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All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 08/11/2007

Rank First Name Name Ww2 Victories Official Sources Detail Air Service Units Death Note Other Sources
SLdr Remi 'Manu' 'Mony' VAN LIERDE 50 [41+9] 6 C.Shores (35+9sh V-1s) AMB & RAF 3/II/1; 609Sq, 3Sq, 164Sq Great 'Diver' ace.
FO Maurice Arthur Leon BALASSE 8 [6+2] 0 C.Shores (6 + 2sh V-1s) AMB & RAF 5/III/3, RAF 349Sq, 41Sq 23/01/1945 Spitfire, 43-45, V-1 killer. KIA.
SLdr Yves Georges 'Miss' DU MONCEAU DE BERGENDAL 8 C.Shores & C.Williams AMB & RAF 4/II/2; 253Sq, 609Sq, 350Sq, 349Sq CR-42, 1940; Channel front.
WCdr Lucien Adolphe BOUSSA 7 W.N.Hess AMB & RAF 5/III/2; 131,79,118,615,234,130,124Sq,350(Belg)Sq Fox, 1940; Spitfire, Channel, 1942-43. 2 (Shores); 4; 5
FO Charles Firmin Joseph DETAL 7 [6+1] 6,5 C.Shores & C.Williams AMB & RAF 5/III/2, RAF 609Sq 23/03/1944 Typhoon ace, N.France 43-44. KIA.
FLt Jean Henri Marie 'Pyker' OFFENBERG 7 [5+2] 6 C.Shores & C.Williams AMB & RAF 4/II/2, RAF 145Sq, 609Sq 22/01/1942 CR.42, def.of Belgium 1 v.
FO Victor Marcel M.'Vicky' ORTMANS 7 [5+2] 5,83 C.Shores & C.Williams FAB & RAF 7/III/3; RAF 229Sq, 609Sq 08/08/1950 POW 1941. 11; 7,83
Raymond A. 'Cheval' LALLEMAND 6 [5+1] 5,5 C.Shores & C.Williams RAF 609Sq, 197Sq, 198Sq, 349Sq Typhoon, Spitfire, 46 tanks destroyed. 6
PO Jacques Arthur Laurent PHILIPPART 6 C.Shores & C.Williams RAF 213Sq 25/08/1940 5,5; 7,5
FLt André Marie Alfred 'Plis' PLISNIER 6 [3+3] C.Shores & C.Williams RAF & USAAF 350Sq, 336FS/4FG Spitfire, P-51D, 1942-44. 4.33
SLdr Charles Joseph V. G. DEMOULIN 5 [3+2] 3,2 C. Demoulin (1 kill left to wingman) 609Sq, 183Sq, 164Sq Typhoon pilot, 1943-44. POW. 3+1sh; 2+2sh
WCdr Daniel Albert Raymond LEROY DU VIVIER 5 [3+2] 4,5 C.Shores & C.Williams AMB & RAF 3/II/2, RAF 43Sq, 229Sq, 239Wg 4; 5,5
FLt François Auguste 'Sus' VENESOEN 5 [3+2] 4 C.Shores & C.Williams RAF III/2; 235Sq, 350(Belgian)Sq, 610Sq 06/06/1944
SLdr Charles Thomas Henri DELCOUR 4 [1+3] C. Shores RAF 500Sq, 272Sq, 252Sq Beaufighter, Desert, Tunisia, 1942.
FO Guy Fernand GIGOT 4 [2+2] 2,58 C. Shores RAF Spitfire, N.Germany, 1945.
FO George Louis C. F. JASPIS 4 [3+1] 3,16 C. Shores AMB & RAF 5/III/1, 609Sq, 187Sq Typhoon, 1943-44.
FSgt P. 'Pino' LEVA 4 [2+2] 1,25 S. Bonge (1+1sh V-1s) RAF 350Sq
FLt John Georges MEJOR 4 [2+2] 2,75 C. Shores RAF 132Sq, 603Sq, 126Sq, 1435Sq, 122Sq Spitfire, Malta, 1942.
FLt Gabriel Marie Hermann SEYDEL 4 [2+2] 1,5 C.Shores (Belgian record) RAF 131Sq, 350Sq, 349Sq Spitfire, 1941-45. 1+1sh(Bonge)
PO Hendrik Alphonse BOELS 3 [2+1] S. Bonge (1 sh V-1) RAF 350Sq Spitfire, ETO, 1944-45.
