Rumanian aces of WW2

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All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 25/01/2019

Cpt.av.rezConstantin 'Bazu'CANTACUZINO45D. Bernad(+ 14 unc.)(7 vs Axis)(75 pts)Esc.53/Gr 5, Esc.58/Gr 7, Gr 9Azov Sea, Ukraine, Moldovia, Ploesti.60; 45; 42+1sh
CaptAlexandruSERBANESCU44D. Bernad(+ 8 unconf)(55 pts)Esc.57/Gr 7, Gr 918/08/1944Bf-109, Eastern front, Ploesti. KIA.45;50;56; 47 pts
LtIonMILU33H.W.Neulen(+ 4 unconf)(52 pts)Gr 1, Esc.56/Gr 7, Gr 908/08/1944Bf-109, Eastern front, def.Ploesti. KIA.18; 32; 45 pts
AdjIoanMUCENICA22D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(27 pts)Gr 7, Gr 9Bf-109, Russian front, def.Ploesti.18;24(Neulen); 19 pts
AdjChristeaCHIRVASUTA18D. Bernad(+ 4 unconf)(31 pts)Gr 7, Gr 9, Esc.53/Gr 7Dniepr, Moldovia, Hungary.14(Neulen); 20; 20 pts
LtTeodorGRECEANU18D. Bernad(+ 5 unconf)(24 pts)Esc.56/Gr 7, Gr 9Russia, Home, Hungary, 41-44. WIA.9; 20(Neulen); 20 pts
AdjConstantin 'Costica'LUNGULESCU18D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(24 pts)Gr 7, Gr 924/06/1944Bf-109, Odessa, Dniepr, Ploesti. KIA.14; 19(Soufran); 15 pts
AdjRomeoNEACSU18D. Bernad(privately claims)(5 pts)Gr 3, Gr 73+2 unconf(Bernad)
LtIonDICEZARE16D. Bernad(+ 3 unconf)(23 pts)Esc.58/Gr 7, Gr 9Bf-109 ace, Russian front.5; 12; 14; 19 pts
AdjIoanMALACESCU16D. Bernad(+ 3 unconf)(21 pts)Gr 7, Gr 9Bf-109, Russia, Home, 41-44. WIA.11; 13 pts
CaptDan Valentin 'Mon Cher'VIZANTE16D. Bernad(43 pts)Gr.1, Gr.3, Gr.6IAR80 ace, 1944.32(Neulen); 8; 16 pts
subLtIonMAGA15D. Bernad(+ 5 unconf)(29 pts)Gr 7Bf-109, Home def. 1944.13; 9; 18 pts
LtVasile 'Chitzu'GAVRILIU14D. Bernad(2 unconf)(+5 grd)(27 pts)Esc 47/Gr 9, Gr 7, Esc 56/Gr 9Bf-109, Home 44-45.12(Craciunoiu); 17 pts
LtConstantin 'Reaza'ROSARIU14D. Bernad(+2 unconf)(8 vs Axis)(33 pts)Gr 7Bf-109 ace, Stalingrad, Home, 42-45.27 pts
CaptGheorghePOPESCU-CIOCANEL13H.W.Neulen(+ 1 unconf)(19 pts)Esc.47/Gr 912/08/1944Bf-109 Russia, Ploesti, 41-44. DOW.9;10; 12(Neulen); 14 pts
AdjTiberiuVINCA13D. Bernad(+ 3 unconf)(17 pts)Gr 7, Gr 913/03/1944Bf-109, Bessarabia, Stalingrad, Dniepr.16(Neulen); 15 pts
LtIon 'Fakir'DOBRAN12C. Craciunoiu(+ 4 unconf)(15 pts)fl.I Gr 9, Esc 48/Gr 9, Gr 7Bf-109, Russia, Home defence.10; 9(Bernad); 13 pts
AdjTrajanDARJAN11D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(17 pts)Esc.47/Gr 925/02/1945Bf109, Russia, Ploesti, Hungary. KIA.8;12(Soufran); 11 pts
AdjTeodorZABAVA11D. Bernad(4 with Hs-129)(18 pts)Gr 8 van & asalt27/01/1944Hs-129 pilot, 1943. KIFA.11 pts
AdjIoanNICOLA10D. Bernad(16 pts)Gr 1, Gr 3, Gr 6WIA 1944.5; 10 pts
LtNicolaePOLIZU-MICSUNESTI10D. Bernad(11 pts)Esc 51/Gr 5, Esc 58/Gr 702/05/1943Transylvania; Eastern front, Bf-109. KIA10 pts
AdjAndreiRADULESCU10D. Bernad(+ 4 unconf.)(18 pts)Esc.53/Gr 5, Gr 9Bf-109G, Crimea, Home defence. WIA.9; 7(Craciunoiu); 13 pts
subLtMihaiBULAT9D. Bernad(17 pts)Gr 4, Gr 64; 12 pts
LtHariton 'Toni'DUSESCU9D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(12 pts)Gr 7, Gr 9Bf-109 ace, Russia.5; 5 pts
AdjEugenFULGA9D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(15 pts)Gr 3, Gr 4
AdjDumitruILIE9D. Bernad(+ 3 unconf)(22 pts)Gr 6, Gr 8IAR ace, Stalingrad, 41-44. WIA.8; 12 pts
AdjMihaiMIHORDEA9D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(15 pts)Esc 49/Gr 4IAR.80 ace, Black Sea, 1943-44.7; 8; 13 pts
CaptDanSCURTU9D. Bernad(+ 3 unconf)(19 pts)Esc.57/Gr 78; 10 pts
AdjNicolaeBURILEANU8D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(10 pts)Esc 56, Esc 58/Gr 7, Gr 9Bf-109, Russia.5; 5 pts
LtCristu I.CRISTU8D. Bernad(11 pts)Gr 3, Gr 46; 8 pts
LtMircea 'Bebe'DUMITRESCU8D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(13 pts)Gr 3, Gr 67; 10 pts
