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All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

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Rank First Name Name Ww1 Victories Sources Detail Air Service Units Death Note Other Sources
Maj John Ingals GILMOUR 39 [36+3] C.Shores et al. (1 balloon)(29 kills+10 OoC) RFC & RAF 27Sq, 65Sq, 28Sq G100 1916, Camel ace 1917-18. 44
Capt William Charles CAMPBELL 23 [21+2] C.Shores et al. (5 balloons)(16 kills+7 OoC) RFC 1Sq Nieuport Scout ace, 1917. 26
Capt Matthew Brown 'Bunty' FREW 23 [21+2] Shores et al. (14 kills+9 OoC) RFC 45Sq Strutter, Camel, West, Italy, 1917-18. 30
Capt George Edwin THOMSON 21 [17+4] C.Shores et al. (6 kills+15 OoC) RFC 46Sq 23/05/1918 Pup, 1917; Camel ace, 1918. KIFA. 14
Capt John TODD 18 [15+3] C.Shores et al. (11 kills+7 OoC) RFC & RAF 70Sq Camel ace, 1918.
Capt Charles FINDLAY 14 C.Shores et al. (5 with obs.)(11 kills+3 OoC) RAF 88Sq Bristol Fighter ace, 1918.
Capt Maxwell Hutcheon FINDLAY 14 [12+2] Shores et al. (6 kills+8 OoC) RNAS & RAF 6N Sq, 1N Sq, 201Sq Camel ace, 1917-18. KIFA. 15
Capt Ian Patrick Robert NAPIER 12 [7+5] C.Shores et al. (9 kills+3 OoC) RFC & RAF 40Sq Nieuport, 1917, SE-5 ace, 1918.
Lt Thomas Montagu HARRIES 11 [8+3] Shores et al. (7 kills+4 OoC) RFC 45Sq RFC (observer);24Sq RAF Strutter observer, 1917; SE5 ace, 1918. 10 (Franks)
Capt Edward Dawson ATKINSON 10 C.Shores et al. (1 balloon)(5 kills+5 OoC) RAF 1Sq, 56Sq, 64Sq Nieuport, 1917; SE5 ace, 1918.
Lt James Alex. Weatherhead BINNIE 9 [7+2] C.Shores et al. (with obs.)(5 kills+4 OoC) RFC 48Sq Bristol Fighter ace, 1917.
Lt Robert MacIntyre GORDON 9 [8+1] Shores et al. (4 kills+5 OoC) RAF 204Sq Camel ace, 1918.
2ndLt George Victor LEARMOND 9 N.Franks-R.Guest (4 kills+5 OoC) RAF 20Sq (gunner) Bristol Fighter gunner, 1918.
Maj George Ranald Macfarlane REID 9 [8+1] C.Shores et al. (7 kills+2 OoC) RFC 25Sq, 20Sq, 18Sq, 206Sq FE2 ace, 1916; DH9, 1918.
Capt Gordon Metcalfe DUNCAN 8 Shores et al. (6 kills+2 OoC) RAF 60Sq, 56Sq SE5 ace, 1918.
Lt William DURRAND 8 [7+1] C.Shores et al. (with obs.)(6 kills+2 OoC) RFC 20Sq FE2, Bristol Fighter, 1917.
Lt James MCDONALD 8 N.Franks-R.Guest (2 kills+6 OoC) RAF 22Sq (gunner) Bristol Fighter gunner, 1918. 9 (Shores)
Capt Phillip Bernard PROTHERO 8 [6+2] C.Shores et al. (3 kills+5 OoC) RFC 24Sq, 56Sq Bristol Scout, 1916; SE-5, 1917.
Lt Charles Crichton ROBSON 8 N.Franks-R.Guest (3 kills+5 OoC) RFC & RAF 11Sq (gunner) Bristol Fighter gunner. POW 1918.
Lt Walter Henry SCOTT 8 [6+2] N.Franks-R.Guest (4 kills+4 OoC) RNAS & RAF 5(N)Sq, 205Sq (gunner) DH4 bomber gunner, 1918.
