Iranian victory claims in the First Gulf War

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 25/01/2019

CaptFazlollah 'Javid'JAVIDNYA12P. RazouxIRIAFTFB.8F-14A pilot, 1981-82.8; 6; 6+1sh
MajJalalZANDI11P. Razoux(+ 2-3 unconf)IRIAFTFB.8, 82TFS/TFB.6F-14A pilot, 1982-88.12; 9 (Cooper); 5; 2; 1
MajFereidoun Ali 'Fery'MAZANDARANI9P. RazouxIRIAF81.TFS/TFB.8, detached TFB.6F-14 ace.6, 7, 11
MajAlliyahHODA8T. CooperIRIAF91TFS/TFB.3, TFB.6, TFB.9F-4E ace, 1981-88.9; 7; 6
MajHassanHARANDI6P. RazouxIRIAFTFB.8F-14 ace.
CaptAbolfazlMEHREGAN-FAR6P. RazouxIRIAFTFB.8F-14 ace.
H.A.5,5IRIAFTFB.6, 81TFS/TFB.8F-4E, 1982; F-14, Mirage killer, 1987.
CaptJamshidAFSHAR5Cooper-Bishop, RazouxIRIAF81TFS, 82TFS, 73TFSF-14A pilot, 1980-88.4 (Cooper); 6
ColAmir MostafaARDESTANI5T. Cooper(unconf ?)IRIAF21TFS (TFB-2), TFB-5F-5 ace.
CaptAli (Reza?)AZIMI5"yaghoot"(more?)IRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1980.3; 2; 1
MajDzavadHASHEMI5ejection-history, KhaniIRIAF82TFS TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1985.
ColYadolahJAVADPOUR5T. Cooper(unconf ?)IRIAFTFB.2F-5E, MiG-25 killer, 1980-86.2; 3 (Razoux)
CaptHossainKHALILI5P. RazouxIRIAFTFB-2, 81 TFSF-5E, 1981; F-14A, 1987.3
CaptMustafaKHOSRODAD5IRIAFTFB.8F-14A pilot, 1982.3
MajShahramROSTAMI5P. RazouxIRIAF82TFS/TFB.8F-4, F-14A pilot, MiG-25 killer, 1982.6 (Cooper); 8
CaptHassanSEDGHI (SEDDIGH)5Cooper-Bishop, RazouxIRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A, 1980. 4 MiG-23s in a day.
MajYadollah 'Yadi'SHARIFI-RAAD5T. CooperIRIAF21TFS, TFB-2F-5E ace, 1980, Kurdestan.3 (Razoux); 4
MajTOUFANIAN5P. RazouxIRIAF81 TFSF-14 pilot, N.Iran, 1982.3
MajAbbasAFKHAMI4P. RazouxIRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1987.3; 5 + 2 prob; 6
MajMohammadFARAHAVAR4Yaghout, irandefence.netIRIAF82.TFS (TFB.7)F-14, 1981.3 (Cooper)
ColKamaalJAMSHIDI4rahrovan-artesh.irIRIAFTFB.7, TFB.63
YadollahKHALILI4P. RazouxIRIAFF-14 pilot.
ColMEHNATI4rahrovan-artesh.irIRIAF82.TFSF-14 pilot.3
WOAmirALA'I3T.CooperIRIAA1st Attack Helicopter Gp (gunner)26/11/1982AH-1J co-pilot, 1982. KIA (AA)
LtColMohammad HashemALAGHA (ALE AGHA)3P. RazouxIRIAF81TFS/TFB.811/08/1983F-14A pilot, 1980-83. KIA.2 (Cooper et al)
CaptAMIR3Wikipedia(more?)IRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A, 1981.
CaptAbbas AmirASLANI3IRIAF82TFS & 81TFS TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1987.2
MajMohammad-RezaATAEE (ATTAIEE)3T.Cooper-A.Sadik-F.Bishop(more ?)IRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A, 1st Phoenix kill, 1980.1
LtColSiavashBAYANI3P. RazouxIRIAFTFB.1F-4E, Mi-25 killer, 1980-83.2 (Cooper-Bishop)
MajAbbasHAZIN3Wikipedia(more?)IRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1980.1
AliasgharJAHANBAKHSH3P. RazouxIRIAFF-14 pilot.
ColMALEK (MALEJ)3Wikipedia(more?)IRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1980.
MajS.NAGHDI3Wikipedia(more?)IRIAF72TFS/TFB.7F-14A pilot, 1980.1
MajNUZRAN3T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAFF14A pilot, 1980-88.
ColAhmad M.PEYROVAN3P. RazouxIRIAFTFB.8F-14 pilot.2
1LtMustafaQIYASSI3T. CooperIRIAF82TFS/TFB.6F-14A Mirage killer, 1988.
CaptA.RAHNAVARD3Wikipedia(more?)IRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A Mirage killer, 1988.2, 4
CaptAli 'Gravedigger'SHAFI3T.CooperIRIAA1stAttack Helicopter Gp26/11/1982AH-1J pilot, 1982. KIA (AA).
