Caribbean airmen in WW2


  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 09/03/2021

WCdrAubray Richard DeLisleINNISSBarbados9[5+4]C.ShoresRAF236Sq, 248Sq, 242Sq, 39Sq7 (W.Hess)
SLdrPhilip Leslie IrvingARCHERBarbados6C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF92Sq RAF, 416, 402/421Sq RCAF17/06/1943Spitfire, Channel, 1941-43.
F/LtHuntley 'Butch'DA COSTAJamaica3H. Klootwijk99 Sq (gunner)Rear gunner, Europe, M.East, Burma.
FOHerman FrancisGRANT-EDEBermuda3[2+1]2,33C. ShoresRAF111Sq, 263Sq08/06/1940Gladiator, Norway, 1940.
P/OVictor EmmanuelTUCKERJamaica3H. KlootwijkRAF129 Sq04/05/1942Spitfire pilot, Channel. KIA.
F/LtLouis R. G.SMITHTrinidad2H. KlootwijkRAF92 Sq, 80 SqSpitfire, Desert; Typhoon, Tempest.
POVincentBUNTINGJamaica1MODRAF611Sq, 132Sq, 154SqBlack pilot, Spit, P-51, 1943-45.
FSgtCecil PercyKINGBritish Guyana1I.T.TavenderRAF263Sq
FLtWarren MauriceLIGHTBOURNBahamas1B.Cull(1sh V-1)RAF610Sq14/02/1945Spitfire XIV, anti-Diver, 1944. KIA.
F/SgtLincoln OrvilleLYNCHJamaica1M. JohnsonRAF102 Sq (gunner)Halifax tail gunner, 44-45.
SgtJulian A.MARRYSHOWGrenada1J.Foreman(damaged)RAF602Sq, 193SqSpitfire pilot, 1942-43.
1LtJose Antonio 'Joe'MUNIZ VAZQUEZPuerto Rico1AFHRAUSAAF7 (Provisional)P-51 pilot, CBI, 1944-45.
F/OHughROBISONJamaica1H. KlootwijkRAF65 Sq
F/LMiguel Enciso 'Mike'SEIGLIECuba1caribbeanaircrew-ww2RAF1(Bomber)Gp
F/LtHughVENEBLESTrinidad1CMAH via H.KlootwijkRAF418Sq09/04/1943Boston, Intruder pilot. KIA.
F/SgtOsmundALLEYNEDominica0RAF142 Sq05/08/1943Air gunner, Mediterranean.
F/OMichael R.ALSTONTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF74 SqSpitfire, Mustang, CBI.
RoyASHMANJamaica0H. KlootwijkRAF
P/OIan Donald 'Don'BOURNEBarbados0Recce Spitfire pilot, 1942, POW.
SgtArthur CharlesCHINJamaica0H. KlootwijkRAF34 Sq
F/OThomas MichaelCIPRIANITrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF126 SqSpitfire pilot, ETO 1944. KIA.
P/OUlricCROSSTrinidad0RAF139 SqMosquito pathfinder pilot.
F/LtNoelDE VERTEUILTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAFSpitfire, Mustang pilot.
P/OCecilECKELTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAFHurricane, Typhoon pilot.
F/OAlexander Dalgety 'Sandy'FRASERTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF268 SqMustang pilot. KIFA
F/OIvor Scarlett Campbell 'Jammy'GALBRAITHJamaica0H. KlootwijkRAF175 Sq05/01/1943Hurricane pilot, KIA.
LeslieGILKESTrinidad0RAF9 Sq (gunner)Lancaster air gunner, 1943. KIA.
CaptMihiel 'Mike'GILORMINI PACHECOPuerto Rico0RAF & USAAF346FS/350FG, 345FS/350FGP-39, P-47 pilot, 42-45.
SubLtKenneth G.GRANTTrinidad0H. KlootwijkFAA807 Sq
F/LtThomas M.HARRIESTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF19 SqMustang pilot, 1944. POW.
J. R.HENRYAntigua Barbuda0Air gunner.
F/LtGilbert Charles PeterHUBBAHTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF168 Sq
GilbertHUBERTrinidad0RAFSpitfire pilot.
WOJames JosephHYDETrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF132 Sq25/09/1944Spitfire pilot, 1944. KIA.
P/OCollins AlwynJOSEPHTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF132Sq, 130Sq31/12/1944Spitfire pilot, 1943. KIA.
F/OArnold SinclairKELSHALLTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF254 Sq (Coastal Command)Beaufighter pilot. POW.
F/LtPhilip WalterKELSHALLTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF169 Sq, 29 SqMosquito pilot.
F/LtHugh ArthurLIGHTBODYJamaica0H. KlootwijkRAF515 Sq
F/SgtIoan ArnoldLLOYDJamaica0H. KlootwijkRAF247 SqTyphoon pilot. KIA.
F/OUlric LeslieLOOKYANTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAFHurricane, KIFA in OTU.
SgtRicardoLOSACuba0RAF49Sq (gunner)16/12/1943Lancaster air gunner. KIA.
PORichard Challenor 'Dickie'LYNCHBarbados0H.KlootwijkRAF501Sq17/09/1942Spitfire pilot, Channel, 41-42. MIA.
F/OKENMARSDENTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRCAF135 SqHurricane, P-40 pilot.
F/ORonald BrownMARTINJamaica0H. KlootwijkRAF1435 Sq11/05/1943Spitfire pilot, Malta, 1943. KIA.
SLdrThomas HermangildMEYERTrinidad0H. Klootwijk(+ 3 prob.)RAF155 Sq, 615 Sq, 30 SqP-36, Spitfire, P-47 pilot, Burma.
CaptAlberto A.NIDOPuerto Rico0RCAF, RAF, USAAF610 Sq, 67(Rec)Sq, 67FGSpitfire and P-51 pilot, 42-44.
F/LtCharles VernonPEREIRATrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF139 Sq, 105 Sq
F/SgtRobin GordonPHILIPPSTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF183 Sq28/01/1944Typhoon pilot, ETO. KIA.
WinstonRACYTrinidad0Spitfire pilot.
F/LtWinston Hugh Ellsworth A.RECILETrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF64 Sq, 1 SqSpitfire and Tempest pilot, 1944-45.
T/SgtClementRESTOPuerto Rico0358BS/303BGB-17 gunner, 1944.
F/LtDavid GeorgeROCHFORDTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF618 Sq02/05/1945Mosquito pilot; KIFA.
F/SgtKeith J. K.ROSTANTTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF145 SqSpitfire pilot, Tunisia. POW.
F/LtAlst Claude D. 'Tigger'SMITHTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF213 Sq, 74 SqHurricane and Mustang pilot.
P/OEugene DunlopVANIERSt Kitts0H. KlootwijkRCAF252 Sq01/09/1942Beaufighter pilot
F/OArthur O.WEEKSBarbados0H. Klootwijk132 SqSpitfire pilot, 1943.
F/LtGeorge SheldonWILSONTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF41 SqSpitfire, Mustang pilot, Middle East.
F/OJohn DaltonWILSONTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF208 Sq
F/LArthur StanleyWINTJamaica0RAF
F/LtJ. L. L CampbellYEARWOODTrinidad0H. KlootwijkRAF74 Sq, 26 SqTyphoon pilot.

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