Dutch aces and famous pilots of WW2

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 09/03/2021

FORudolf FransBURGWAL23[19+5]0C.Shores(19+5 sh. V-1s)RAF322Sq12/08/1944V-1 killer ace. KIA.20+4sh; 20+3sh
F/LG. F. J.JONGBLOED11[9+2]1C.Shores(8+2 sh. V-1s)RAF322 Sq, 222 Sq10
F/LJan LeendertPLESMAN110C.Shores(all V-1 kills)RAF167Sq, 322Sq04/09/1944Spitfire 'Diver' ace. Killed by Flak.12
FSgtR. L.VAN BEERS110A. Van de Logt(all V-1s)RAF322SqV-1 killer ace.5 (Shores)
FSgtM. J.JANSSEN8[6+2]0C.Shores(all V-1s)ML-KNIL, RAF322Sq
LtColJanVAN ARKEL8[6+2]0,5C.Shores(6+1sh V-1s)RAF41Sq, 167Sq, 322Sq'Diver' ace.12V-1s; 21V-1s
WCdrHugh ConstantGODEFROY7C.Shores & C.WilliamsRCAF & RAF401Sq, 403Sq RCAF, 17Wg, 127Wg RAF
S/LLeendert Carel M. 'Cees'VAN EEDENBURG70C.Shores(all V-1s)RAF167Sq, 322Sq5 (v.d.Logt)
FOJ.JONKER6[5+1]0C.Shores(all V-1s)RAF322 Sq3 V-1s
FSgtH. C.CRAMM50C.Shores(5 V-1s)RAF322Sq30/03/1945KIA.4 V-1s (Shores)
FLtTheodorus Franciscus AndréBUYS4C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF92Sq, 611Sq24/06/1941Spitfire, Channel, 1941. MIA.
LtFrançois Louis M. 'Frans'FOCQUIN DE GRAVE4LVA2JaVA 1LvRD-XXI, defence of Holland, 1939-40.2; 3; 5
1.LtPietNOOMEN4E.H. BrongersLVA3.JaVA 1 LvRFokker G.1, def.of Holland, 1940.2; 3 (Roba, SGLO)
F/SgtChristiaan JohanVLOTMAN4C.Shores & C.WilliamsRNZAF488SqMosquito night fighter pilot.
Sgt.Maj.Jan J.BUWALDA3SGLOLVA3.JaVA 1LvRFokker G-1, def. of Holland, 1940.2 (Roba); 4
1LtAugustus GerardDEIBEL3J-L.Couston, M.LedetML-KNIL2 & 1-Vl.G-VB-339, Malaysia, Dutch Indies, 1941-42.
P/OJ. H.HARMS30A.Van de Logt(all V-1s)RAF322Sq
1.LtGerbenSONDERMAN3E.H. BrongersLVA3.JaVA 1 LvRFokker G-1, def.of Holland, 1940.4
SgtH. F.SOUFFREE3E.H. BrongersLVA3.JaVA 1 LvRFokker G-1, def.of Holland, 1940.2
KaptJacob PieterVAN HELSDINGEN3J-L. CoustonML-KNIL2 & 1-VLG-V01/03/1942B-339, Malaysia, Dutch Indies, 1941-42.
M. L.BERGEN20(all V-1 kills)RAF322Sq
LtGerardus Meinardus 'Gerry'BRUGGINK2J-L. CoustonML-KNIL2-Vl.G.VB-339, Dutch East Indies, 1941-42.
LtJ. A.BUTNER2M.LedetML-KNIL1-VLG-I, 3-VLG-IVGM 139 pilot, Tarakan, 1942.
F/LJohannes Leonardus 'Jan'FLINTERMAN2C. ShoresRAF222Sq, 322Sq, 126SqSpitfire, 1944.
SgtHendrikKARSSEN2M.LedetML-KNIL1-VLG-I (gunner)GM 139 gunner, Borneo, 1942.
