Israeli victory credits of Arab-Israeli wars

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 28/11/2014

MajGioraEPSTEIN AVEN17P.Mersky101 Sq, 113 SqMirage III, Six-Day, Attrition, Kippur.
MajYiftahSPECTOR15P. MerskyTayeset 101Mirage III, 1967-70, F-4, Kippur.12 (Aloni); 16
MajAvrahamSALMON14,5S.Aloni119Sq, 101SqMirage III, Six-Day, Attrition, Kippur.14; 13,5 (Mersky)
Lt ColAmirNACHUMI14Mersky, Weiss, Aloni(1 credited to unit)Tayeset 107, 110F-4E, Kippur; F-16, Osirak, Lebanon.15; 13,5; 12
MajAsherSNIR13,5P.MerskyTayeset 119Mirage, Six-Day, Attrition; F-4 Kippur.12,5
MajIsraelBAHARAV12S.Aloni113 Sq, 101 SqSix-Day, Attrition and Yom Kippur wars.14(Cooper); 11(Mersky)
DrorHARISH12D.LednicerTayeset 119Mirage III, Attrition and Kippur wars.9; 11 (Aloni)
CaptYa'akov 'Kobi'RICHTER11,5P.Mersky117SqSix-Day; Mirage, Attrition, Kippur.10,5 (Aloni)
LtColOdedMAROM11P.Mersky101SqMirage, Six-Day, Attrition, Kippur war.5; 13,5(T.Cooper); 12
ColYehudaKOREN10,5P.Mersky117SqMirage, 6-Day, Attrition; Nesher,Kippur.9
MajShlomoLEVI10S.Aloni147Sq; 113SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.9(P.Mers.)
MosheMELNIK9,5D.Lednicer(1 "no weapon")119 SqF-4E, Yom Kippur; F-15, Lebanon.4,5; 5,5; 8,5
MajEitanKARMI9P.Mersky101Sq, 119SqSix-Day, Attrition, Yom Kippur wars.5
LtShlomoEGOZI8P.Mersky101 Sq, 119 Sq, 107 SqMystere IV, Mirage, F-4E, 6-Day,Kippur.5
CapIlanGONEN8P.Mersky101SqMirage III, Six-Day, Yom Kippur wars.
LtZe'ev 'Rafi'RAZ8S.Aloni+D.LednicerTayeset 69, Tayeset 110, Tayeset 117F-4E, Yom Kippur; F-16, Lebanon.3; 4
MenachemENIAN7,5D.LednicerSix-Day, Kippur, Lebanon wars.8
ColUriGIL7,5P.MerskyMirage III; F-15, Lebanon War.6; 9 (D.Lednicer); 10
LtColAmosAMIR7P.Mersky101Sq, 119SqSix-Day War, Attrition War.
CaptAmosBAR7D.LednicerTayeset 117Yom Kippur War.2
MajYirmiyahu 'Jeremy'KEDAR7P.Mersky105Sq, 114SqSMB-2, Six-Day; Nesher, Kippur.
AvnerNAVEH7D.LednicerF-15 ace, Lebanon.6,5
Yitzhak 'Jeff'PEER7D. LednicerMirage III, 1967-69. F4E 1970.
MajRanRONEN PECKER7P.Mersky119Sq, 201SqMirage, border, 6-Day, Attrition wars.5(S.Al.); 8
LtColMenachemSHARON7S.Aloni101Sq, 144SqMirage III, Attrition; Nesher, Kippur.5
NameWITHELD7S.AloniMirage III, Six-Day, Attrition, F-4E.
MichaelZUK7D.Lednicer101 SqMirage III, 1969-73.
