Allied aces of the Battle of Britain

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 15/09/2012

FLtEric StanleyLOCK2326Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq, 611Sq03/08/1941Battle of Britain ace, Spitfire.
SLdrJames Harry 'Ginger'LACEY1828Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams501Sq, 602Sq, 17SqSpitfire BoB ace.
SLdrArchibald AshmoreMCKELLAR1820Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams60Sq, 605Sq01/11/1940KIA.
SgtJosephFRANTISEK1717CzechoslovakiaC.Shores & C.Williams303Sq08/10/1940
FLtPaterson ClarenceHUGHES1717AustraliaC.Shores & C.Williams234Sq RAF
GCaptRobert FinlayBOYD1621Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams602Sq, 54Sq, Kenley Wing, 239WgSpitfire, BoB, Channel, Burma, 1940-44.
FLtBrian John GeorgeCARBURY1617New ZelandeC.Shores-C.Williams603Sq,Spitfire I ace, BoB.
SLdrRobert Francis ThomasDOE1616Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams234Sq, 238Sq,66Sq, 10(RIAF)SqSpit ace, Hurr, BoB, Channel, Burma 44.
WCdrColin FalklandGRAY1629New ZelandeC.Shores & C.Williams54Sq,43Sq,1Sq,41Sq,616Sq,484Sq,64Sq,81Sq,322Wg
SLdrJohn Wolferstan 'Pancho'VILLA1617Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams72Sq, 92Sq, 65Sq, 501Sq, 198Sq
WCdrRonald 'Ras'BERRY1524Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams603SqSpitfire, BoB, Channel, N.Africa 42-43.
WCdrMichael NicholsonCROSSLEY1522Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams32SqHurricane II, Dunkirk, BoB.
SLdrJohn Keswick Ulick BlakeMCGRATH1518Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams601Sq
WCdrThomas Francis 'Ginger'NEIL1516Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq, 249Sq
WCdrWitold AleksanderURBANOWICZ1517PolandF. Olynyk111.Esk;601,145,303Sq,Northolt Wg RAF;75FS/23FG USHurricane ace, BoB; P-40, China 43.
FLtGeoffrey "Sammy"ALLARD1424Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams85Sq13/03/1941Hurricane ace, BoF, BoB.
WCdrChristopher Fred. 'Bunny'CURRANT1415Great BritainC.Shores605Sq, 501Sq, 118SqHurr I ace, BoB, N.Europe 41-44.
FLtJohn CharlesDUNDAS1416Great BritainC.Shores-C.Williams609Sq28/11/1941Bat.of Britain, H.Wick winner.
WCdrDesmond Anthony PeterMCMULLEN1422Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams54Sq, 22Sq, 151Sq, 266Sq, 124Sq, 65Sq
SldrCount Manfred BeckettCZERNIN Z CHUDENIC1318Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams85Sq, 17SqHurr I ace, BoB. SOE agent, Italy 44.
WCdrAndrewMCDOWALL1313Great BritainC.Shores602Sq, 245Sq, 232Sq, 616Sq
SLdrGeorge Herman 'Ben'BENNIONS1212Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams41SqSpitfire BoB ace, WIA 1940.
SLdrThomasGRIER1212Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams601Sq, 32SqKIA.
WCdrHerbert James L. 'Darkie'HALLOWES1219Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams43Sq, 65Sq, 122Sq, 165Sq
FLtReginald ThomasLLEWELLYN1214Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams213Sq, 601Sq, 111Sq
FLtGeorge Cecil 'Grumpy'UNWIN1215Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams19Sq, 613Sq; 84SqSpitfire 1940.
WCdrDouglas Robert StewartBADER1124Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams19,222 & 242Sq & Tangmere WingHurricane, Spitfire, 1940-41. POW.
FLtCrelin Arthur W.'Bogle'BODIE1111Great BritainC.Shores66Sq01/01/1941Spitfire ace, BoB. KIFA.
GCptGerald RichmondEDGE1120Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams605Sq, 253Sq
WCdrJohnELLIS1115Great BritainC.Shores, W.Hess610Sq
FOLeonard ArchibaldHAINES1112Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams19Sq30/04/1941
FLtKenneth WilliamMACKENZIE1113IrelandC.Shores & C.Williams43Sq, 501Sq, 247SqPOW 1941.