1.LtJan PieterKUIPERS2E.H. BrongersLVA3.JaVA 1LvRFokker G-1, def. of Holland, 1940.1 (Roba)
WOJ. A.MAIER20A.Van de Logt(all V-1s)RAF322Sq12/07/1944KIA.
Res.SgtJacobus 'Koos'ROOS2Van Faasen, BrongersLVA2.JaVA 1LvRD.XXI, def.of Holland, 1940.1 (Morton)
1.LtNicolaas Wilhelm 'Cook'SLUYTER2[1+1]P. DeJongLVA2.JaVAD-XXI pilot, 1940.1 (Brongers)
F/OM. L.VAN BERGEN20A.Van de Logt(2 V-1s)RAF322Sq
S/LBram 'Bob'VAN DER STOK2C. Shores(3 claims, 1940)LVA & RAF1.JaVA, 91Sq, 41Sq, 233Sq RAFDXXI, 1940; Spitfire, 1942. Great Escape2+1sh
LtArnoldus MarcellusVAN DER VAART2SGLOLVA1.JaVA 2.LVRD.21, def. Holland, 1940.1 (DeJong)
KaptAndrias Antonius MarinusVAN REST2J-L. CoustonML-KNIL1-VLG-VB-339, Dutch East Indies, 1941-42.3
F/OJ.VLUG20Van de Logt(all V-1s)RAF322Sq05/03/1945KIA.
1.LtKarl WilhelmWOUDENBERG2E.H. BrongersLVA3.JaVA 1LvRFokker G-1, def.of Holland, 1940.
SgtPetrus JohannnesAARTS1P. DeJongLVA1.JaVA 2.LvRD.XXI, def. Holland, 1940.
SgtJ. P.ADAM1J-L. CoustonML-KNIL3 & 1-VLG-VB-339, 1942.
LtPhilippus A. C. 'Flip'BENJAMINS1J-L. CoustonML-KNIL1-VLG-V
SgtAlbertusBERK1M.LedetML-KNIL1-VLG-V29/01/1942Brewster pilot, Borneo, 1942. KIA.2 sh
LtBOEKHOUT1F. RudeLVA3.JaVA 2 LvR (gunner)Douglas DB-8 obs/gunner, 1940.
F/LJan Willem TheodoreBOSCH1[0+1]LVA, RAF1.JaVA, 139 SqD.XXI, def. Holland 1940.
Sgt.vMLaurentius AugustinusBOSMAN1[0+1]M.LedetML-KNIL3-VLG-IIIGlenn-Martin 139, Java, 1942.
SgtD.BROUWER1M.LedetML-KNIL1-VLG-V (gunner)Glenn-Martin gunner, Borneo 1942.
SgtBRUIJN1F. RudeLVA3.JaVA 2 LvRDouglas DB-8 pilot, 1940.
SgtBenDE GEUS1[0+1]P. DeJongLVA2.JaVAD.XXI, def. Holland, 1940.
LtCdrHermann 'Harm'DE WIT1[0+1]B. CullFAA1840Sq, 800SqHellcat pilot, MTO, Aegean, Pacific, 44.
2.LtHermanDOPPENBERG1DeJong, BrongersLVA1.JaVAD.21, def. Holland, 1940.
2.LtF.DROSTE1DeJong, BrongersLVA1.JaVA 2.LvRD-XXI, def. Holland, 1940.
SgtEDEN1P. DeJong(confirmed?)LVA1.JaVA 2.LvRD.XXI, def. Holland, 1940.
GEERLING1[0+1]R. RuygrokLVABomVA 1 LvR (gunner)Fokker T-V gunner, 1940.
subLtGerardus H. 'Gerrie'GREVE1[0+1]B. CullFAA800SqHellcat pilot, MTO, Aegean, 44.
Res.LtGUYT1C-J.EhrengardtLVA3.JaVA 2LvR10/05/1940Northrop 8A, 1940. KIA.
