New aces, new pilots (last 2000 entries)


12.01.08: New page about WW2 Armée de l'Air pilots victory credits by units. Several modifications in the French pilots pages. For the other modification, please follow the 'edition dates' of the different pages.

22.01.06: New format of the tables, with the score displayed 20 [15+5] for TOTAL [INDIVIDUAL+SHARED]. The forgotten American aces in the RAF/RCAF page.

Several modifications in the Soviet ww2 aces page (translation of the Nikolai G. Bodrikhin's eBook).

New names for the Soviet ww2 aces (49 thanks to M.Bykov, other thanks to V.Arkhipov).

26.07.05: Important modifications of the WW2 American aces, USAAF, USN, USMC and gunners, (after the reading of Mr Olynyk's book 'Stars and Bars', and C.A.Watry's 'Aerial Gunners: The Unknown Aces of World War II').

12.05.05: New page about French gunners in WW2; modifications in the different French pilots in WW2 pages, and in the British gunner in WW2 page.

18.04.05: New pages about French pilots in WW2 (Battle of France, Battle of Britain, MTO, Battle of Germany 44-45, Eastern Front, KIA, pilots with 1 to 4 victories).

08.04.05: Modification of the WW2 Soviet aces page with 1366 (!) new aces from the M.Bykov's russian site (translated by Modification of the British and Dominion WW2 aces, WW2 jet killers...

10.02.05: Modification of the German WW2 night fighter aces page (several new aces), of the WW2 Soviet aces page, creation of a WW2 North Irish pilots page.

08.10.04: Modification of the German aces in Spain, and WW2 pages ( BofB, BofF, German aces, German Jet aces, German Bomber killers, Zerstoerer aces, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, Caucasian, Dutch pilots pages, French Marine pilots, Vichy AF).

15.09.04: Addition of pages ww1 Bavarian aces, ww2 German Zerstoerer aces, Axis aces of the BoF, Axis aces of the BoB.

31.08.04: Addition of several pages, French Aeronautique Navale pilots in WW2, French twin-engine pilots, AVG pilots, Soviet Asian Republic aces, Algerian Conflict. Modification of the WW2 Heavy Bomber Killer aces, US gunner aces, Sturmovik aces, Dutch pilots pages, of the WW1 Russian aces page, of the Russian Civil War page.

18.06.04: Addition of the Rank and Abbreviation pages, you can access to them from the header of all the pages. Addition of a FAA Aces page and modification of the WW2 Swiss Pilots page.

10.05.04: Modifications of the WW2 Dutch, German, Swiss, gunner and female pilot pages. Modification of the Football War page (Modern Conflicts/Central & South America section).

05.05.04: All the Greek and Bulgarian WW2 victory credits; Battle of France and Battle of Britain aces pages; modifications of the Cold War page (Czechoslovakian claims); WW2 US bomber gunners credits; the new Civil aircraft downed claims page (Modern Conflicts/Cold War section).

21.04.04: U.S.Navy Patrol Plane Aces of WW2 page; modifications of the WW2 pages of Belgian, USAF, USN aces; modifications of the Belgian WW1 aces page.

22.03.04: Edition of the pages on the server.

1998-2004: Elaboration of the pages (Delphi development, datas in InterBase DBs, HTML edition ...).

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