P.A.2IRIAFTFB.7F-14A pilot, 1980.
LtColAsadollahADELI2www.secretprojects/forumIRIAFTFB.8F-14 pilot.
Capt"Rassi"ADIBI2F.Bishop & T.CooperIRIAFTFB.6F-4E pilot, 1980-84. & 81TFS TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1987.
CyrusBAHERY2iranian-airforce.blogfa(confirmed?)IRIAFTFB.3, TFB.6F-4E pilot.
CaptGhazemESMAELI2T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1988.3
CaptMohammadHADAVAND2T.Cooper-A.Sadik-F.BishopIRIAF82TFS/TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1981.4 sh
CaptJAVAD2T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAF81TFSF-14 pilot, 1980.
JOWSHAN2T. CooperIRIAFTFB.1F-4E, 1985.
N.K.2T.CooperIRIAFTFS 81 TFB.8F-14 pilot, 1980.
A.A.1IRIAF62TFS/TFB.6F-4E pilot, 1984.
ABASSI1T. CooperIRIAFTFB.3F-4E pilot, 1981.
CaptLeifAKHBARI1T.Cooper-A.Sadik-F.BishopIRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1980.
CaptMohammadATIGHECHEE1MohammadIRIAFTFB.3, 91TFSF-4 pilot, 1982.
CaptAZAD1T.Cooper-A.Sadik-F.BishopIRIAF82TFS/TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1981.2
LtH.BOZORGI1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAFTFB.4F-5E pilot, 1980.
ColDANESHMAND1Probably him.IRIAF71TFS/TFB.7F-4D pilot, 1980.
CaptFarhadDEHGHAN1T.Cooper & F.Bishop(more?)IRIAF82TFS/TFB.8F-14A pilot (RIO?), 1980-81.1, 3 31TFS, TFB.621/07/1982F-4E mythic pilot.16, 3
CaptSamadEBRAHIMI1T. CooperIRIAFTFB-4, TFB-2F-5E, 1980.
MajHussainELIASY1Air Combat ForumIRIAFF-14, 1 claim, 1980.
CaptHosseinFARROKHI1rahrovan-artesh.irIRIAFTFB.8 pilot, 1987.
HassanFRHI1IRAAAH-1 pilot.0
MajH.1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAF81TFSF-14 pilot, 1980.
CaptHASSIBI1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAF11TFS/TFB.6F-4E pilot, 1980.
MajBahramIKANI1F.NassirkhaniIRIAFRF-4E pilot. Executed by regime.
LtJAVAD1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAF42TFSF-5E pilot, 1981., F-4D pilot, Maverick-shooter.
MajM.1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAF81TFSF-14 pilot, 1980.
CaptMAHLOUDJI1F.Bishop & T.CooperIRIAF31TFS/TFB.4F-4E pilot, 1981.
CaptMOFIDI1IRIAF31TFW/TFB.4F-4E pilot, 1981.2
CaptJalilMOSLEMI1T.Cooper-A.Sadik-F.BishopIRIAF81TFSF-14E pilot, 1987, Kuzestan.
MajSeyed-RazaPARDIS1T.Cooper-A.Sadik-F.BishopIRIAF31TFS/TFB.3F-4 pilot, 1985.
MajREZA1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAFTFB.8F-14A, 1986.
3LtSAHRAI1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRAAFAH-1J pilot, MiG-21 killer, 1986.
CaptSALARIE1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAF31TFW/TFB.414/06/1988F-4E pilot, 1988. pilot, 1981.
WOEsmailSEHATI1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAAAH-1J gunner, MiG-21 killar, 1986. forum(more?)IRIAF72TFSF-14A pilot.
CaptU.V.1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAFF-14 pilot, MiG-25 killer, 1982
ColAli RezaYASSINI1IRIAFTFB.6F-4E pilot, 1986.
MajZAGHI1IRIAF81TFS/TFB.8F-14A pilot, 1988.
1LtAmirZANJANI1T.Cooper-A.Sadik-F.BishopIRIAFTFB.226/11/1980F-5E pilot, 1980. KIA. forumIRIAFF-5 pilot and Mig-25 killer, 1986.
CaptKazemZARIF-KHADEM1T.Cooper & F.BishopIRIAFTFB-2F-5E, MiG-25 killer, 1983.
CaptZOOGHI1T.Cooper-A.Sadik-F.BishopIRIAF81TFSF-14E pilot, 1987.
Table: Iranian victory claims in the First Gulf War

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