Free French in the RAF victory credits

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 10/03/2021

LtPierre HenriCLOSTERMANN2323Clostermann (citations)341Sq'Alsace, 602Sq, 274Sq, 56Sq, 3SqSpit, Channel 43-44; Tempest, ETO 45.
CdtJean-FrançoisDEMOZAY "MORLAIX"2121Buffotot-Facon, Roussel1Sq, 242Sq, 91Sq19/12/1945Hurr, Spit, Channel 40-42.
FLtJean-MarieMARIDOR1515Shores & Wil.(11 V-1s)615Sq, 91Sq RAF03/08/1944Tempest 'Diver' ace. KIA.
CaptHenri F.DE BORDAS1010Ehrengardt-List.(all V-1s)91Sq, 329Sq 'Cicogne'French Diver ace.
LtJamesDENIS99Ehrengardt-ListemannECF1, 33Sq, 73Sq, GC1'Alsace'(341Sq)Hurricane I ace, Tobruk 41.
LtMichel EdmondBOUDIER88C.Shores & C.Williams232Sq, 340Sq, 341Sq23/06/1963Spitfire, Channel, Normandy, 42-44. POW.
FLtRaoul C. 'Lulu'DELEUZE88Ehrengardt-List.(all V-1s)501Sq, 274Sq25/02/1945Diver ace.
LtRobert G.GOUBY89Buffotot-Facon, Shores54Sq,164Sq, 340'Ile de F.'Sq, 165Sq, 611Sq14/08/1944Free French and RAF ace.
CdtBernardDUPERRIER STERNBERG77Ehrengardt-ListemannEB32,242Sq,615Sq,340Sq'IdF',341Sq'Alsace'Great leader FAFL.
CaptJacques "Jaco"ANDRIEUX66Ehrengardt-Listemann130Sq, 91 Sq, 341Sq 'Alsace'Spitfire ace, Channel, France, 42-44.
CaptLucien 'Christian'MONTET 'MARTELL'66Ehrengardt-ListemannGCII/5, 341Sq'Alsace'31/08/1945Spitfire ace, KIFA.
CaptMarcelBOUGUEN55Ehrengardt-Listemann340Sq, 341Sq09/03/1944Spitfire, Channel, 1942-43. KIFA.
CaptFrançois H. E. J. A.DE LABOUCHERE55J. Foreman85Sq, 145Sq, 242Sq, 615Sq, 340Sq 'Ile de France'05/09/1942Spitfire, Channel, 1941-42. KIA.
s/LtPierre FrançoisLAUREYS 'KENNARD'55J. Foreman340Sq'Ile-de-France'Spitfire, Channel, 1942-43.
S/LEmile 'François'FAYOLLE44J. Foreman85Sq, 145Sq, 249Sq, 340Sq, 174Sq19/08/1942Spitfire, Channel, 1941-42. KIA.
CneAlbertLITTOLFF414Ehrengardt-ListemannGCIII/7,ECF1,33Sq,274Sq,GC1, GC3'Normandie'16/07/1943BoF, Greece, Rayak, Libya, Russia. KIA.
CaptAndréMOYNET48Ehrengardt-Listemann340Sq'Ile-de-France', GC3'Normandie'06/05/1993European front, Russian front.
s/LtMauriceCHORON33Ehrengardt-Listemann64Sq, 609Sq, 340Sq10/04/1942Spitfire, 1940-42. KIA.
LtColLionel Alexandre PieDE MARMIER33Bailey & Cony, Porret(+ 10 unoff.)VB110,N112,SPA112; GCI/145,FFG,GRB1,EB230/12/1944C-714, b.of France; CO bomber units.
CaptPierre LucienLAURENT33Ehr.-List + Foreman165Sq, 93Sq, 341Sq 'Alsace'Spitfire, N.France, 1943.
FOGuy (André)LEVY-DEPAS CARLET33C. Shores504Sq, 603Sq (126Sq?)09/07/1942Spitfire, Malta, 1942. MIA.
CdtRenéMOUCHOTTE33Ehrengardt-Listemann245Sq, 615Sq, 340Sq, 341Sq 'Alsace'27/08/1943KIA.
AdjHenri 'Père Bouqui'BOUQUILLARD22Ordredelaliberation (Web)245Sq, 615Sq, 249Sq11/03/1941BoB. KIA.
AdjXavierDE MONTBRON22Ehrengardt-Listemann92Sq21/04/1955BofB. KIA.
EVPhilippe C. J. M.DE SCITIVAUX DE GREITSCHE23Ehrengardt-ListemannAC1, AC2, 242Sq, 615Sq, 340Sq 'Ile de France'Potez 631, 1940; Spitfire, 41-42.
LtJean L.DE TEDESCO22J. Foreman340Sq 'Ile de France', 611Sq, GC3 'Normandie'14/07/1943Spitfire, Channel 42. Yak, Russia. KIA.
CdtLouisFERRANT22Web OrdredelaLiberation33Sq, EFC1 (73Sq), Esc.Liaison Moyen-OrientHurricane, Desert, 1941.
FLtPaul Jean FrançoisJACQUIER23C. ShoresGAO 1/583, FFF2, 80Sq, 274Sq, EC2Hurricane, Crete, 1941. POW.
CaptEmile OlivierMASSART23Ehr.-List. + Foreman340Sq 'Ile de France', GCIV/2Spitfire, 1942-45. POW.
FLtAntoine Marie D. 'Tony'PERONNE22Ehrengardt-ListemannERC579, GCI/7, 274Sq EC2, 73Sq18/06/1946MS.406, Hurricane, Crete, 1941. POW.
POJeanPOMPEI22Ehrengardt-ListemannGAO 512, CA 583, EC2, 73Sq (ECF 1)Hurricane, Libya, 1941.
