Lednicer113 SqNesher, Kippur 1973.
CaptAlexanderARMON2S.AloniTayeset 10505/06/1967SMB-2, Six-Day War.1
AVI2D.LednicerF-15C, Lebanon, 1982.
MajDrorAVNERI2D.Lednicer101Sq, 117Sq, 107SqSinai War, Yom Kippur War.1
MichaelAVRAHAMI2D.Lednicer144SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.1
CaptItshakBARZILAI2D.Lednicer101SqSix-Day War.1 (Aloni)
ShmulikBEN-ROM2D.Lednicer, S.Aloni116 Sq, 119 SqF-4E, 1972-73.
AvishaiCANAAN2D.Lednicer, D.McCarthy110 SqF-16, Lebanon 1982.
DavidDRORI2D. Lednicer, S. Aloni119SqF-4E, 1973.
MajRaniFALK2D.McCarthy117 SqF-16A pilot, Lebanon, 1982.2
LtColYa'acovGAL2S.Aloni113 SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.
CaptAviGOILAD2S.Aloni113SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.
MajShmuelGORDON2D.Lednicer(+ 1 unarmed victory)105 Sq, 101Sq, 107 SqMirage III, Attrition and Kippur wars.
MajGioraGOREN2S.Aloni, D.Lednicer144SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.1
CaptYoramHOFFMAN2D.McCarthy133 SqF-15 pilot, Lebanon, 1982.
IRMI2D.LednicerFirst Nesher victory, Yom Kippur War.
LtAvinoam 'Avi'KELDES2D. Lednicer101SqMirage III, War of Attrition, POW.
ShimchaKELMAN2D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
CaptNoamKNAAMI2D.Lednicer, D.McCarthy133 SqF-15C, Lebanon 1982.
ShlomoLAHAT2D.LednicerNesher, Yom Kippur War.
YosefLAVI2D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
SachaLEVIN2D.McCarthy117 SqF-16A pilot, Lebanon, 1982.
CaptAviMAOR2D.Lednicer, D.McCarthy133 SqF-15C, Lebanon War 1982.
AllofMISHNE2D.LednicerMirage III, 1967, 1973.
CaptAmosMOHAR2D.Lednicer, R.WeissTayeset 110F-16, Lebanon 1982.
IftahMORE 'YFTACH'2D.Lednicer01/04/1987F-15A, Lebanon War.
CaptItamarNEUNER2S.AloniTayeset 119, Tayeset 117Mirage III, War of Attrition, Kippur.2+1sh (Aloni)
DanOSHRAT2R. WeissTayeset 117F-16 pilot, Lebanon, 1982.
CaptElishaPERI2D.Lednicer117 SqMirage III, Kippur 1973.1 (Aloni)
CaptYair 'Rachmo'RACHMILEVIC2D.Lednicer22/01/1984F-15, Golan, Lebanon War, 1980-82.
NirRONEN2D.LednicerF-15D, 1985.+5
YairSELA2D.LednicerMirage III, 1969; Nesher, 1973.
OdedSHAVITZ2D.LednicerMystere IVA, Six-Day War.
GideonSHEFFER2D.Lednicer, S. Aloni119SqF-4E, Kippur. RF-4E, 1982.
YehoshoaSHEFFER2D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
EytanSTIBBE2D.McCarthy116 SqF-16 pilot, 1982.4
RoiTAMIR2D.Lednicer, R.WeissF-16, Lebanon 1982.
CaptAmirYAHEL2S.Aloni144 SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.
CaptUriYEARI2S.Aloni119SqMirage III, Six-Day War.1
MajAharonYOELI2S.AloniTayeset 117Meteor, border skirmishes, 1955.1
DubbiYOFFE2D.Lednicer107 Sq, 117 SqF-4E, Yom Kippur War.
LtColBenyamin 'Benny'ZINKER2D. Lednicer(1 MiG-25)133SqF-15A MiG-25 killer, Lebanon, 1981.
CaptBen-Zion 'Beni'ZOHAR2S.Aloni(1 unarmed victory)110 Sq, 201 SqVautour, Six-Day War.
MosheROSENFELD1,5R. WeissNegev SqF-16 pilot, Labanon, 1982.
CaptDediROSENTHAL1,5D.Lednicer133 SqF-15, Golan, Lebanon War.
CaptYosefTSUK1,5S.AloniTayeset 101Mystere IV, Sinai War, 1959.
"YARKLE"1J-J. PetitTayeset 113Ouragan pilot, Suez, 1956.