POWilliam HenryMILLINGTON1111Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams79Sq, 249Sq
FLtHamilton CharlesUPTON1111Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams43Sq, 607Sq RAF
WCdrAlfred William AlexanderBAYNE1011Great BritainC.Shores17Sq, 136SqHurricane ace, BoB, Burma 43.
WCdrPeter MalamBROTHERS1016Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams32Sq,257Sq,457Sq,602Sq,Tangmere Wg, Culmhead WgHurr, BoF, BoB; Spit, Channel 42-44.
FLtJohnCURCHIN1012Great BritainC.Shores600Sq, 609Sq04/06/1941Spit ace, BoB, Channel 41. KIA.
FOCarl RaymondDAVIS1010USAC.Shores & C.Williams601Sq06/09/1940Hurricane I ace, BoB. KIA.
POCharles TrevorDAVIS1010Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams238Sq26/03/1941Hurricane I ace, BoB. KIFA.
FLtGlynGRIFFITHS1010Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams17Sq, 4Sq
SLdrAeneas Ranald DonaldMACDONNELL1010Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams64Sq
GCptAdolph Gysbert 'Sailor'MALAN1034South AfricaC.Shores & C.Williams74Sq, Biggin Hill Wg, 19FW, 145(FF)Wg RAF
SLdrJohn ColinMUNGO-PARK1013Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams74Sq27/06/1941
SLdrJames Joseph 'Orange'O'MEARA1013Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams64Sq, 72Sq, 421Flt, 91Sq, 64Sq, 131Sq
WCdrHarbourne MackaySTEPHEN1017Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams74Sq, 234Sq , 166Wg
WCdrRobert Roland StanfordTUCK1029Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams65Sq, 92Sq, 257Sq, Duxford, WMalling, BHill WgsHurricane, BoB, Channel, POW 1942.
SLdrJohn Roland 'Jack'URWIN-MANN1010CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams238Sq, 80Sq, 126Sq
GCaptAdrian Hope 'Ginger'BOYD918Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams65Sq, 145Sq, 501SqHurricane, BoF, BoB, Channel, 1941.
SLdrThomas FrederickDALTON-MORGAN917Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams43Sq, 92Sq, M Wallop Wg, Ibsley WgHurr ace, BoB, 41; Spit, Channel 42-43.
FLtKenneth McLeodGILLIES910Great BritainC.Shores66Sq
SLdrRonald FairfaxHAMLYN911Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams610Sq, 242Sq
GCptCharles Brian FabrisKINGCOME912Great BritainC.Shores92Sq, 72Sq, Kenley Wg
SLdrAlbert GeraldLEWIS916South AfricaC.Shores504Sq, 85Sq, 249Sq, 261Sq RAF
FLtEric Simcox 'Boy'MARRS911Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams152Sq24/07/1941KIA.
WCdrRobert WardlowOXSPRING921Great BritainC.Shores(4+1 sh.V-1s)66Sq, 72Sq, 24 Wg08/08/1989
FLtWilfred MalcomSKINNER911Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams74SqPOW 1941.
FLtEugeniusz MiroslawSZAPOSZNIKOW99PolandC.Shores & C.Williams111Esk; GCII/6 AAir, 303Sq,316Sq RAFBat.of France, BoB ace.
FLtPercy StevensonWEAVER99Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams56Sq31/08/1940KIA.
F/LtJohn TerranceWEBSTER916Great BritainW. N. Hess41Sq05/09/1940Spitfire BoB ace. KIFA.
FONoel le ChevalierAGAZARIAN89Great BritainC.Shores609Sq, 274Sq16/05/1941Spitfire I ace, BoB 1940. KIA Desert.
SLdrJohn Vincent C. 'Tubby'BADGER88Great BritainC.Shores43Sq30/06/1941Hurricane ace, BoB. DOW.
POHon WalterBEAUMONT88Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams152Sq23/09/1940Spitfire ace, BoB. MIA.
WCdrDerek Pierre AumaleBOITEL-GILL88IndiaC.Shores & C.Williams152Sq01/08/1941Spitfire I ace, BoB. KIFA.
subLtFrancisDAWSON-PAUL88Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams64Sq30/07/1940Spitfire I ace, BoB. DOW.