LtEugene Pierre M. J.REILHAC22Ehrengardt-Listemann43Sq, 81Sq, 122Sq, 340Sq 'Ile de France'14/03/1943Spitfire, Channel, 1943. KIA.
FLtJacques E.(John Neuville)RIVALANT22Ehrengardt-ListemannEB39, 80SqHurricane, Greece, Desert, 41-42.
A/CAndréBALLATORE11Ehrengardt-ListemannFFF No2, 274Sq (GC1), GC1/3MS-406, Crete, 1941.
SgtRenéBAUDEN11F. BrosseGB 'Lorraine' (gunner), GT1/15Blenheim gunner, Libya.
SgtBRUNO11C-J. Ehrengardt341Sq 'Alsace'Spitfire, 1943.
S/LtNoëlCASTELAIN17Ehrengardt-Listemann1FG, 33Sq, ECF1 (73Sq), GC3'Normandie'16/07/1943Hurricane,Desert. Yak, Russia. MIA.
LtRobertCHAUVIN11Ehrengardt-Listemann340Sq'Ile de France'31/08/1942Spitfire, Channel, 1942. KIA.
EV1CRolandCLAUDE11H. LafontAB1; RAF 66Sq, 32Sq, 340Sq, FAA 807SqVought 156 40; Spitfire, Seafire 41-43.
CaptRolandDE LA POYPE116Ehrengardt-Listemann602Sq RAF; GC3'Normandie' VVSChannel, Russian front, Eastern Prussia.
AspArnaudDE SAXCÉ11Ehrengardt-Listemann341Sq 'Alsace'10/04/1945Spitfire, Channel, 1942. KIA.
S/CAndréDEBECQ11Ehrengardt-Listemann340Sq 'Ile de France'30/07/1942Spitfire, Channel, 1942. KIA.
CaptYves Paul EmileEZANNO11Ehrengardt-Listemann39Sq, GRB1, GC1, GB1 'Loraine', 198SqBlenheim, Boston, Typhoon, 1940-44.
CaptBernardFUCHS11Web OrdredelaLiberation154Sq, 610Sq, 19Sq, 501Sq
AspPierreGALLAY11Ehrengardt-Listemann341Sq 'Alsace'20/10/1944Spitfire, 1944. KIA.
CaptA.GILBERT11J. Foreman340Sq 'Ile de France'Spitfire, Channel, Dieppe, 1942.
LtMax Maurice JeanGUEDJ11Ehrengardt-Listemann248Sq, 143Sq, Branff Wg15/01/1945Beaufighter, Mosquito, 1942-45. KIA.
S/CRobertGUEDON11Ehrengardt-Listemann73SqLibya, 1942.
LtJacques DenisGUIGNARD13M. Catillon94Sq, 340Sq 'Ile de France'13/10/1988
CneFrançoisGUINAMARD11B. Hugot(shared with Cne Boudier)130Sq, GC1 'Alsace',29/07/1952Hurr, Spitfire, 42-45. MIA Indochina.
s/LtFerdinandHARDI11Ehrengardt-Listemann340Sq 'Ile de France'Spitfire, 1943.
s/LtJacquesHAZARD11H. Lafont10Sq RAAF, 228Sq (Coastal Command)21/06/1942Sunderland pilot, N.Atlantic 41-42. MIA.
LtClaude E.HELIES11H.Lafont, J.Foreman340Sq 'Ile de France'31/10/1942Hurricane, Spitfire, 41-42. MIA.
LtEdmondJEAN11F. BrosseEB 34, GRB1, GB'Lorraine' gunner22/11/2003Blenheim, Boston gunner, 41-44.
CneGustaveLAGER11V. FerryGMC1, GRB1, FFFBlenheim pilot, Abyssinia, 40-41.
FSgtRoland PaulLE BLOND11I.T.Tavender130Sq
FSgtMarcelLEBOIS11Ehrengardt-Listemann274Sq (EC2), 73Sq (ECF 1), GC1Hurricane, Crete, Libya, 1941.
AspYvesMAHE12Ehrengardt-Listemann253Sq, GC3 'Normandie'
AspMauriceMAILFERT11Ehrengardt-Listemann341Sq GC1'Alsace'Hurricane, Libya, 1942.
LtClaudeRAOUL-DUVAL11Ehrengardt-ListemannGC1 'Alsace', 341Sq 'Alsace'Hurricane, Egypt, 1942.
LtFrançoisROOS11Ehrengardt-Listemann341Sq 'Alsace'Spitfire, 1943.
SLdrJacques HenriSCHLOESING11J. Foreman340Sq 'Ile de France', 341Sq 'Alsace'26/08/1944Spitfire, 1942-44. KIA.
P/OClaude 'George Newman'SERF11G-D. Rohrbacher248SqBeaufighter, Coastal Command, 1943.
WOYvesTRECAN11Y.Morieult, H.LafontGCI/61, 8Sq (1FBF, Esc.Fr.d'Aden)16/12/1940Glenn-Martin, Somaliland, 1940. KIA.
SgtLouisTROUILLET11Ehrengardt-Listemann340Sq 'Ile de France'16/08/1944Spitfire, N.France, 1944. KIA.
CdtJeanVAISSIER11G-D. Rohrbacher(1 V-1)154Sq, 610Sq, 616Sq, 288(tt)Sq, 274SqSpitfire, Tempest, 43-44. Wounded.
SgtAndré PaulVILBOUX11Ehrengardt-Listemann131Sq, 611 Sq19/08/1942Spitfire pilot; MIA Dieppe.
FSgtPierreWINTERSDORFF11Ehrengardt-ListemannEB39, 80 SqHurricane, Greece, 1941.
Table: Free French in the RAF victory credits

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