Pakistani victory credits of Indo-Pakistan wars

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All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 14/01/2012

SLdrCecilCHOUDHRY6PAF5SqF-86, 1965 and 1971 wars.5, 3, 1 (Jagan)
SLdrMohammad MahmudALAM5M.Kaiser Tufail, T.PolakPAF11Sq1965 War ace-in-a-day.9 (Jackson); 4 (Jagan)
WCdrSyed Saad AkhtarHATMI5T.Polak, P.V.S. JaganPAF11Sq; 25SqF-86, 1965 War. F-6, 1971 War.4
FLtMuhammad "Schames"SHAMS-UL-HAQ4Jagan, PIADSPAF14SqF-86, 1971 War, Eastern sector.3 (S.M.Hali)
SLdrSarfraz Ahmed KhanRAFIQUI3P.V.S.Jagan, R.JacksonPAF5Sq06/09/1965F-86, 1965 War, KIA.
SLdrJavedAFZAL AHMED2PIADSPAF14SqF-86, 1971 War, Eastern sector.
FOSyed ShamshadAHMAD2PIADSPAF14SqF-86, 1971.
SLdrAMANULLAH2S.M.Hali+PakDefPAF9SqF-104, 1971 War.
FLtSalimBAIG MIRZA2P.V.S.Jagan, R.JacksonPAF26Sq1971 War.
SLdrImtiaz AhmedBHATTI2R. JacksonPAF15SqF-86, 1965 War.1 (Jagan), 3
WCdrSharbat AliCHANGEZI2R. JacksonPAF11Sq 33Wg; 26SqF-86, 1965 War, 1971 War.
WCdrM. H.HASHMI2PIADSPAFF-6, 1971 War.1 (Jagan)
WCdrArifIQBAL2PIADSPAF9SqF-104, 1971 War.1 (Jagan)
SLdrAftab AlamKHAN2P.V.S. JaganPAF9SqF-104, 1965 War.0 (Jagan)
SLdrAmjad HussainKHAN2PIADSPAF9 SqF-104, 1965 War. POW, 1971 War.1 (Jagan)
FLtSaeed AfzalKHAN2PIADSPAF14SqF-86, 1971 War. POW.
FLtYusuf AliKHAN2R. JacksonPAF11SqF-86, 1965 War.
FLtAhmedQAZI JAVED2PIADS, JaganPAF25SqF-6, 1971 War.1
SLdrFarooqUMAR2PIADSPAFMirage III pilot, 1971 War.
SLdrAlauddin "Butch"AHMED1PIADSPAF11Sq13/09/19651965 War.0 (Jagan)
SLdrMuniruddin "Munir"AHMED1Jagan, PIADSPAF5Sq11/09/19651965 War.0 (Jagan)
FLtMaqsoodAMIR1P.V.S.Jagan, R.JacksonPAF18Sq1971 War, Western sector.
FLtNaeemATTA1PVS Jagan, SM HaliPAF5Sq1971 War, Mirage III.
SLdrSaif-ulAZAM1Polak, Jagan(+3 kills Arab-Israeli wars)PAF, RJAF, IrAF, BAF17Sq; 1Sq RJAFF-86, 1965 War.
FLtAbdul KarimBHATTI1R. JacksonPAFF-86, 1971 War.
SLdrRashid A.BHATTI1S.M.HaliPAF9SqF-104, 1971 War.
BHUTT1PVS JaganPAFF-86, 1965 War.
WCdrAli ImamBOKHARI1Hali, Jagan, JacksonPAF18SqF-86, 1971 War.
FLtManzoorBOKHARI1S.M.HaliPAFF-104, 1971 War.
SLdrP. K.BUNDELA1P.V.S. JaganPAF45Sq04/04/2002One Pakistani Atlantique, 1999.
A. R. L.CHAND SIDDA1PVS JaganPAF9SqF-104, 1965 War.
WCdrM. AfzalCHAUDHRY1S.M.Hali(PIADS)PAF14SqF-86, East Pakistan, 1971 War.
SLdrAslamCHOUDHRY1S.M.HaliPAFF-86, 1971 War.
SLdrDILAWAR HUSSAIN1P.V.S. JaganPAF14SqF-86, 1971 war.
SLdrSalimGAUHAR1S.M.Hali, JaganPAFF-86, 1971 War.
GCaptSajjad 'Nosey'HAIDER1PVS JaganPAF5SqMirage, 1972 War.
FLtHAKIMULLAH1P.V.S. JaganPAF9SqF-104, 1965 War.
FLtYunusHUSSAIN1P.V.S.JaganPAF5Sq06/09/1965F-104, 1965 War, KIA.3 (PIADS)
FLtIRFAN1R. JacksonPAFF-86, 1971 War.
FLtS. N. A.JILANI1P.V.S.Jagan, R.JacksonPAF11Sq 33WgF-86, 1965 War.
FLtArshad SamiKHAN1PIADSPAFF-86, 1965 War.
WCdrJamal A.KHAN1Jagan, PIADSPAF9SqF-104, 1965 War.
FLtTariq HabibKHAN1PIADSPAF14 SqF-86, 1965 War.0
FLtJavedLATIF1P.V.S. JaganPAF23SqF-6, 1971 War.
FLtAnwar-ul-HaqMALIK1P.V.S.Jagan, R.JacksonPAF5SqF-86, 1965 War.
FOHarishMASAND1PVS Jagan MohanPAF37SqHunter, 1971 War.
WCdrMervyn LeslieMIDDLECOAT1P.V.S. JaganPAF9Sq12/12/1971F-104, 1965 War, 1971 War, MIA.0 (Jagan)
SLdrMusharafMIR1PIADSPAF11SqF-6, 1971 War
FLtSalikMUJAHID1S.M.Hali, R.JacksonPAF15SqF-86, 1971 War.
FOQAIS1PVS JaganPAF18SqF-86, one Auster claimed 1965.
FLtFarooqQARI1R. JacksonPAFF-86E, 1971 War.
WCdrMoinRABB1S.M.Hali, R.JacksonPAF18SqF-86, 1971 War.
FLtSyed ShahidRAZA1P.V.S. JaganPAF25Sq17/12/1971F-6, 1971 War. KIA AA fire.
FLtKhalidRAZZAK1PIADSPAF26Sq1971 War.0
FLtSAFDAR MAHMOOD1P.V.S. JaganPAF5SqMirage III, 1971 War.
SLdrSAJID1R. JacksonPAFF-86, 1971 War.
FLtSALEEMUDDIN1PAFCombat.comPAF5SqMirage III, 1971 War.
FLtAmir AliSHARIEFF1PIADSPAF11SqF-6, 1971 War.
FLtAtiqSUFI1P.V.S. JaganPAF11SqF-6, 1971 War.
SUHAIL HAMEED1PAFCombat.comPAF5SqMirage III, 1971 War.
SLdrShabbir HussainSYED1PIADSPAF14 SqF-86, 1965 War.
FLtTALOOT MIRZA1S.M.Hali, R.JacksonPAF18SqF-86, 1971 War.
SLdrRashidWAMIQ1PIADSPAFF-6 pilot, 1971 War.
FLtM.YUNIS1P.V.S. JaganPAF15SqF-86, first PAF kill, 1959.
SLdrZULFIQAR AYUB1PAFCombat.comPAF9SqF-16, one UAV, 2002.
Table: Pakistani victory credits of Indo-Pakistan wars

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