CaptArielCOHEN6,5D.Lednicer144 SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.5 (Mersky)
CaptMosheHERTZ6,5P.Mersky113SqMirage III, Attrition; Nesher, Kippur.5; 6 (T.Cooper)
LtOmriAFEK HOFMAN6S.Aloni+D.Lednicer119SqMirage, F-4E, 1967-73.4
CaptYoramAGMON6P.Mersky101 Sq, 69 Sq1966, Six-Day, Yom Kippur, Golan.5; 7
LtColUriAVEN-NIR6P.Mersky117Sq, 144SqSix-Day, Yom Kippur wars.5 (T.Cooper); 7
CaptAsafBEN-NUN6S.Aloni, D.LednicerTayeset 109, 101, 114Mystere, Six-Day; Nesher, Yom Kippur.5
MenachemELIYAHU6D.Lednicer119Sq, 144SqMirage III, Nesher, 1970-73.
LtColAbraham 'Avi'LANIR6S.Aloni, D.Lednicer117 Sq, 101 Sq13/10/1973Mirage III, Golan, Six-Day, Kippur. POW.4
LtColEitanPELED6D.Lednicer(+ 1 no-weapon kill)201 SqF-4E, Attrition, Kippur wars.5 (Mersky)
CaptMenachemSHMUL6S.Aloni119Sq, 114SqMirage, 6-Day, Attrition; Nesher, Kippur7
ShaulSIMON6D.LednicerF-15, Lebanon War.
LtColEhudHANKIN5,5S.Aloni117Sq, 201 Sq, 69Sq07/10/1973Mirage, Six-Day, Attrition; F-4, Kippur.5; 3; 6 (T.Cooper); 6,5
GideonLIVNI5,5D.Lednicer101 SqMirage III, Nesher, 1973-74.
Eytan'S'5D.LednicerF-16, Lebanon War.
LtColHerzlBODINGER5S.Aloni, D.Lednicer117Sq, 101SqMirageIII, Kippur; Nesher, 1974.>5; 3; 2
CaptEzra "Babban"DOTAN5D.LednicerTayeset 117Golan, Six-Day War; A-4, Attrition War.
CaptGideonDROR5S.Aloni101Sq, 113SqMirage III, Six-day, Yom Kippur wars.
JoelFELDSCHUH5D.Lednicer(+1 unconf)F-4E, Kippur; F-15, Lebanon.4
YoramGEVA5D.Lednicer101SqMirage III, Nesher, 1972-73.6
Avraham 'Avi'GILAD5S.Aloni119SqMirage III, Nesher, 1970-73.1; 4
MajItamarNOINER5P.MerskyMirage III, 1969-73.
YoramPELED5D.Lednicer(+ 2 unconf)F-4, Kippur; F-15 ace, Golan, Lebanon.
LtColBen-AmiPERI5P.MerskyTayeset 201, Tayeset 105F-4E ace, Kippur, Lebanon wars.
MajGioraROMM5P.MerskyTayeset 119, 113, 1151st IDF ace, Mirage III, 1966-69.
CaptReubenROSEN5D. Lednicer119Sq, 101Sq, 113SqMirage III, Attrition; Nesher, Kippur.3 (Aloni)
AviemSELLA5D.Lednicer69SqMirage III, War of Attrition.
Israel 'Relik'SHAFIR5D.LednicerTayeset 110F-15, 1979; F-16, Lebanon, 1982.4
CaptShlomoWEINTRAUB NAVOT5D.LednicerTayeset 11702/01/1970War of Attrition. Killed AA.4 (Aloni)
CaptAmnonARAD4,5D. LednicerTayeset 117, Tayeset 69Six-Day War, Yom Kippur.3 (Aloni)
EitanBEN-ELIYAHU4S.Aloni(+ 1 no-weapon kill)101 Sq, 201 SqAttrition, Yom Kippur, Lebanon wars.
MajAvihuBEN-NUN4S.Aloni116Sq, 119Sq, 69SqSix-Day, Attrition wars.5; 6 (T.Cooper)
AmitESHCHAR4S.Aloni, D.Lednicer101SqMirage III, Yom Kippur War.
