Australian aces of WW2

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 09/03/2021

GCptClive Robertson 'Killer'CALDWELL28[26+2]27C.ShoresRAAF250Sq, 112Sq, 1 Wg, 80 WgP-40, W.Desert 41-42. N.Guinea 44-45.27+3(28,5)Shores-Will.
F/LPaterson ClarenceHUGHES17[14+3]15,17C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF234Sq RAFSpitfire, BoB top ace at his death. KIA.15,5
FLtRichard Nigel "Ape"CULLEN COHEN16[15+1]15,5C.ShoresRAF80Sq04/03/1941Gladiator, Hurr, Greece 41. MIA.16,5 (Hess)
WCdrJohn LloydWADDY16[15+1]15,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF SAAF & RAAF250Sq, 260Sq, 4SAAFSq, 92Sq, 80RAAFSq
SLdrAnthony Frederick Owen 'Tony'GAZE15[12+3]12,5C.Shores & Wil.(1 V-1)RAF610Sq,616Sq,64Sq,129Sq,66Sq,41Sq, 616SqSpitfire ace. Motorsport after the war.
POHughbert G. 'Bill'BAILEY14[12+2]0C.Shores(all V-1 kills.)RAF3SqTempest Diver ace, 44-45.11 V-1s (Franks)
FSgtD. J.MACKERRAS14[11+3]0C.Shores(all V-1s)RAF3Sq
SLdrKeith William 'Bluey'TRUSCOTT14C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF452Sq, 76Sq28/03/194317
SLdrRobert James ClarendonWHITTLE14[11+3]12,5C.ShoresRAF & RAAF250Sq, 86RAAFSq
S/LdrAdrian Philip "Tim"GOLDSMITH13[11+2]12C.ShoresRAAF234Sq, 242Sq, 126Sq, 452Sq16,5 (Hess); 15 (Shores)
FLtMervin CharlesSHIPARD13C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF68Sq, 89Sq
WgCoRobert Henry MaxwellGIBBES12[10+2]10,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3 RAAFSq, 80WgAce of the Desert front.
WCdrHoward CliveMAYERS12[11+1]11,33C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF601Sq, 94Sq, 239Wing
S/LPeter St George BruceTURNBULL12C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3Sq, 75Sq, 76Sq
FLtJack John William 'Slim'YARRA12C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF & RAAF232Sq, 64Sq, 249Sq, 185Sq, 453(RAAF)Sq10/12/1942Malta ace.
SLdrHugo Throssell 'Sinker'ARMSTRONG11[10+1]10,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF129Sq ,72Sq ,611Sq05/02/1943Spitfire ace, Channel, 1941-43.12
WCdrAndrew WilliamBARR11C.ShoresRAAF3 RAAF SqP-40 ace, Desert, 1941-42.12
FOLeslie RedfordCLISBY11[8+3]9,33C.Shores(dubious?)1Sq15/05/1940Hurricane ace, BoF. KIA.16+1sh; 9+3sh
SLdrJohn ReynoldsCOCK11[10+1]10,25C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF87Sq, 453Sq, 54Sq, 3SqHurricane I ace, BoF, BoB.7
SLdrCharles ArbuthnotCROMBIE11C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF89Sq, 176Sq26/08/1945Beaufighter (night), Desert, MTO, Burma.12
FLtKeith AlexanderROEDIGER112C.Shores(9 V-1s)RAAF456SqMosquito Diver ace.
FLtPaul VirgilBRENNAN10C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF & RAAF64Sq, 249Sq, 79Sq, 452Sq13/06/1943Spitfire V, Malta, 1942. KIFA.
FLtEdward Ernest 'Ern'COATE10[9+1]9,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF272SqBeaufighter ace, Tunisia 1942.
F/OIan Bedford N. 'Hack'RUSSELL10[7+3]C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF609Sq, 245Sq, 607Sq01/06/1940KIA.11; 2+3sh (Shores)
FLtColin HenryPARKINSON9[8+1]8,33C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF56Sq, 19Sq, 603Sq, 249Sq, 229Sq, 457Sq10
SLdrPeter G.Kaye 'Prune'WILLIAMSON9C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF153Sq, 219Sq10/08/1982
GCaptWilfred Stanley 'Woof'ARTHUR8C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3Sq, 76Sq, 75SqGladiator, P-40, Desert, New Guinea.10; 19,5
FLtBruce AlbertBRETHERTON8C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF73Sq, 255SqHurr, Tunisia 43. Beaufighter, Italy 44.12
WCdrBasilHOWARD83C.Shores(5 V-1s)RAAF & RAF256Sq, 96Sq, 456Sq29/05/1945Mosquito, 1944. KIFA.