WCdrRoy GilbertDUTTON819CeylanC. Shores111Sq,145Sq,19Sq,452Sq,141Sq,512Sq
SLdrRonald HenryFOKES813Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams92Sq, 257Sq12/06/1944Spit I, Dunkirk, BoB, Channel 41. KIA.
POWilliam HenryFRANKLIN816Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams65Sq12/12/1940
WCdrJohn ConnellFREEBORN814Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams74Sq, 118SqOne Hurricane, 'battle of Barking Creek'
SLdrJohn Albert AxelGIBSON813New ZelandeC.Shores & C.Williams501Sq, 15 RNZAFSq, 80Sq
GCptDenys EdgarGILLAM88Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams616Sq,312Sq,306Sq,615Sq,Duxford Wg,146Wing
SLdrAntoniGLOWACKI89PolandC.Shores & C.Williams501Sq, 303Sq, 308Sq, 309Sq RAFBat. of Britain ace. Ace in a day.
CaptZdzislaw KarolHENNEBERG89PolandC.Shores & C.WilliamsDeblin Gp; ECD Chateauroux,303Sq RAF12/04/1941BoB ace, MIA Channel.
FLtFrederick William 'Taffy'HIGGINSON812Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams56Sq
GCptHenry Algernon VickersHOGAN88Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams501Sq
SgtHarold Norman 'Harry'HOWES812Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams85Sq, 605Sq24/12/1940KIFA.
GCptAlexander Valance RiddellJOHNSTONE89Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams602Sq
WCdrDonald ErnestKINGABY823Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams266Sq,92Sq,64Sq,111Sq,122Sq,Hornch Wg
WCdrAnthony Desmond JosephLOVELL822CeylanC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq, 145Sq, 1435Flt, 322Wg
WCdrJames Henry GordonMACARTHUR88Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams609Sq, 238Sq
WCdrHoward CliveMAYERS812AustraliaC.Shores & C.Williams601Sq, 94Sq, 239Wing
FOWilliam LidstoneMCKNIGHT819CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams615Sq, 242Sq12/01/1941KIA.
POJames Reginald BryanMEAKER88IrelandC.Shores46Sq, 263Sq, 249Sq RAF27/09/1940
WCdrMichael ListerROBINSON820Great BritainW. N. Hess85, 601, 238, 609, B'Hill Wg, Manston, Tangmere Wg08/06/1942MIA.
SLdrJohn Eric James 'Jackie'SING88Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams213Sq, 153Sq, 256Sq, 501Sq, 152Sq
SLdrBasil Gerald 'Stapme'STAPLETON88South AfricaC.Shores & C.WilliamsMSFU, 603Sq, 257Sq, 247SqPOW 1944.
SgtBasil Ewart PatrickWHALL89Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams263Sq, 602SqKIA.
WCdrAllan RichardWRIGHT814Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams92Sq, 29Sq
MajJan Eugeniusz LudwigZUMBACH814PolandShores & Will., J.ZumbachGCII/52, 303Sq, 133WgBoF, BoB ace. Katanga and Biafran wars.
WCdrCyril FrederickBABBAGE78Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams602Sq, 41SqSpitfire, BoB, Channel, 1940-41.
WCdrMinden Vaughan 'Mindy'BLAKE713New ZelandeC.Shores & C.Williams238, 234Sq RAFHurr, Spit, BoB, Channel 41-42. POW.
SLdrMichael Christopher B.BODDINGTON711Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams234Sq, 242SqSpitfire, BoB, Channel, Sicily, 40-43.
FLtJohn Greer 'Beryl'BOYLE77CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq28/09/1940Spitfire, BoB. KIA.
GCptWilliam Pancoast 'Billy'CLYDE710Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams601SqHurricane I ace, Dunkirk, BoB.
FLtDavid MooreCROOK78Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams609Sq01/01/1941KIFA.
FLtWallace 'Jock'CUNNINGHAM78Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams19SqSpit ace, BoB, Channel 41. POW 41(Flak).
GCptWilliam DennisDAVID717Great BritainC.Shores87Sq, 213Sq, 152SqHurricane ace, BoF, BoB. Far East 43-45.
WCdrAnthonyEYRE710Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams615SqPOW 1942.