AmnonGURION4D. Lednicer201 SqF-4E, 1972-73.2
DanHALUTZ4D.Lednicer201 Sq, 109 SqF-4E, Yom Kippur War.3
RoniHOLDAI4D.Lednicer201 SqF-4E, Kippur 1973.
UriLISS4D. LednicerMirage III, 1969-73.
YuvalNEEMAN4D.Lednicer117SqMirage III, Attrition, Kippur wars.
LtColYa'acovNEVO MILLNER4S.Aloni101Sq, 105SqMystere IV, Sinai; SMB-2; Mirage III.3
CaptAmiROCKACH4D. Lednicer117SqMirage III, Attrition, Kippur wars, POW.3 (Aloni)
LtAharon 'Yalo'SHAVIT4D.Lednicer101Sq, 105SqM.IV, Sinai; SMB, 6-Day; Nesher, Kippur.
DanielSHLAIDER4D.LednicerMirage III, Kippur War.
Tzvika 'Evi'VERED4D.Lednicer117SqMirage III, Golan, Kippur War.3
MajDanSEVER3,5D.Lednicer101 SqMirage III, Six-Day, Kippur.
CaptAmosSHACHAR3,5S.Aloni, D.Lednicer113 SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.
SLdrMordechai 'Modi'ALON KLIVANSKI3Cull, Aloni & NicolleTelAviv Sq, 101Sq16/10/1948S.199, 1948.
CaptEhud 'Udi' 'Amit'BEN-AMITAI3S.Aloni + D.Lednicer113Sq20/01/1981Nesher, Yom Kippur. KIFA.
Yeshayahu 'Shai'EGOZI3P.Razoux06/11/1951Mystere IV, Sinai War.2
MajGioraFOREMAN3S.AloniTayeset 101Mirage III, Six-Day, Attrition wars.
AvshalomFRIEDMAN3D.LednicerTayeset 117Mirage III, War of Attrition.
ColRanGOREN3S.Aloni, D.LednicerTayeset 101, 107Mirage III, Attrition; F-4E, Kippur.
AmiramKALICHMAN3D.LednicerMirage III, Kippur 1973.
Rafael 'Rafi'KOREN3S.Aloni(1 "no weapon" kill)119 SqF-4E, 1973.
CaptArnonLAPIDOT LEVOSHIN3D.Lednicer119SqMirage, Six-Day, Attrition; F-4, Kippur.2 (S.Aloni)
NaftaliMAIMON3D.LednicerTayeset 107, Tayeset 110F-4E, Yom Kippur.2
CaptYitzhakNIR3D.Lednicer119SqMirage III, Attrition, Kippur wars.
GilREGEV3D. LednicerF-4E, 1973, Golan.2
CaptYochaiRICHTER3S.Aloni+D.Lednicer101SqMirage III, Six-Day, Kippur wars.1; 2
OdedSAGEE3S.Aloni119SqMirage III, Six-Day War.4 (Lednicer)
Daniel 'Danni'SHAKI3S.Aloni107 SqF-4E, Yom Kippur.
DanSION3D.LednicerMirage III, Yom Kippur War.
CaptDavidTAVOR3D.Lednicer113SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.1; 2
RaananYOSEF3D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
YehudaBAVLI2,5D. LednicerTayeset 110F-16, Lebanon war.
CaptMichael 'Diamond'HABER2,5S.Aloni101SqMirage III, Nesher, 1966-73.2
MajOferLAPIDOT2,5D.LednicerF-15A D, Lebanon War.2
EliezerYAARI (YE'ARI)2,5D.Lednicer119SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.
EliezerADAR2D.LednicerMirage III, Kippur 1973.
EitanADRES2D.Lednicer113 SqNesher, Kippur 1973.
AVI2D.LednicerF-15C, Lebanon, 1982.