Capt Jeffrey Batters HOME-HAY 7 Franks-Guest (with obs.)(4 kills+3 OoC) RAF 53Sq, 104Sq (Bomber) DH9 bomber pilot, 1918.
Cpl Francis J. KNOWLES 7 [6+1] N.Franks-R.Guest (6 kills+1 OoC) RFC 111Sq (gunner) Bristol Fighter gunner, Palestine.
Lt James TENNANT 7 N.Franks-R.Guest (2 kills+5 OoC) RFC 20Sq, 51Sq, 143Sq (gunner) FE2d gunner ace, 1917.
2ndLt Alexander TRANTER 7 N.Franks-R.Guest (5 kills+2 OoC) RAF 88Sq (gunner) Bristol Fighter gunner, 1918.
Lt Robert Lyle McKendrick BARBOUR 6 Franks-Guest (with obs.)(6 kills+1 OoC) RFC & RAF 205(Bomber)Sq DH4, DH9 bomber pilot, 1918.
2ndLt Robert CHALMERS 6 [4+2] Franks-Guest (with obs.)(2 kills+4 OoC) RAF 205Sq (Bomber) DH4 bomber pilot, 1918.
Capt David Sidney HALL 6 Franks-Guest (4 by obs.)(2 kills+4 OoC) RFC 57Sq (Bomber) 20/11/1917 DH4 bomber pilot, 1917.
Capt Andrew MACGREGOR 6 Franks-Guest (with obs.)(2 kills+4 OoC) RAF 57Sq (Bomber) DH4 bomber pilot, 1918. Iraq, Kurdistan.
Lt Hugh Fitzgerald MOORE 6 Franks-Guest (1 balloon)(3 kills+3 OoC) RFC 22Sq (gunner) Bristol Fighter gunner, 1918.
Capt John Gordon S. C. SMITH-GRANT 6 [4+2] Shores et al. (2 kills+4 OoC) RFC & RAF 28Sq, 70Sq 29/05/1918 DOW.
Capt Lewis Isaac COLLINS 5 N.Franks-R.Guest (4 kills+1 OoC) RAF 18Sq (gunner) DH4 bomber gunner, 1918.
2ndLt Fergus Gray CRAIG 5 [4+1] N.Franks-R.Guest (1 kill+4 OoC) RAF 57Sq (gunner) DH4 bomber gunner, 1918.
Capt Gerald Bruce CROLE 5 [4+1] Shores et al. (3 kills+2 OoC) RFC 40Sq, 43Sq Nieuport ace, 1917.
Lt Llewelyn Chrichton DAVIES 5 [3+2] N.Franks-R.Guest (4 kills+1 OoC) RFC 22Sq, 105Sq (observer) 16/03/1918 FE2 observer, 1917. DOW.
Capt William GROSSART 5 [3+2] Franks-Guest (with obs.)(2 kills+3 OoC) RAF 205Sq (Bomber) DH4 bomber pilot, 1918.
Lt Kenneth Joseph Price LAING 5 [1+4] C.Shores et al. (4 kills+1 OoC) RAF 1Sq SE5 ace, 1918.
Lt James Scott LENNOX 5 C.Shores et al. (3 kills+2 OoC) RAF 66Sq Camel ace, Italian front, 1918.
2Lt Colin Geen Orr MACANDREW 5 C.Shores et al. (3 kills+2 OoC) RFC 11Sq, 57Sq 02/10/1917 Bristol Fighter ace, 1917. KIA DH-4.
2ndLt Harry William Mackintosh MACKAY 5 N.Franks-R.Guest (1 kill+4 OoC) RFC 18Sq (gunner) 06/03/1918 DH4 bomber gunner, 1918. KIA.
2ndLt James Robert SMITH 5 N.Franks-R.Guest (2 kills+3 OoC) RFC 18Sq (observer) FE2b gunner ace, 1916-17.
Table: Scottish aces of WWI

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