FOMiroslaw 'Ox'FERIC710PolandC.Shores111Esk; Kuzius section, 303Sq RAF14/02/1942PZL Poland, Hurr BoB, Spit Channel. KIFA
WCdrAthol StanhopeFORBES79Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams303Sq, 66SqHurr I, BoB. Spit II, channel 41.
GCptGeorge Kemp 'Sheep'GILROY725Great BritainC.Shores603Sq, 609Sq, 324 Wg
WCdrEdward John 'Jumbo'GRACIE710Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams79Sq,56Sq,23Sq,601Sq,126Sq,Takali Wg,32Sq,169SqB.of Br. ace, Malta.
FLtAlan Stuart 'Budge'HARKER77Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams234Sq
POWilliam HenryHODGSON77New ZelandeC.Shores & C.Williams85Sq RAF13/03/1941
GCptJohn AlexanderKENT712CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams212Sq,303Sq,92Sq,Northolt Wg,Kenley Wg,217Gp,234Wg
SLdrJerrardLATIMER JEFFRIES79Great BritainC.Shores17Sq, 85Sq, 310Sq, 312Sq, 1455Flt15/04/1943
PODavid CooperLEARY78Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams17SqKIA.
WCdrJames Stors 'Black'MORTON710Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams603Sq, 219Sq
WCdrAlexander Coultate'Sandy'RABAGLIATI721Great BritainShores & Wil.(4 balloons)46Sq, 126Sq, Takali Wg, Coltishall Wg
FLtWilliam HenryRHODES-MOORHOUSE79Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams601Sq06/09/1940KIA.
FLtWilliam Thomas EdwardROLLS718Great BritainC. Shores72Sq, 122Sq, 126Sq
WCdrEdgar NormanRYDER78Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq, 56Sq, Kenley WingSpitfire, POW 1944.
WCdrStanislawSKALSKI721PolandC.Shores142Esk; 302,501,306,316,145,601Sq, 131,133WgPoland, BoB, Spitfire, Tunisia, Italy.
SLdrThomas YoungWALLACE77South AfricaC. Shores & C. Williams610Sq, 111Sq, 609Sq11/11/1944
FLtEllis WalterARIES66Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams602SqSpitfire I ace, BoB.
POHarold DerrickATKINSON612Great BritainC.Shores-C.Williams213Sq25/08/1940Hurricane ace, BoF, BoB, KIA.
FLtGeorge EricBALL67Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams19Sq, 242SqSpitfire, BoF; Hurricane, BoB.
SLdrRichard George ArthurBARCLAY68Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams249Sq, 238Sq17/07/1942Hurricane ace, BoB, Desert 42.
SLdrAnthony CharlesBARTLEY613IrelandC.Shores & C.Williams92Sq, 65Sq, 111SqSpitfire, Dunkirk, BoB, Tunisia 42.
SLdrJohn Maurice BentleyBEARD66Great BritainC.Shores249SqHurricane ace, BoB.
WCdrHugh John SherardBEAZLEY66Great BritainC. Shores249Sq, 89Sq
WCdrWilliam FrancisBLACKADDER67Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams607SqHurricane, BoF, BoB.
WCdrKenneth HughesBLAIR68Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams85Sq, 151SqHurricane, BoF, BoB, Channel 41.
FLtJohn CliffordBOULTER66Great BritainC. Shores603Sq17/02/1941Spitfire ace, BoB. DOW.
GCptFrank ReginaldCAREY628Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams43Sq, 79Sq, 3Sq, 135SqHurrican ace, BoF, BoB, Burma 42.
FLtHarryCOOK66Great BritainC. Shores266Sq, 66Sq, 234Sq, 41Sq
LtCdrRichard John 'Dickie'CORK611Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams(+ 7 ground kills)242Sq, 880Sq FAA14/04/1944Hurricane BoB; Sea Hurr MTO 42. KIFA.
SgtJohn Teasdale 'Bobby'CRAIG68Great BritainShores & Wil. (citation)111Sq02/06/1941Hurr I ace, Dunkirk, BoB. KIFA.
FLtEdward Vivian 'Mitzi'DARLING66Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq, 602Sq, 616Sq, 403Sq02/06/1942Spitfire ace, BoB. MIA.