MajDrorAVNERI2D.Lednicer101Sq, 117SqSinai War, Yom Kippur War.1
MichaelAVRAHAMI2D.Lednicer144SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.1
CaptItshakBARZILAI2D.Lednicer101SqSix-Day War.1 (Aloni)
ShmulikBEN-ROM2D.Lednicer, S.Aloni119SqF-4E, 1972-73.
AvishaiCANAAN2D.LednicerF-16, Lebanon 1982.
DavidDRORI2D. Lednicer, S. Aloni119SqF-4E, 1973.
LtColYa'acovGAL2S.Aloni113SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.
CaptAviGOILAD2S.Aloni113SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.
MajShmuelGORDON2D.Lednicer(+ 1 unarmed victory)101Sq, 107 SqMirage III, Attrition and Kippur wars.
MajGioraGOREN2S.Aloni, D.Lednicer144SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.1
IRMI2D.LednicerFirst Nesher victory, Yom Kippur War.
LtAvinoam 'Avi'KELDES2D. Lednicer101SqMirage III, War of Attrition, POW.
ShimchaKELMAN2D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
ShlomoLAHAT2D.LednicerNesher, Yom Kippur War.
YosefLAVI2D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
AviMAOR2D.LednicerF-15C, Lebanon War 1982.
AllofMISHNE2D.LednicerMirage III, 1967, 1973.
CaptAmosMOHAR2D.Lednicer, R.WeissTayeset 110F-16, Lebanon 1982.
IftahMORE 'YFTACH'2D.Lednicer01/04/1987F-15A, Lebanon War.
CaptItamarNEUNER2S.AloniTayeset 117Mirage III, War of Attrition, Kippur.
NOAM2D.LednicerF-15C, Lebanon 1982.
DanOSHRAT2R. WeissTayeset 117F-16 pilot, Lebanon, 1982.
CaptElishaPERI2D.Lednicer117 SqMirage III, Kippur 1973.1 (Aloni)
Yair 'Rachmo'RACHMILEVITZ2D.Lednicer22/01/1984F-15, Golan, Lebanon War, 1980-82.
NirRONEN2D.LednicerF-15D, 1985.+5
YairSELA2D.LednicerMirage III, 1969; Nesher, 1973.
OdedSHAVITZ2D.LednicerMystere IVA, Six-Day War.
GideonSHEFFER2D.Lednicer, S. Aloni119SqF-4E, Kippur. RF-4E, 1982.
YehoshoaSHEFFER2D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
ElyezerSHKEDY2IAF The Official Website101SqF-16, Lebanon, 1980.
RoeeTAMIR2D.Lednicer, R.WeissF-16, Lebanon 1982.
Benyamin 'Benny'TZINKER2D.LednicerF-15, Golan, Lebanon War.
CaptAmirYAHEL2S.Aloni144 SqNesher, Yom Kippur War.
CaptUriYEARI2S.Aloni119SqMirage III, Six-Day War.1
MajAharonYOELI2S.AloniTayeset 117Meteor, border skirmishes, 1955.1
DubbiYOFFE2D.LednicerTayeset 117F-4E, Yom Kippur War.
BenyaminZINKER2D. Lednicer(1 MiG-25)133SqF-15A MiG-25 killer, Lebanon, 1981.
CaptBen-ZionZOHAR2S.Aloni(1 unarmed victory)110 Sq, 201 SqVautour, Six-Day War.
MosheROSENFELD1,5R. WeissNegev SqF-16 pilot, Labanon, 1982.
DediROZENTAL1,5D.LednicerF-15, Golan, Lebanon War.
LtYosefTZUK1,5S.AloniTayeset 101Mystere IV, Sinai War, 1959.
'H'1D.LednicerF-15, Lebanon, 1982.
'HARRY'1D.LednicerNesher, Yom Kippur War.
'N'1D.LednicerF-4E, Kippur War.
'SARI'1D.LednicerYom Kippur War.