CaptIoanMICU8D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(13 pts)Gr 8, Gr 9
AdjIoanPANAITE8D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(11 pts)Gr 7, Gr 910/08/1944Bf-109 ace, Russia, Home defence. KIA.5; 7 pts
AdjGheorgheTUTUIANU8D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(12 pts)Gr 85; 7 pts
AdjConstantinURSACHE8D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(11 pts)Gr.5, Gr.7, Gr.9Bf-109 ace, Russia, Home defence.6; 8 pts
AdjFlorianBUDU7D. Bernad(9 pts)Gr 631/05/1944KIA.40; 16 pts
AdjEugenCAMENCIANU7D. Bernad(+ 3 unconf)(14 pts)Gr 505/10/1942KIFA.8; 8 pts
AdjLaurentiuCATANA7D. Bernad(10 pts)Gr 7Bf-109, Russia. POW.5; 5 pts
AdjConstantinDIMACHE7D. Bernad(10-12 pts)Gr 4, Gr 623/06/1944KIA.8
AdjIoanDIMACHE7D. Bernad(10 pts)Gr 3, Gr 68; 12 pts
AdjStefanGRECEANU7D. Bernad(+ 3 unconf)(11 pts)Gr 720; 9; 9 pts
AdjGheorgheHAPAIANU7D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(9 pts)Gr 4, Gr 715/07/1944KIA.
AdjAlexandruMOLDOVEANU7V. Nitu(9 pts)Esc 57/Gr 74+2unc(Bernad); 5
AdjIosif 'Joshka'MORARU7D. Bernad(+ 4 unconf)(13 pts)Gr.7, Esc 56/Gr .9Bf109, Crimea, Home defence.10(Craciunoiu); 8 pts
LtLiviu 'Puiu'MURESAN7D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(10 pts)Gr 710/10/1943Bf-109, Russia. KIA.5; 8 pts
AdjConstantinPANAITE7M.Souffan-D.Antoniu et al(7 pts)Esc.56/Gr.7Barbarossa, Dniepr front, 1941-44.5
AdjConstantinPOMUT7V. Nitu(+ 1 unconf)(7 pts)Gr 5, Gr 710/01/1944KIA.5; 4 (Bernad)
AdjConstantinPOPESCU7D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(14 pts)Gr 1, Gr 6Bf-109, Home defence.5; 8
CaptParsifalSTEFANESCU7D. Bernad(9 pts)Gr 5, Gr 828/06/1944
CaptLucian EduardTOMA7D. Bernad(13 pts)Gr 5/.Esc.53, Gr 9/Esc.47, Gr 725/09/1944IAR & Bf109 ace. KIA.4; 8 pts
CaptHoriaAGARICI6D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(13 pts)Esc 53/Gr 5, Gr 7Hurricane pilot.4; 10 pts
AdjGheorgheCOCEBAS6D. Bernad(8 pts)Gr 6, Gr 8WIA 1944.9; 10 pts
AdjPetreCORDESCU6D. Bernad(9 pts)Gr 55; 5 pts
AdjStefanDUMITRESCU6D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(15 pts)Gr 3, Gr 65; 11; 10 pts
LtRaduREINEK6D. Bernad(6 pts)Gr 8
LtFlorianALEXIU5D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(11 pts)Gr 819/09/1942DOW.6
LtDumitru 'Take'BACIU5D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(10 pts)Gr 1, Gr 6IAR.81 ace.4+3 prob; 7 pts
AdjEmilBALAN5D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(10 pts)Esc 56/Gr 926/07/1944Bf-109, Russia, Home defence. KIA.
AdjMihaiBELCIN5D. Bernad(5 pts)Gr 6Ju-87 pilot, from 1943.
subLtVintilaBRATIANU5D. Bernad(5 pts)Gr 7
AdjDumitru 'Mitica'CHERA5D. Bernad(13 pts)Gr 1, Gr 6IAR 80, Bf-109G, 1944.3; 7 pts
subLtStefan Octavian 'Kiki'CIUTAC5D. Bernad(11 pts)Gr 7, Gr 9
subLtGheorgheCRISTEA5V. Nitu(15 pts)Gr 118/05/1944KIA.3+1sh(Bernad); 12 pts
AdjIoanFLOREA5D. Bernad(1 ramming)(7 pts)Gr 3, Gr 7
LtIonGALEA5D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(12 pts)Gr.5, Esc 52/Gr.9IAR-80, Bf-109, Black Sea.10
LtIoanIVANCIEVICI5D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(11 pts)Gr 3, Gr 425/09/1944IAR.80, 1944. KIA.
AdjNicolaeMACRI5D. Bernad(11 pts)Gr 3, Gr 4
AdjConstantinNICOARA5D. Bernad(+ 2 unconf)(8 pts)Gr 7, Gr 9Bf-109, Russia, Home defence.6 pts
AdjDumitruNICULESCU5D. Bernad(6 pts)Gr 324/12/1944KIA.
NicolaePOMUT5(point system?)
AdjConstantinPOPESCU5D. Bernad(6 pts)Gr 58
subLtErich RichardSELEI5D. Bernad(+ 1 unconf)(6 pts)Gr 8WIFA 1942.5 pts
AdjAurelTIFREA (CZIFRA)5(1 unconf?)(15 pts)Gr 1WIA 1944.4 (Bernad); 14 pts
subLtIoanVONICA5D. Bernad(6 pts)Gr 806/09/1941DOW.
Table: Rumanian aces of WW2

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