FOHenry JohnDAVIDSON66Great BritainC.ShoresMSFU, 249Sq, 285Sq06/10/1942Hurr ace, BoB. Hurricat 41. KIA AACoop.
WCdrAlan ChristopherDEERE618New ZelandeC.Shores & C.Williams54, 602, 403, 611, 145Wg RAFSpitfire ace, BoB, Channel 41-43.
SLdrBryan VincentDRAPER67Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams74SqKIA.
SLdrAlan FrancisECKFORD612Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams32Sq, 242Sq, 32Sq, 253Sq, 154Sq
SLdrPaul Caswell PoweFARNES69Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams501Sq, 164Sq
SLdrLionel Manley 'Elmer'GAUNCE66CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams615Sq,604Sq,46Sq,41Sq19/11/1941KIA.
SgtJohn StanleyGILDERS66Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams72Sq
FOGeorge Ernest 'Randy'GOODMAN616PalestineC.Shores & C.Williams1Sq, 73Sq14/06/1941KIA.
FLtJohn Peter BowtellGREENWOOD69Great BritainC.ShoresMSFU, 253Sq, 615Sq, 17Sq, 9(IAF)Sq
FLtDorian GeorgeGRIBBLE67Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams54SqKIA.
POHoward PerryHILL66Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams92SqKIA.
GCptSir Archibald Philip BartHOPE66Great BritainShores & Wil.(citation)601Sq
SLdrFrank JonathanHOWELL610Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams609Sq, 118Sq, 243SqKIA.
SgtStanislawKARUBIN67PolandC.Shores & C.Williams111Esk; ECDI/55, 303Sq RAF12/08/1941KIFA.
POJoseph Emile PaulLARICHELIERE66CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams504Sq, 213Sq RAF16/08/1940KIA.
POJohn BlanfordLATTA610CanadaC.Shores242Sq RAF12/01/1941KIA.
SLdrWalter JohnLAWSON67Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams19SqKIA.
GCptWilliam JohnsonLEATHER67Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams611Sq, 145Sq
WCdrKeith TempleLOFTS67Great BritainC.Shores615Sq, 249Sq, 66Sq, 340SqBattle of Britain.
POArchibaldLYALL66Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams602Sq28/11/1940
SLdrJohn NobleMACKENZIE610New ZelandeC.Shores41Sq RAF, 488(NZ)Sq, 14Sq, 64Sq RNZAF
GCptHector DouglasMCGREGOR66New ZelandeC.Shores & C.Williams213Sq
WCdrRichard MaxwellMILNE615Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams151Sq, 92Sq, Biggin Hill Wg
SLdrNewell 'Fanny'ORTON617South AfricaC.Shores & C.Williams73Sq, 242Sq, 54Sq17/09/1941
FSgtClaude ArthurPARSONS65Great BritainC.Shores610Sq, 66Sq08/11/1941KIA.
KaptLudwik Witold 'Paszko'PASZKIEWICZ66PolandC.Shores & C.Williams112Esk; GC II/8, 303Sq RAF27/09/1940
SLdrConstantine Oliver JosephPEGGE69Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams610Sq, 127Sq, 126Sq, 131Sq, 607Sq
POJacques Arthur LaurentPHILIPPART66BelgiumC.Shores & C.Williams213Sq25/08/1940
GCaptGeorge FfolliottPOWELL-SHEDDEN67Great BritainC.Shores33Sq, 242Sq, 258Sq, 615Sq, MNFU, 96Sq, 29Sq
F/OJack KennethROSS67Great BritainC.Shores17Sq06/01/1942
WCdrBlair DalzellRUSSEL67CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams1 RCAF, 411, 402, 416Sq, 127Wg, 442Sq, 126Wg
WCdrJames GilbertSANDERS616Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams111Sq, 615Sq, 255Sq, 257Sq
WCdrPeter JamesSIMPSON67Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams111, 64, 66, 130, 504Sq,Hornchurch Wg
WCdrIrving Stanley 'Black'SMITH68New ZelandeC.Shores & C.Williams151Sq RAF, 488Sq RNZAF
FLtHarrySTEERE611Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams19Sq, 627Sq08/06/1944Spitfire ace. Mosquito, KIA.
