Bulgarian pilots victory credits in WW1

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 08/11/2007

Rank First Name Name Victories Sources Detail Air Service Units Death Note Other Sources
Lt Ivan USUNOV 2 (shared with obs.) Bul.AS Bulg.Flabt1 Roland D.II, 1917.
Offst Vladimir BALAN 1 (shared with obs.) Bul.AS Bulg.Flabt1 Roland pilot, 1917, Macedonian front.
Ivan IVANOV 1 Bul.AS P.Popkrastev's gunner, Albatros, 1918.
Ivan MILANOV 1 Bul.AS Roland D.II, 1918.
Penju POPKRASTEV 1 Bul.AS Albatros C.III, Macedonia, 1918.
Marko PRVANOV 1 Bul.AS D.III, 1st Bul.AS victory, 1916.
Offst UZANOV 1 Bul.AS Bulg.Flabt 1 (gunner)
Lt VAHAVCHIEV 1 (shared with obs.) Bul.AF Bulg.Flabt 1 (gunner)
Table: Bulgarian pilots victory credits in WW1

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