'Y'1D.LednicerF-4E, 1 civil Libyan 727, 1973.
ALLON1S.Aloni113SqSix-Day War.
ZvolonAMITZI1D.LednicerF-4E, Kippur War.
YossiARAZI1D. Lednicer101SqSix-Day War.
CaptAlexanderARMON1S.AloniTayeset 10505/06/1967SMB-2, Six-Day War.
ARNOR1D.Lednicer105SqSix-Day War.
IlanAUERBUCH1D.LednicerMirage III, 1972.
YaelronBARMI1D.LednicerWar of Attrition.
ItamarBARNEA1D.Lednicer(+ 1 no-weapon kill)201 SqF-4E, Golan, 1972.2
TzurBEN-BARAK1S.AloniTayeset 10531/01/1967SMB-2, 1961. KIFA.
AdiBENAYA1D.Lednicer201 SqF-4E, War of Attrition.
Ya'acovBETZER1D.LednicerSix-Day War, Mirage.
YaacovBIRBIS1One Lebanese S-M FTL, 1959.
YuvalBUGIN1D.LednicerF-15D, 1985.0,5
ZviBURENSTEIN1D. LednicerSMB.2, 1967.
AdiDAGAN1D.LednicerMirage, Yom kippur War.
CaptUriDEKEL1S.AloniTayeset 117Mirage III, Six-Day War.
AvrahamDOSH1D.LednicerMirage III, War of Attrition.
LtOferEINAV1D.Lednicer, R.WeissF-16, Lebanon, 1982.
ShlomoEREZ1D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
ZivEREZ 'ZIV'1D.LednicerF-15C, Lebanon War.
BaruchFRIEDMAN1D.LednicerMirage III, Six-Day War.
GAL1S. Aloni107 SqKurnass pilot, Kippur war.
YeoharGAL1S. Aloni201 SqKurnass pilot, Yom Kippur war, 73.0
YitzhakGAT1D.Lednicer69 SqF-4E, Kippur 1973.2
GIL1D.LednicerF-15A, Lebanon 1982.
LtAmiGOLDSTEIN1S.AloniTayeset 109Mystere IV, Six-Day War.
GOLSTEIN1D.Lednicer119SqSMB-2, Six-Day War.
RanGRANOT1S. Aloni119SqF-4E, 1980.
Daniel 'Dani'GURI1D.Lednicer119SqF-4E, Kippur 1973.
AmnonHALIVNI1One Lebanese S-M FTL, 1959.
CaptShmuelHETZ1D.Lednicer201 Sq18/07/1970F-4E, War of Attrition. KIA (SA-3).
ILAN1D. LednicerF-15A, 1980.
ZviKANOR1D.Lednicer, S. Aloni119SqF-4E, Golan, 1973.
CaptMenachemKASHTAN1S.Aloni113Sq16/10/1973Nesher, Yom Kippur War.
HagaiKATZ1D.LednicerTayeset 117F-16, 1981.
MichaelKATZ1D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
LtDavidKISHON1S.AloniTayeset 113Ouragan, border skirmishes, 1956.
YehudaKORAR1S.AloniTayeset 117Mirage III, War of Attrition.
MosheKOREN1D.Lednicer201 SqF-4E, Yom Kippur War.
CaptAmiLAHAV1S.Aloni117Sq07/10/1973Mirage III, Yom Kippur, KIA.
AviLAVIE1D.LednicerTayeset 110F-16, Lebanon 1982.
MordechaiLAVON1D.Lednicer117SqMeteor F-8, one Vampire, 1955.Unconf.
ColArlozor 'Zoric'LEV1S.Aloni101Sq, 113Sq09/10/1973Mirage III, Six-Day War. KIFA.
MikiLEV1D.Lednicer(+ 1 unconf)F-15, Lebanon War.2
AmitLIVNI1D.Lednicer117 SqMirage III, Kippur 1973.