SLdrJackSTOKOE69Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams263Sq, 603Sq, 54Sq
WCdrJames Eric 'Jas'STORRAR614Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams145Sq, 73Sq, 274Sq, 65Sq, 165Sq, 234Sq
FLtJames MurraySTRICKLAND69Great BritainShores & Will. (citation)213Sq, 87Sq, 615Sq, 232Sq, 130Sq14/08/1941
FLtHugh NormanTAMBLYN66CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams141Sq, 242Sq RAF03/04/1941KIA.
GCaptPeter WooldridgeTOWNSEND611Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams43Sq, 85Sq
SLdrTrevor Sidney 'Wimpy'WADE610Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams92Sq, 123Sq, 602Sq03/04/1951
WCdrPaul CliffordWEBB66Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams602Sq, 123, 416RCAF, 260, 2SAAF, 253Sq, 281Wg
SLdrWilliam DudleyWILLIAMS66Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams152Sq, 122'Eagle'Sq, 124Sq, 615Sq
POCharles AnthonyWOODS-SCAWEN67Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams43Sq02/09/1940KIA.
F/OPatrick PhilipWOODS-SCAWEN614Great BritainC.Shores85Sq01/09/1940KIA.
SLdrEric William 'Ricky'WRIGHT66Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams605Sq, 232Sq
SLdrHenry CollinghamBAKER57Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams19Sq, 41Sq, 91Sq, 74Sq, 229SqSpitfire, Hurricane, BoF, BoB, Malta 41.
SLdrAnthony Richard HenryBARTON59Great BritainC.Shores32Sq, 253Sq, 124Sq, 126SqHurricane, BoB. Spifire, Malta 42.
WCdrRobert Alexander 'Butch'BARTON517CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams249Sq, North Weald WgHurricane ace, BoB, Malta 41.
WCdrHarold Arthur CooperBIRD-WILSON59Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams17Sq, 234SqHurricane, BoF, BoB; Spitfire, 41-44.
SubLtArthur Giles 'Admiral'BLAKE55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams19Sq RAF29/10/1940Spitfire ace, BoB. KIA.
SLdrVernon MaxwellBRIGHT58Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams229Sq24/09/1942Hurricane ace, BoF, BoB.
POPeter AnthonyBURNELL-PHILLIPS55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams607Sq28/02/1941Hurricane BoB ace. KIFA.
FOJames RussellCAISTER56Great BritainC. Shores603SqSpitfire, 1939-40, BoB. POW.
FLtHoratio HerbertCHANDLER55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams610SqSpitfire I ace, BoB.
SLdrGeorge PattersonCHRISTIE57CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams43Sq, 212Sq, 242Sq, 66Sq RAF06/07/1942Hurr, Spit, Sc.Flow, Med., BoB. KIFA.
WCdrWilfred GrevilleCLOUSTON512New ZelandeC.Shores & C.Williams19SqSpit, Dunkirk, BoB. POW Singapore 41.
FLtArthur CharlesCOCHRANE56CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams257Sq, 87Sq RAF31/03/1943Hurricane ace, BoB, Tunisia 43. MIA.
SLdrJohn ReynoldsCOCK511AustraliaC.Shores & C.Williams87Sq, 453Sq, 54Sq, 3SqHurricane I ace, BoF, BoB.
FLtStanley Dudley PearceCONNORS512Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams111SqHurr I ace, BoF, BoB.
GCptHorace Stanley 'George'DARLEY55Great BritainW.N.Hess609SqSpitfire, BoB. Far East, 41-44.
GCptGeorge LovellDENHOLM56Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams603Sq, 605SqSpit I, Channel, BoB. Mosquito 43.
FOJohn FraserDRUMMOND59Great Britain46Sq, 92Sq10/10/1940KIA.
SgtWilliam LawrenceDYMOND511Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams111Sq02/09/1940KIA.
SgtAlan NormanFEARY55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams600Sq, 609SqkIA.
LtEmilFECHTNER55Czechoslovakia310(Czech)Sq29/10/1940Hurricane I, BoB. KIFA.
GCptDonald OsborneFINLAY56Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams54Sq, 41Sq, 485Sq, Hornchurch WgSpit ace, BoB, Channel 42. Hudson 43-44.