WCdr Michael Gabriel 'Mike' DONNET 3 C. Shores AMB & RAF 9/V/1, 64Sq, 350Sq, Hawkinge Wg, Bentwaters Wg Spitfire, Mustang, 1942-45.
SLdr Louis Emmanuel 'Manu' GEERTS 3 [2+1] 2,5 C. Shores RAF 124Sq, 610Sq, 609Sq Typhoon, 1943-44.
FSgt André KICQ 3 [2+1] 2,25 C. Shores RAF 350Sq Spitfire, 1944-45; jet killer.
FLt Henri A. PICARD 3 [2+1] 2,5 C. Shores RAF 131Sq, 350Sq 25/03/1944 Spitfire,1942. POW, killed Great Escape.
WCdr Leon Oscar Joseph PREVOT 3 C. Shores RAF 235Sq, 123Sq, 64Sq, 122Sq, 197Sq, 350Sq Blenheim, Spitfire, Typhoon, 40-44.
FO Yves Charles TEDESCO 3 [2+1] C. Shores RAF 89Sq, 272Sq 14/06/1942 Beaufighter, 1941-42. KIA.
PO Albert Emmanuel VAN DEN HOVE D'ERTSENRIJK 3 C. Shores AMB & RAF 2/I/2, 43Sq, 501Sq Hurricane, 1940.
Capt Jean DE CALLATAY 2 S. Bonge AMB & RAF 3/II/2; 616Sq, 350Sq, 3Sq RAF CR-42, 1940. Typhoon, 1943. POW.
FLt Baudoin Marie Ghislain DE HEMPTINNE 2 C. Shores RAF 145Sq, 609Sq, 64Sq, 122Sq 05/05/1942 Hurricane, Spitfire, 1941-42. KIA.
PO Rodolphe Ghislain Charles DE HENRICOURT DE GRUNE 2 [1+1] 11,5 C.Shores & C.Williams FAN, AMB & RAF 3-G-11,1-G-2,4-G-12,3-G-3,2-G-3;2/I/2,32Sq,609Sq 21/05/1941 Spain, CR.32 ace. Hurricane, BoB. MIA. 10+3, 14 Sp
FLt François Xavier E.E.H. DE SPIRLET 2 C. Shores RAF 1/I/3, 87Sq, 56Sq, 609Sq 26/06/1942 Spitfire, 1941. Typhoon, 1942. KIFA. 1 (Ehrengardt)
FLt Robert Edmond C. DEPPE 2 C. Shores RAF 272Sq, 1 Ferry Unit, 167Sq Beaufighter, 1942.
M. DONCQ 2 [1+1] 1,25 S. Bonge AMB & RAF 350Sq RAF Spitfire, N.Germany, 1944-45.
WO André Emile EID 2 C. Shores RAF 501Sq, 130Sq, 349Sq, 272Sq, 601Sq 15/05/1944 Spitfire, Italy, 43-44. KIFA.
Lt Charles GOFFIN 2 AMB & USAAF 3/II/2 Ae, 7PRG 08/09/1944 CR.42, 1940. Spitfire recce. KIA.
FO Albert Michel Leon HERREMAN 2 C. Shores RAF 08/06/1944 Spitfire, 1941-44.
FO Louis Ludovic 'Boum' LAMBRECHTS 2 S. Bonge AMB & RAF 350Sq Spitfire, ETO, 1944-45.
FLt J. LAVIGNE 2 [1+1] 1 S. Bonge (1 sh V-1) RAF 350Sq Spitfire, ETO, 1944-45.
R. 'Roberto' MULS 2 [1+1] 1,5 S. Bonge RAF 350Sq Spitfire, N.Germany, 1945.
PO Emile George René PAUWELLS 2 C. Shores RAF 350Sq Spitfire, NW Europe, 1944-45.
SLdr Charles Louis ROMAN 2 [1+1] C. Shores RAF 236Sq, 272Sq 25/11/1946 Blenheim, Beaufighter, 1940-43. KIFA.
FLt Paul Albert J. D. SIROUX 2 C. Shores AMB & RAF 2/I/2, 350Sq, 349Sq Hurr. 1940. Spitfire, 1943-45.
Albert M. VAN EECKHOUT 2 [0+2] 0,75 S. Bonge AMB & RAF 350Sq Spitfire, N.Germany, 1944-45.
WO Louis E. VERBEECK 2 0 S. Bonge RAF 350Sq, 349Sq, 66Sq Spitfire, ETO, 1942-45.
Table: Belgian aces and notable pilots of WW2

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