Austro-Hungarian aces of WWI

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All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 08/11/2007

Rank First Name Name Ww1 Victories Sources Detail Units Death Note Other Sources
Hptm Godwin BRUMOWSKI 35 [18+17] Franks et al. (5 balloons) Flik1 (obs), Flik12, Jasta24, Flik41J H-B and Albatros ace, Italian front. 40 (Shores); 8 unconf.
Offs Julius ARIGI 32 [20+12] N.Franks et al. Flik6, FG1, Flik41J, Flik55J, Flik6p, Flick1J 01/08/1981 Serbia, Albania, Italy, 1915-18.
Oblt Benno FIALA VON FERNBRUGG 28 [24+4] Franks et al. (1 balloon) Flik1, 19, 41J, 12D, 56J, 51J C.I, D.I, Albatros, Italy, 1916-17. 29 (Shores); 3 unc.
Oblt Frank LINKE-CRAWFORD 27 [13+14] Franks et al. (2 balloons)(+ 1 unconf.) Flik22 (obs), 12, 41J, 60J 30/07/1918 Albatros, Phoenix, Italy,1917-18. KIA.
Lt Josef KISS 19 [7+12] Franks et al. (7 by obs.) Flik24, Flik55J 24/05/1918 C.I, Berg, Albatros, Italy, 1917-18. 20
Lt Ferenc (Franz) GRAESER 18 [9+9] Franks et al. (2 balloons) Flik2, Flik32 (gunner), Flik42J, Flik61J 17/05/1918 C.I, Albatros, Italy. KIA. 16
Fw Eugen BÖNSCH 16 [9+7] Franks et al. (6 balloons) Flik 51J Albatros, Italy, 1917-18. 15 (Shores)
Fw Stefan FEJES 16 [12+4] Franks et al. (1 balloon) Flik19, Flik51J; 8Sq RedAC C.I ace, Albatros, 1917. Red AC. WW2. 15,18;5 sh. obs;4 unoff.
Oblt Ernst STROHSCHNEIDER 15 [4+11] Franks et al. (+1 unconf) Flik23,28 (gunner),FG1,Flik101G,42J,61J,63J 21/03/1918 H-B, Albatros, Italy. KIFA. 14 Shores; 1 unconf.
Hptm Adolf HEYROWSKY 12 Franks et al. (1 Italian airship,2 balloons) Flik2, Flik9, Flik12, Flik19 Brand.C.I ace, 2-seaters, 1915-17. 10 Shores
Offs Kurt GRUBER 11 [8+3] Franks et al. (1 balloon) Flik1, Flik41J, Flik60J 04/04/1918 Alb.B.I, Phoenix, 1916-18. KIA. 14 (Shores)
Oblt Franz RUDORFER 11 [9+2] Franks et al. (3 balloons) Flik19D (gunner), Flik51J 19/11/1919 C.I, Albatros ace, Italy, 1918. 10 Shores; 2 unconf.
Oblt Friedrich Miroslav NAVRATIL 10 [7+3] Franks et al. Flik13, Flik11 (obs), Flik41J, Flik3J Albatros, Italy, 1918. Executed 1946.
Hptm Raoul STOJSAVLJEVIC 10 Franks et al. (9 shared with obs.) Flik1, Flik13, Flik17, Flik34, Flik16, Jasta6 02/09/1930 C.I, DI, Albatros, East, Italy, 1916-17. 12 (Shores)
Hptm Otto JINDRA 9 Franks et al. (1 balloon) Flik1 (gunner), Flek 11, FliegerGr G 2-seater ace, 1915-17.
Oblt George KENZIAN 9 [4+5] Franks et al. Flik24 (gunner), Flik55J, Flik 68J, Flik42J C.I, Alb., Italy, 16-18. Carinthia 1919.
LschLt Gottfried VON BANFIELD 9 N.Franks et al. Trieste NAS Navy ace, Lohner, Italy, 1915-18. 11 unconf.
Offs Karl (Karoly) KASZALA 8 [4+4] Franks et al. (1 balloon) Flik1, Flik21J, Flik41J C.I, D.I, Alb., Italian front, 1916-17.
Hptm Jindrich (Heinrich) KOSTRBA 8 [6+2] Franks et al. Flik 8, Flik4, Flik23, Flek2 28/09/1926 Fokker E.I, C.I, Italy, 1916. KIFA.
Oblt Alexander TAHY 8 [1+7] Franks et al. Flik12, Flik19 (gunner), Flik51J 07/03/1918 C.I gunner, Albatros, 1916-18. KIFA.
sfw Ferdinand (Nandor) UDVARDY 8 [3+5] Franks et al. Flik10, Flik42J; 8 Vh-sz D.I, Alb., Italy, 1917-18. Red AC, 1919.
Oblt Josef FRIEDRICH 7 Franks et al. (1 balloon)(1 by obs.) Flik16 (obs), Flik24, Flik51J C.I, Albatros, Italy, 1916-17.