'HARRY'1D.LednicerNesher, Yom Kippur War.
'N'1D.LednicerF-4E, Kippur War.
'SARI'1D.LednicerYom Kippur War.
'Y'1D.LednicerF-4E, 1 civil Libyan 727, 1973.
ALLON1S.Aloni113SqSix-Day War.
ZvolonAMITZI1D.LednicerF-4E, Kippur War.
ColYosef 'Yossi'ARAZI1D. Lednicer110Sq, 101SqSix-Day War.
ARNOR1D.Lednicer105SqSix-Day War.
IlanAUERBUCH1D.LednicerMirage III, 1972.
YaelronBARMI1D.LednicerWar of Attrition.
ItamarBARNEA1D.Lednicer(+ 1 no-weapon kill)201 SqF-4E, Golan, 1972.2
LtTsurBEN-BARAK1S.AloniTayeset 107, Tayeset 10531/01/1967SMB-2, 1961. KIFA.
YuvalBEN-DOR1D.McCarthy106 SqF-15 pilot, Lebanon 1985.
AdiBENAYA1D.Lednicer117 Sq, 201 SqF-4E, War of Attrition.
Ya'acovBETZER1D.LednicerSix-Day War, Mirage.
YaacovBIRBIS1One Lebanese S-M FTL, 1959.
YuvalBUGIN1D.LednicerF-15D, 1985.0,5
ZviBURENSTEIN1D. LednicerSMB.2, 1967.
AdiDAGAN1D.LednicerMirage, Yom kippur War.
CaptUriDEKEL1S.AloniTayeset 117Mirage III, Six-Day War.
AvrahamDOSH1D.LednicerMirage III, War of Attrition.
LtYvalEFRATI1A. DrorTayeset 105
LtOferEINAV1D.Lednicer, R.WeissF-16, Lebanon, 1982.
ShlomoEREZ1D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
ZivEREZ 'ZIV'1D.LednicerF-15C, Lebanon War.
BaruchFRIEDMAN1D.LednicerMirage III, Six-Day War.
LtAmiGADISH GOLDSTEIN1S.AloniTayeset 109Mystere IV, Six-Day War.
YeoharGAL1S. Aloni201 SqKurnass pilot, Yom Kippur war, 73.0
Yeovar (??)GAL1S. Aloni107 SqKurnass pilot, Kippur war.
YitzhakGAT1D.Lednicer69 SqF-4E, Kippur 1973.2
GIL1D.LednicerF-15A, Lebanon 1982.
GOLSTEIN1D.Lednicer119SqSMB-2, Six-Day War.
RanGRANOT1S. Aloni119SqF-4E, 1980.
Daniel 'Dani'GURI1D.Lednicer119SqF-4E, Kippur 1973.
AmnonHALIVNI1One Lebanese S-M FTL, 1959.
CaptOranHAMPEL1D.McCarthy133 SqF-15, Lebanon, 1982.
CaptShmuelHETZ1D.Lednicer105Sq, 201 Sq18/07/1970F-4E, War of Attrition. KIA (SA-3).
ILAN1D. LednicerF-15A, 1980.
ZviKANOR1D.Lednicer, S. Aloni119SqF-4E, Golan, 1973.
CaptMenachemKASHTAN1S.Aloni113Sq16/10/1973Nesher, Yom Kippur War.
MichaelKATZ1D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
LtDavidKISHON1S.AloniTayeset 113Ouragan, border skirmishes, 1956.
YehudaKORAR1S.AloniTayeset 117Mirage III, War of Attrition.
MosheKOREN1D.Lednicer201 SqF-4E, Yom Kippur War.
CaptAmiLAHAV1S.Aloni117Sq07/10/1973Mirage III, Yom Kippur, KIA.
AviLAVI1D.LednicerTayeset 110F-16, Lebanon 1982.
MordechaiLAVON1D.Lednicer117SqMeteor F-8, one Vampire, 1955.Unconf.
ColArlozor 'Zoric'LEV1S.Aloni101Sq, 113Sq09/10/1973Mirage III, Six-Day War. KIFA.
MajMikiLEV1D.Lednicer(+ 1 unconf)133 SqF-15, Lebanon War.2
AmitLIVNI1D.Lednicer117 SqMirage III, Kippur 1973.
AmiLUSTIG1D.McCarthy117 SqF-16A pilot, Lebanon, 1982.
MajIlanMARGALIT1D.McCarthy133 SqF15 pilot, Lebanon.
