Afro-American pilots victory credits in ww2

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 02/09/2022

CaptLee Andrew 'Buddy'ARCHER5D. Holt302FS/332FGTuskegee ace, P-47, P-51, Italy, 1944.4 (AFHRA,Olynyk)
CaptEdward L.TOPPINS4AFHRA99FS/33FG, 324FGP-40, P-47, S.Italy, 1944.
CaptCharles B.HALL3AFHRA99FS/33FG, 324FGP-40, Tunisia, S.Italy, 43-44.
1LtLeonard M.JACKSON3AFHRA99FS/33FG, 324FGP-40, P-47, S.Italy, 1944.
2LtClarence D. 'Lucky'LESTER3AFHRA100FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
CaptWendell O.PRUITT3AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtRogerROMINE3AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtHarry T.STEWART3AFHRA301FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
1LtCharles P.BAILEY2AFHRA99FS/33FG, 324FG, 332FGP-40, P-47, P-51, S.Italy, 1944.
1LtHoward L.BAUGH2[1+1]AFHRA99FS/33FGP-40, S.Italy, 1944.
1LtRoscoe C.BROWN2AFHRA100FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
2LtCarl E.CAREY2AFHRA301FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
1LtRobert W.DEIZ2AFHRA99FS/33FGP-40, S.Italy, Anzio, 1944.
2LtWilliam V.EAGLESON2AFHRA99FS/33FGP-40, S.Italy, Anzio, 1944.
2LtJohn E.EDWARDS2AFHRA301FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
2LtFrederick D.FUNDERBURG2AFHRA301FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtEdward C.GLEED2AFHRA301FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
2LtAlfred M.GORHAM2AFHRA301FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtWilliam W. JrGREEN2AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
2LtThomas W.JEFFERSON2AFHRA301FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
1LtEarl R.LANE2AFHRA100FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
1LtJimmyLANHAM2AFHRA301FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
1LtHarold E.SAWYER2AFHRA301FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtLuther H. JrSMITH2AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
CaptLuke J.WEATHERS2AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtCharles L.WHITE2AFHRA301FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
1LtRobert W.WILLIAMS2AFHRA100FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
2LtClarence W.ALLEN1[0+1]0,5AFHRA99FS/33FGP-40, S.Italy, Anzio, 1944.
1LtWillie JrASHLEY1AFHRA99FS/33FGP-40, S.Italy, Anzio, 1944.
2LtRaul W.BELL1AFHRA100FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
2LtCharles V.BRANTLEY1AFHRA100FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
2LtThomas P.BRASWELL1AFHRA99FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
1LtJohn F.BRIGGS1AFHRA100FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
CaptMilton R.BROOKS1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtCharles M.BUSSEY1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
MajWilliam A.CAMPBELL1AFHRA99FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
CaptLeMuel R.CURTIS1AFHRA99FS/33FGP-40, S.Italy, Anzio, 1944.
2LtJohn W.DAVIS1AFHRA99FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
1LtElwood T.DRIVER1AFHRA99FS/33FGP-40, S.Italy, Anzio, 1944.
CaptJoseph D.ELSBERRY1AFHRA301FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
FOJames H.FISCHER1AFHRA301FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
CaptClaude B.GOVAN1AFHRA301FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtWeldon K.GROVES1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
2LtJames L.HALL1AFHRA99FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
FOWilliam L.HILL1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtFreddie E.HUTCHINS1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtMelvin T.JACKSON1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtFelix J.KIRKPATRICK1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
FOJohn H.LYLE1AFHRA100FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
2LtWalter P.MANNING1AFHRA301FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
CaptArmour G.MCDANIEL1AFHRA301FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtCharles E.MCGEE1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtClinton B.MILLS1AFHRA99FS/33FGP-40, S.Italy, 1944.
2LtHarold M.MORRIS1AFHRA301FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
2LtWalter J. A.PALMER1AFHRA100FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtWilliam S. IIIPRICE1AFHRA301FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
2LtGeorge M. JrRHODES1AFHRA100FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtDaniel L.RICH1AFHRA99FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
1LtLeon C.ROBERTS1AFHRA99FS/33FGP-40, S.Italy, 1944.
2LtRichard A.SIMONS1AFHRA100FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
2LtLewis C.SMITH1AFHRA99FS/33FGP-40, S.Italy, Anzio, 1944.
2LtRobert H.SMITH1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
1LtWilliam H.THOMAS1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
2LtHugh S.WARNER1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
2LtHugh J.WHITE1AFHRA99FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
1LtLaurence D.WILKINS1AFHRA302FS/332FGP-47, P-51, Italy, MTO, 1944.
2LtBertram W.WILSON1AFHRA100FS/332FGP-51, MTO, 1945.
Table: Afro-American pilots victory credits in ww2

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