SLdrKenneth N.MCDONALD8W.N.HessRAF31Sq
FLtJohn FrancisPAIN8[7+1]7,33C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF32Sq, 261Sq, 73Sq
SLdrRonaldRANKIN8[4+4]5,53C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF236Sq, 227Sq, 272Sq, 30Sq5 (W.Hess)
GCaptAlan CharlesRAWLINSON8C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3 RAAFSq, 79Sq, 78WgTomahawk ace.
G/CGordon HenrySTEEGE8C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3RAAFSq, 450, 73Wg, 81Wg
SLdrWilliam John 'Jack'STOREY8C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF135Sq
SLdrJohn Phillip 'Jack'BARTLE7[6+1]6,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF112, 450SqP-40, Desert, 1941-42.4+1
FLtJohn Henry EricBISLEY7[6+1]6,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF126, 249, 54SqSpitfire, Malta 42, Darwin 43.
FLtRoderick Russel HerbertBOWES7[6+1]6,5C.ShoresRAF79Sq21/05/1943Hurricane II, Burma, 1942-43. KIA.9
SLdrAlan HillBOYD7[6+1]6,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3, 75, 76, 84Sq 101, 110FCU, 67SqGladiator, Desert 40; P-40, N.Guinea 42.
POJohn Livingstone 'Tony'BOYD7[5+2]5,66C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF135Sq, 242Sq, 185Sq14/05/1942Hurricane, Malta, 1942. KIA.
FLtAlan CecilCAMERON7[6+1]6,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3SqP-40 ace, Syria, W.Desert 41-42. POW.
FLtKeith BruceCHISHOLM7[5+2]6C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF452SqSpitfire ace, Channel 41. POW.
FOKenneth R.COLLIER70C.Shores(all V-1s)RAF91Sq
SLdrRobert BarsonCOWPER76Shores & Will.(1 V-1)(night claims)RAF153Sq, 89Sq, 108Sq, 456SqBeaufighter, Sicily 43; Mosquito, ETO 44
FLtWilliam RonaldCUNDY7[5+2]5,67C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF135Sq, 260Sq, 452SqP-40 ace, W.Desert 42. Darwin 44.
SLdrRussel GeorgeFOSKETT7[6+1]6,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF80Sq, 94Sq31/10/1944Hurricane, Spitfire, Greece, Crete.
GCaptKeith MacDermottHAMPSHIRE7C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF12Sq, 6Sq, 456Sq RAAF
SLdrJohn Francis 'Old John'JACKSON7C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3Sq, 4Sq, 79Sq28/02/1942
FLtRudolf Morris 'Blue'LEU7[6+1]6,33C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF112Sq
SLdrLeonard StanleyREID7C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF504Sq, 130Sq, 185Sq, 79RAAFSq, 452Sq4 (Shores)
SLdrRaymond Edward 'Throttle'THOROLD-SMITH7[6+1]6,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF452Sq, 1 Spitfire Wg15/03/19437,5 (W.Hess)
POGordon RussellTWEEDALE7C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF43Sq, 126Sq, 185Sq09/05/1942
WCdrGeoffrey CharlesATHERTON6[5+1]5,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF75 RAAF SqKittyhawk ace, New Guinea, 1942-43.4+1
WCdrAlexander NoelCONSTANTINE6W. N. HessRAF141Sq, 23Sq, 264Sq, 87sq, 273Sq, 136SqSpitfire V, Burma, 1944.3 (Shores)
FOFreddie Edward FitzgeraldEDWARDS6[2+5]4Shores & Will.(0,5 V-1s)RAF26Sq, 130Sq
F/ORichard LindsayGLYDE6[3+3]3,91C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF87Sq14/08/1940Hurricane, BoF; BoB, KIA.8; 2+3sh
GCptPeterJEFFREY6[5+1]5,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3Sq RAAF; 234Wg, 75Sq, 1 RAAF Wg5,25
FOC. M. 'Ac'LAWSON60C.Shores(all V-1s)RAF165Sq
FLtWalter Henry ArthurMAILEY6C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3(RAAF)Sq
SLdrDonald HindleMCBURNIE6[5+1]5,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF & RAAF229Sq RAF, 450Sq, 451Sq RAAF, 238Sq RAF
FSgtThomas G.PAXTON6[5+1]5,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF250Sq, 30Sq
WCdrJohn Rowley "Jock"PERRIN6C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3Sq, 5Sq RAAF, 24Sq SAAF, 76Sq RAAF8 (Hess)
LtnJosephPETEANI6C. Aubusson(with ground kills)Luftwaffe7./LG212/09/1942Bf110 reconnaissance pilot, Russia.9+13 ground
FLtStewart WilliamREES6C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF600Sq
FLtJohn Henry WilliamSAUNDERS6C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3 RAAFSq22/11/1941
WCdrDonald HamiltonSMITH6[5+1]5,33C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF126Sq, 41Sq, 453Sq5
FOValton Leslie JohnTURNER6C. ShoresRAF1685BDTF, 56SqTempest, 1944-45.