NadavMARGALIT1D.LednicerMystere IVA, Sinai War.unconf; sh
EliMENACHEM1S. Aloni119SqShahak pilot, War of attrition.
NachomMERCHAVI1D. Lednicer, S.Aloni119SqF-4E, Kippur 1973.
CaptZivNADIVI1D.McCarthy133 SqF-15 pilot, Lebanon War, 1982.
RaananNEEMAN1D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
DubiOFER1D.Lednicer, R.WeissTayeset 117F-16, Lebanon 1982.
YonathanOPHIR1D.Lednicer201 Sq11/10/1973F-4E, Kippur War. KIA.
MajEliezerPRIGAT1S.AloniTayeset 109, 119Mystere IV, Mirage III, Six-Day War.
AvshalomRAN1Lednicer, Laureau-Fernan.101 SqMirage III, Six-Day War.
CapMeirRAN1S.Aloni117Sq09/01/1973Mirage III, Attrition War. KIFA.
CaptGilRAPAPORT1D.Lednicer133 SqF-15C, Lebanon War.
CaptBinyamin 'Benny'ROMACH1S.Aloni101 Sq08/06/1967Mirage III, Golan 1967. KIA.
AvrahamRONEN1D.LednicerMirage III, War of Attrition.
ChaimROTEM1D. LednicerSMB.2, 1967.
AharonSAGI1D.Lednicer119 SqF-4E, 1973.
ShlomoSAS1D.LednicerTayeset 110F-16, Lebanon War, 1982.
LtMeirSHACHAR1S.AloniTayeset 11705/06/1967Mirage III, Six-Day War. KIA.
LtColUriSHACHAR1D. Lednicer101 SqMirage III, Six-Day War.
CaptMarioSHAKED (MENDLE)1S.AloniTayeset 11609/10/1973Mystere IV, 6-Day War. KIA, A-4, Kippur.
AvrahamSHALOSET1D.LednicerWar of Attrition.
AmnonSHAMIR1D. LednicerMirage III, 1969. A-4E, Kippur.
MajDaniel 'Dany'SHAPIRA1Tayeset 101
CaptShlomoSHAPIRA1S.AloniTayeset 105SMB-2, Six-Day War.
ArnonSHARABI1R. WeissTayeset 110, Negev SqF-16 pilot, Lebanon, 1982.
MosheSHAVIT1D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
SHPITZER1S. Aloni69 SqF-4E Kurnass pilot, 1973.
CaptAvnerSLAPAK1S.Aloni101Sq, 117SqMirage III, Golan skirmish.2
YigalSTAVI1D.LednicerF-4E, Yom Kippur.
CaptYoavSTERN1D.McCarthy133 SqF-15A pilot, Golan, 1980.
MajYoash 'Chatto'TSIDDON1S.AloniTayeset 119Meteor NF-13, Sinai War.
ColEzerWEIZMAN1E. WeizmanTelAviv Sq, Negev Sq, 101SqS-199, Spitfire IX, War of Independence.0 (Cull et all)
DanielWITTMAN1S. Aloni69 Sq (RIO)Kurnass RIO, Kippur war.
GideonYAHALOM1D.Lednicer69 SqF-4E pilot, Kippur 1973.
CaptDavidYARIV1S.AloniTayeset 11305/06/1967Ouragan, Six-Day War. KIA.
YOAV1D. LednicerF-15A, 1980.
GioraYOELI1D.LednicerMirage III, War of Attrition.
ShlomoZAYTMAN1R.Weiss, D.McCarthyTayeset 110F-16 pilot, Lebanon.
EliZOHAR1D.Lednicer201 SqF-4E, Kippur, 1973.
ZUCKERMAN1D.LednicerMirage III, War of Attrition.
ShaiESHEL0,5D.LednicerOnly Kfir victory, Golan, 1979.
GayGOLAN0,5D.LednicerF-15, Lebanon, 1979.
LtAmiramMANOR0,5S.AloniTayeset 10505/06/1967SMB-2, Six-Day War, shot down, murdered.1
MosheROZENFELD0,5D.McCarthy253 SqF-16A pilot, Lebanon, 1982.
LtZviUMSHWEIF0,5S.AloniTayeset 105SMB-2, Six-Day War.1
CaptYa'acov 'Kobi'YARIV0,5S.Aloni(+ 6 sh ground)Tayeset 109Mystere IVA, 1959.
Table: Israeli victory credits of Arab-Israeli wars

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