NadavMARGALIT1D.LednicerMystere IVA, Sinai War.unconf; sh
EliMENACHEM1S. Aloni119SqShahak pilot, War of attrition.
NachomMERCHAVI1D. Lednicer, S.Aloni119SqF-4E, Kippur 1973.
RaananNEEMAN1D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
DubiOFER1D.Lednicer, R.WeissTayeset 117F-16, Lebanon 1982.
YonathanOPHIR1D.Lednicer201 Sq11/10/1973F-4E, Kippur War. KIA.
MajEliezerPRIGAT1S.AloniTayeset 109, 119Mystere IV, Mirage III, Six-Day War.
AvshalomRAN1D.LednicerMirage III, Six-Day War.
CapMeirRAN1S.Aloni117Sq09/01/1973Mirage III, Attrition War. KIFA.
CaptBinyamin 'Benny'ROMACH1S.Aloni101Sq08/06/1967Mirage III, Golan 1967. KIA.
AvrahamRONEN1D.LednicerMirage III, War of Attrition.
ChaimROTEM1D. LednicerSMB.2, 1967.
AharonSAGI1D.Lednicer119 SqF-4E, 1973.
ShlomoSAS1D.LednicerTayeset 110F-16, Lebanon War, 1982.
LtMeirSHACHAR1S.AloniTayeset 11705/06/1967Mirage III, Six-Day War. KIA.
LtUriSHACHAR1D. LednicerMirage III, Six-Day War.
YiftachSHADMI1D.Lednicer69 SqF-4E, 1973.
CaptMarioSHAKED1S.AloniTayeset 10909/10/1973Mystere IV, 6-Day War. KIA, A-4, Kippur.
AvrahamSHALOSET1D.LednicerWar of Attrition.
AmnonSHAMIR1D. LednicerMirage III, 1969. A-4E, Kippur.
Daniel 'Dany'SHAPIRA1
ShlomoSHAPIRA1S.AloniTayeset 105SMB-2, Six-Day War.
ArnonSHARABI1R. WeissTayeset 110, Negev SqF-16 pilot, Lebanon, 1982.
MosheSHAVIT1D.LednicerNesher, Kippur 1973.
SHPITZER1S. Aloni69 SqF-4E Kurnass pilot, 1973.
CaptAvnerSLAPAK1S.Aloni117SqMirage III, Golan skirmish.2
YigalSTAVI1D.LednicerF-4E, Yom Kippur.
Yoash 'Chatto'TSIDDON1S.AloniTayeset 119Meteor NF-13, Sinai War.
ColEzerWEIZMAN1E. WeizmanTelAviv Sq, Negev Sq, 101SqS-199, Spitfire IX, War of Independence.0 (Cull et all)
DanielWITTMAN1S. Aloni69 Sq (RIO)Kurnass RIO, Kippur war.
GideonYAHALOM1D.Lednicer69 SqF-4E pilot, Kippur 1973.
CaptDavidYARIV1S.AloniTayeset 11305/06/1967Ouragan, Six-Day War. Killed AA.
YOAV1D. LednicerF-15A, 1980.
GioraYOELI1D.LednicerMirage III, War of Attrition.
EliZOHAR1D.Lednicer201 SqF-4E, Kippur, 1973.
ZUCKERMAN1D.LednicerMirage III, War of Attrition.
ShaiESHEL0,5D.LednicerOnly Kfir victory, Golan, 1979.
GayGOLAN0,5D.LednicerF-15, Lebanon, 1979.
LtAmiramMANOR0,5S.AloniTayeset 10505/06/1967SMB-2, Six-Day War, shot down, murdered.1
LtZviUMSHWEIF0,5S.AloniTayeset 105SMB-2, Six-Day War.1
LtYa'acov 'Kobi'YARIV0,5S.AloniTayeset 109Mystere IVA, 1959.
Table: Israeli victory credits of Arab-Israeli wars

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