Oblt Ludwig HAUTZMAYER 7 [5+2] N.Franks et al. (1 by obs.) Flik15, Flik19, Flik51J, Flik61J 06/12/1936 E.III, C.I, Albatros, Italy, 1916-18.
Oblt Otto JÄGER 7 Franks et al. Flik10 (gunner), Flik17, Flik27, Flik42J 19/08/1917 Alb.B.I, C.I, Alb.D.III, Russia. KIA.
StFw Johann RISZTICS 7 [5+2] Franks et al. Flik22 (obs.), Flik42J; 8Sq KD DI, Albatros, Italy, 1917-18.
Hptm Josef VON MAIER MODORY 7 [0+7] Franks et al. (+3 unconf) Flik14 (obs), Flik13, Flik55J Albatros DIII ace, Italy, 1917.
Fw Andreas DOMBROWSKI 6 Franks et al. (5 shared with obs.) Flik29, Flik68J, Flik57Rb C.I, Albatros, Romania, Italy, 1916-17.
Hptm Johann FRINT 6 N.Franks et al. Flik23 (observer) 25/02/1918 Lloyd, C.I gunner, 1916. KIFA.
Fw Alexander KASZA 6 [3+3] Franks et al. Flik55J, Flik15F, Flik11F Albatros, Phoenix, Italy, 1917-18.
Hptm Karl NIKITSCH 6 [5+1] Franks et al. Flik16, Flik14, Flik39, FD 'Nikitsch', Flik63J 07/09/1927 Albatros, Brand.D.I, Italy, 1917. KIFA.
Oblt Franz PETER 6 [3+3] Franks et al. Flik14, Flik47F (obs.), Flik3J; 6Sq Albatros ace, Italy, 1918. Poland, 1919.
Oblt Josef PÜRER 6 Franks et al. Flik19, Flik29, Flik57F (gunner), Flik3J 31/08/1918 Brand.C.I gunner, Italy, East, 1916-17.
Oblt Roman SCHMIDT 6 Franks et al. Flik26,7,13 (gunner),Flik30J, Flik74J 2-seater gunner, Phoenix, Berg, 1917-18.
Ozsv Josef SIEGEL 6 J.Safarik Flik 15, 21, 6, FLG 1, Flek 6, Flik 16, 45, 56J 3
Oblt Rudolf WEBER 6 Franks et al. (4 shared with obs.) Flik25(gunner), Flik2, Flik102G C.I gunner and pilot, 1916-17.
Fw Julius BUSA 5 Franks et al. (shared with obs.) Flik14 18/05/1916 Lloyd, Brand.C.I, Russia, Italy, 1916.
Offs Frigyes (Friedrich) HEFTY 5 [3+2] Franks et al. (1 by obs.)(3 or 5 unconf.) Flik12, Flik44F, Flik42J C.I, Berg, Albatros, Italy, 1917-18.
Offs Julius KOWALCZIK 5 [3+2] Franks et al. Flik15, Flik24 24/08/1917 C.I, Albatros, Italy, 1916-17.
Fw Franz 'Papa' LAHNER 5 [2+3] Franks et al. Flik55J Albatros D.III ace, Italy, 1917-18.
FrgLt Friedrich LANG 5 [3+2] Franks et al. Durazzo, Pola NAS Lohner, Phoenix, Albania, Pola, 1916-18.
StFw Johann LASI 5 Franks et al. Flik6 (gunner) Brand.C.I gunner, Albania, 1916.
Oblt Bela MACOUREK 5 [4+1] Franks et al. Flik 23 (gunner), Flik6F, Flik1J C.I, Berg, Albania, Italy, 1917-18.
Oblt Kurt NACHOD 5 [4+1] Franks et al. Flik10, Flik20 (gunner) 11/05/1918 Alb.B.I, C.I gunner, 1916-17. DOW.
Fw Augustin NOVAK 5 Franks et al. (shared with obs.) Flik30, Flik13, Flik39 C.I pilot, East, Italy, 1916-17. 7 (Safarik)
Franz OBERST 5 J.Safarik Flik 42J
Oblt Karl PATZELT 5 [3+2] Franks et al. Flik29, Flik34 (gunner), Flik42J, Flik68J 04/05/1918 C.I gunner, Albatros, 1917. KIA.
Lt Alois RODLAUER 5 [2+3] Franks et al. Flik60J, Flik9J Phoenix, Berg, 1918. Luftwaffe WW2.
Oblt Rudolf SZEPESSY-SOKOLL 5 [2+3] Franks et al. Flik17(gunner), Flik10, Flik27, Flik3, Flik41J 06/11/1917 Lohner, Albatros, Italy, 1916-17.
Fw Karl TEICHMANN 5 [3+2] Franks et al. Flik5, Flik42J, Flik60J, Flik14J D.I, Phoenix, Italy, 1917-18.
Offsv Karl URBAN 5 [3+2] Franks et al. (4 shared with obs.) Flik10, Flik27, Flik66D, Flik14J 12/07/1918 Alb.B.I gunner, Phoenix, 1916-18. KIFA.
Offsv Franz WOGNAR 5 Franks et al. (shared with obs.)(1 balloon) Flik2 Brandenburg C.I, Italy, 1917.
Table: Austro-Hungarian aces of WWI

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