FLtPeter MelvillGARDNER510Great BritainC.Shores3Sq, 32Sq, 54Sq
CdrRichard Exton 'Jimmy'GARDNER510Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams242Sq, 252Sq CC, 807Sq FAA
SLdrNorman Vipan 'Sticky'GLEW56Great BritainC. Shores72Sq, 260Sq
SgtLeonard Northwood 'Len'GUY57Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams601SqKIA.
SgtWilliam BurleyHIGGINS55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams32Sq, 253Sq14/09/1940Hurricane, BoB. KIA.
FLtRichard HopeHILLARY55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams603Sq07/01/1943Spitfire ace. KIFA.
SgtRobert DudleyHOGG55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams17Sq
WOJamesHOPEWELL55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams616Sq,66Sq,73Sq,151Sq,219Sq,264Sq,1452Flt21/01/1942KIA.
FLtWilliam P. 'John Willie'HOPKIN55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams54Sq, 602Sq
FLtDavid PriceHUGHES55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams238Sq
WCdrAlecINGLE55Great BritainW.N.Hess605Sq, 609Sq
PODudley TrevorJAY59Great BritainC.Shores87Sq24/10/1940KIFA.
WCdrJoseph RobertKAYLL513Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams615Sq & Hornchurch Wing
WCDrRonald GustaveKELLETT55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams303Sq
SLdrPeter GilbertLAMB55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams610Sq
SLdrBrian J.Edward 'Sandy'LANE57Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams19Sq, 213Sq, 167SqKIA.
GCptGordon RoyMCGREGOR55CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams1(RCAF)Sq
FLtDonald Alistair StewartMCKAY517Great BritainC. Shores501Sq, 91Sq, 234Sq, 130Sq, 213Sq, 33Sq, 274Sq
GCptErnest ArchibaldMCNAB55CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams111Sq, 118Sq, 1Sq RCAF
FLtJack PercivalMILLS55Great BritainC. Shores43Sq, 249Sq, 1435NFFlt, 73Sq
FLtPercy Frederick 'Peter'MORFILL57Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams501Sq
FOWilliam HenryNELSON55CanadaC.Shores & C.Williams24Sq, 74Sq01/11/1940
WCdrStanley CharlesNORRIS59Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams610Sq, 485(RNZAF)Sq, 126Sq, 33Sq, 243Wg, 11Sq
FLtJohn King 'Jock'NORWELL57Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams74Sq, 54Sq, 41Sq, 527Sq
ColTadeuszNOWIERSKI55PolandR.Gretzyngier-W.Matusiak24Esk;609Sq,316(P)Sq,308Sq,2 Polish Wg,133Wg RAF
WCdrCharles Gordon ChalonerOLIVE55AustraliaC.Shores & C.Williams65Sq RAF, 456Sq
FLtDenis GeachPARNALL56Great BritainC.Shores263Sq, 249Sq18/09/1940
POWilliam BlairPATTULLO55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams151Sq, 249Sq, 46Sq26/10/1940KIA.
GCaptJohn Ralph AlexanderPEEL55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams145Sq, Kenley Wing
SLdrKarolPNIAK58PolandC.Shores142Esk; 32, 257, 306(Polish), 145, 308Sq RAFPZL Poland; Spitfire, BoB, Tunisia.
SgtErnest 'Ernie'SCOTT55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams222Sq27/09/1940
WCdrWilfred Max 'Bill'SIZER513Great BritainC.Shores213Sq, 1Sq, 152Sq, 93Sq
FLtErnest GeorgeSNOWDEN55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams213Sq
F/OMichael EdmundSTAPLES55Great BritainW.N.Hess609Sq, 604Sq09/11/1941KIA.
GCaptJohn MarlowTHOMPSON510Great BritainC.Shores111Sq, 131Sq, Takali, HalFar Wg, 338Wg
POErnest John CecilWAKEHAM57Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams145Sq, 421Flt08/08/1940KIA.
SLdrRonald WalterWALLENS55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams41Sq
FSgtJohnWHITE55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams72Sq, 73Sq14/06/1941KIA.
SLdrCedric WatcynWILLIAMS55Great BritainC.Shores & C.Williams17Sq18/07/1940
GCaptStefanWITORZENC56PolandC.Shores501Sq, 306(Polish)Sq, 302Sq, 1Polish WgBoB ace.
Table: Allied aces of the Battle of Britain

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