POMaxwell HeronBELL5[4+1]4,25C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF19Sq09/09/1944Mustang ace, N.France, 1944. MIA.
WCdrRobert W.BUNGEY5W.N.HessRAF145Sq, 452Sq, 226Sq, 79Sq10/06/1943
FOBobbyBUNTING5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF93SqSpitfire VIII ace, Italy, 1944.
POHenry GeorgeBURNEY5[4+1]4,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF112SqP-40 ace, Western Desert, 1941-42.
SLdrAlfred Wattle BenjaminCLARE5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF453SqBuffalo ace, W.Indies, Singapore 41-42.
FOLawrence Francis M. 'Larry'CRONIN5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF453Sq, 81SqSpit ace, Tunisia, Italy 43, Burma 44.
POVictor FarleyCURTIS5[3+2]4C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3 RAAF Sq06/01/1943Kittyhawk ace, W.Desert 42.
FLtCharles HoraceFRY5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF112SqGladiator, Greece, 1941.6
FOPeter RadcliffeGIDDY5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3 RAAFSq
FLtAlfredGLENDINNING5[3+2]4C. ShoresRAF & RAAF457Sq, 3 RAAF Sq, 92Sq, 450Sq
FLtWilfred Arthur 'Wilf'GOOLD5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF607SqSpitfire pilot, Burma, 1944.
SLdrReginald LloydGORDON5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF31 RAAFSq6
FLtEdward SmithHALL5[3+2]C. ShoresRAAF129Sq, 452Sq2+1 sh
FSgtRonald FrankHAMMOND5RAAF248Sq2+1 (Shores)
WCdrLeslie DouglasJACKSON5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF75Sq7 + 1sh
FLtLawrence 'Laurie'MCINTOSH5[4+1]4,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF111Sq RAF
SgtGarth AngusNEILL5C. ShoresRAAF122Sq, 112Sq4
PORichard Hastings'Slinger'NITSCHKE5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF250Sq20/12/1941
WCdrCharles Gordon ChalonerOLIVE5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF & RAAF65Sq RAF, 456Sq6, 8
WCdrJohn RichardRATTEN5RAF72Sq, 453Sq, Hornchurch Wg, Peterhead Wg27/02/19452+2 (Shores)
F/LtJohn G. 'Jock'SANDERSON5[3+2]4C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF602Sq, 249Sq, 452Sq
W/CDesmond Frederick BurtSHEEN5[4+1]4,33C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF212Sq, 72Sq7,33; 7 (Hess)
SgtRonald HenrySIMES5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3Sq09/01/19426 (W.Hess)
FLtArthur Leslie MervynSPURGIN5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF89Sq, 68Sq, 69Sq, 87Sq
FLtFrederick StanleySTEVENS5C. Shores(2 V-1s)RAF456SqMosquito night fighter, 1944-45.
SLdrRichard Douglas 'Doug'VANDERFIELD5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF258Sq, 453Sq, 76Sq, 79SqBuffalo ace, Malaysia 1941.6; 6+2sh
SgtRex KerslakeWILSON5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAAF3Sq09/12/19418 (W.Hess, citation)
Table: Australian aces of WW2

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