SgtWillemHATEBOER1P. DeJong(FTL)LVA1.JaVAD.XXI, def. Holland, 1940.
SgtJaapKETTING1M.LedetML-KNIL1-VLG-VGlenn-Martin gunner, Borneo, 1942.
SgtGuus Karl P. 'Gustaaf'KIEL1P. DeJongLVA1.JaVA 2LVR (5.JaVA)D.XXI, def. Holland. WIA.
MajJanLINZEL1P.DeJong, J-L.RobaLVA & RAF1.JaVA 2.LvR, 33Sq, 322Sq RAFD.XXI, def. Holland, 1940. WIA.
SgtLourens Marinus 'Loekie'MEIJERS1(1 V-1)RAF322(Dutch)Sq
HansMETZLAR1R. RuygrotLVABomVA (chief obs/gunner)Fokker T-V chief obs/gunner, 1940.
LtPEETOOM1E.H. BrongersLVA4.JaVAD-XXI pilot, 1940.
Lt.Johan Cornelis 'Hans'PLESMAN1[1+0]E.H. BrongersLVA2.JaVAD.XXI, def. Holland, 1940.1sh (De Jong)
LtH. H. J.SIMONS1J-L. CoustonML-KNIL2-Vl.G-V
LtHenk B.SITTER1P. DeJongLVA2.JaVAD.21, def. Holland, 1940.
Ltz2Gjalt FokkesSLOTTJE1[1+0]M.LedetML-KNILGVT3Do24 pilot, Sumatra, Singapore, 1941-42.
SgtSMITS1E.H. BrongersLVA1.JaVA 1 LvRD-XXI pilot, 1940.
SgtCarel ChristiaanSTEENSMA1C. SteensmaLVA2.JaVA 1LvRKLM reservist pilot0
Jan JurgenSTUURHAAN1M.LedetML-KNIL1-VLG-VGlenn-Martin pilot, Borneo, 1942.
T.LtBernardus 'Bennie'SWAGERMAN1C-J.EhrengardtLVA2.BombVA13/05/1940Fokker TV bomber gunner, 1940.2 (Rude)
LtTHATE1P. DeJong(G.1 friendly kill)LVA1.LVRD.21, def. Holland, 1940.
1LtPieter GerardTIDEMAN1M.Ledet(unconf?)ML-KNIL3 & 1-VLG-VBrewster pilot, Java, 1942.0
TROMP1[0+1]R. RuygrokLVABomVA 1 LvR (gunner)Fokker T-V gunner, 1940.
Lt.tzP. J. P.VAN ERKEL1[0+1]M.LedetML-KNIL3-VGL-IIIGlenn-Martin 139, Java, 1942.
SgtG.VAN HAARLEM1M.LedetML-KNIL1-VLG-VBrewster pilot, Java, 1942.
VAN HENGEL1LVABomVAFokker T-V chief obs and gunner, 1940.
LtHenk J. 'Spanky'VAN OVEREST1C-J.EhrengardtLVA1.JaVA 1 LvRD-XXI, def. Holland, 1940.2
VdgC. A.VONCK1M.LedetML-KNIL1-VLG-VBrewster pilot, 1942.2 sh
LtResJacobVONK1C-J.EhrengardtLVA3.JaVA 2 LvR (gunner)10/05/1940Northrop 8A gunner, 1940.
Sld.JoachemWIJNSTRA1E.H. BrongersLVABomVA (gunner)13/05/1940Fokker T-V tail gunner, 1940.
Pieter HendrikWILDSCHUT1E.H. BrongersLVABomVA (gunner)Fokker T-V gunner, 1940.
1LtWOLFF1M.LedetML-KNIL3-VLG-IIIGlenn-Martin 139 pilot, Sumatra, 1942.
L. D.WOLTERS1(1 V-1)RAF322Sq
ZOETEMEYER1[0+1]M.LedetML-KNIL3-VLG-IIIGlenn-Martin 139, Java, 1942.
Table: Dutch aces and famous pilots of WW2

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