German Jet aces of WW2

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All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 08/03/2021

ObLtKurtWELTER2963P. KachaGermany5./JG301,10./JG300,Kdo Welter(10./NJG11),NJKdo262Wilde Sau. Me-262 night fighter.
MajGeorg-Peter 'Schorch'EDER2478R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermany4./JG51,7 & 12./JG2,6./JG1,JG26,EJG2,Kdo.Now.,JG7Viermots hunting master. Me262 jet ace.
ObstLtHeinrich 'Pritzel'BÄR16221P.KachaGermany1. & 12./JG51,I./JG77,JGrSüd,JG1,JG3,EJG2,JV44Bf109, Fw190, Me262 ace, 39-45.
ObltRudolf 'Rudi'RADEMACHER16126R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermany3 & 1./JG54, Erg.Gr.Nord, 11./JG713/06/1953Bf109 and Me262 ace.
HptmFranzSCHALL14137R.Toliver-T.ConstableAustriaJG52, Kdo.Nowotny, 10./JG710/04/1945Bf-109 and Me-262 ace. KIFA.
LtnHermannBUCHNER1258J. PerryAustria6./SchlG1, 6, 4./SG2, 2 & 1./Kdo Nowotny, 9./JG7Fw190 Schlacht ace, Ost; Me262 jet ace.
MajorErichRUDORFFER12224P.WatteeuwGermany2, Stab II & 6./JG2, IV & II./JG54, I./JG7Russia, Desert. Me-262 ace.
LtnKarl 'Quax'SCHNÖRRER1146R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermany1./JG54, EKdo 262, Kdo.Nowotny, 9./JG7Me-262 jet ace. WIA.
ObltFriedrich 'Fritz'STEHLE1126P. KachaGermany5./ZG26, 6./JG6, 2. & 3./JG7Bf-110 and Me-410 ace.
ObstHermannGRAF10212R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermanyJG51, III/JG52, JGr.50, JG11Eastern front, 1941-42; Me-262 ace.
MajWalterDAHL9128R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermanyII, 4, III./JG3, JGzbV, JG300, EJG2SturmGruppen ace, 2nd 4-mots killer.
LtnHubertGÖBEL910P. KachaGermanyJG301, Ekdo262, Kdo Nowotny, JG7Me-262 ace, 1944.
OfwSiegridGÖBEL910P. SaintesGermany1./Kdo Nowotny, JG7
UffzPeterKÖSTER99P. KachaGermanyEJG2, JG7, JV44
LtnJoachimWEBER913J. PerryGermany8./ZG26, EKdo262, Kdo'Nowotny', 10 & 11./JG721/03/1945Me-262, 1st official jet kill. KIA.
OfwHelmutBAUDACH821P. KachaGermany1./JG2, 11./JG2, EKdo262, KdoNowotny, JG722/02/1945Kanalfront, def.of the Reich.
FwKarl-HeinzBECKER88J.Foreman et al.GermanyKdo Welter (10./NJG11), II./NJG11Me-262 night jet ace. Mosquito killer.
OfwErichBÜTTNER823D.Savic & B.CiglicGermany2./JG52, Kdo Nowotny, 10./JG720/03/1945Me-262 jet ace.
OfwHelmutLENNARTZ811J. PerryGermany5./JG11, Ekdo.262, 1 or 2./Kdo.Nowotny, 10./JG7Bf-109 and Me-262 ace.
OfwOttoPRITZL819P. KachaGermany5./JG302, 2./JG51, IV./JG3, JG7
ObltWalterSCHUCK8206R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermanyErg.Gr./JG3, 7, 9 & 10./JG5, 3./JG7Scandinavia. Me-262 ace.
ObltGüntherWEGMANN821J. PerryGermany8 & 9./ZG26, EKdo262, Kdo Nowotny, 9./JG7Bf-110, Tunisia, Sicily. Me-262 ace.
LtnHans-Dieter 'Hadi'WEIHS89Kacha, PerryGermanyIII./Erg.JG2, 3./JG718/03/1945Me-262 jet ace.
MajTheodorWEISSENBERGER8208R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermany1.(Z)/JG77, 7, 6 & I./JG5, III. & JG7Channel, Finland. Me-262 ace.
LtnAlfredAMBS77H. MorganGermanyII & III./JG7Me 262 jet ace.
OfwHeinzARNOLD749H. MorganGermany7./JG5, 11./JG717/04/1945Me 262 jet ace. KIA.
FhnFriedrichEHRIG77P. KachaGermanyJG7
GenAdolfGALLAND7103R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermany1 & 3.J/88; Stab/JG27, III./JG26, JG26, JV44Bf109 ace and great leader, 39-45.
UffzFranzKOESTER77H. MorganGermanyEJG2, III./JG7, JV44Me-262 jet ace, 1945.
FhnErnstPFEIFFER77P. KachaGermanyJG7
UffzErnstRICHTER77P.Kacha, J.PerryGermanyI./KG(J)54Me 262 ace, def. Reich, 1945.
UffzAntonSCHÖPPLER713P. KachaGermany3./JG5, 3./JG7Me 262 ace.
LtnFritz R.G.MÜLLER622H. MorganGermany7 & 10./JG53, JG7Me-262 jet ace, 1945.
ObstJohannes 'Macky'STEINHOFF6176R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermany10 & 11.(N)/JG26, 4./JG52, JG77, JG7, JV44Bf109 and Me262 ace. WIFA 1945.
OfhrWalterWINDISCH610P. KachaGermany2./JG52, 9./JG7Me-262 ace, 1945.
LtnBernhardBECKER55C-J. EhrengardtGermany2./KG(J)54Me-262 ace, 1944-45.
MajHeinrichEHRLER5208J. PerryGermanyI./JG77, 8 & III./JG5, JG5, Stab./JG704/04/1945Bf109, Scandinavia. Me262 ace. KIA.
OfwFranzGAPP56P. TaghonGermany8./LG1, III./KG6, IV./KG6, 8./KG(J)6Ju-88, Me-262, 41-45.
ObltHans 'Specker'GRÜNBERG582R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermany5./JG3, JG52, 1./JG7, JV44Viermots expert, Me 262 ace.
ObltAnton 'Toni'HAFNER5204R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermany6, 4, StabSt., 7, 8, 10./JG5117/10/1944Bf-109, East, Tunisia. Me-262 ace.
GefrJoseph 'Sepp'HEIM55H. MorganGermanyI./JG710/04/1945Me-262 jet ace, 1945.
OfwRudolfHENER514P. KachaGermany2./JG3, JG7Me-262 jet ace.
LtnKlaus-H.NEUMANN537R.Toliver, R.ForsythGermany2./JG51, 16./JG3, JG7, JV44Me-262 jet ace.
LtnAlfred 'Bubi'SCHREIBER57J.Perry, P.SaintesGermanyEKdo262, 1./Kdo.Nowotny, JG726/11/1944Me-262, first jet ace of all time. KIFA.
MajWolfgangSPÄTE599R.Toliver-T.ConstableGermany5 & IV./JG54,EKdo16,JG400,III./JG54,I & III./JG7Me-163; Me-262 ace, 1945.
ObltGustavSTURM522P. KachaGermany1 & 2./JG27, Stabst./JG51, JG7
Table: German Jet aces of WW2

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