Polish aces of WW2

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All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 18/01/2011

CaptEugeniusz 'Dziubek'HORBACZEWSKI23[17+6]16,5C.Shores(1+4 sh. V-1s)RAF303Sq, 145Sq, 43Sq, 315Sq RAF18/08/1944Spitfire, Tunisia, Italy; P-51. KIA.17+5sh
WCdrStanislawSKALSKI21[18+3]18,53C.ShoresRAF142Esk; 302,501,306,316,145,601Sq, 131,133WgPoland, BoB, Spitfire, Tunisia, Italy.22+2sh(Skulski)
FLtBoleslaw Michal "Mike"GLADYCH18C.ShoresA.Air,RAF & USAAFGCI/145, 303Sq,302Sq RAF, 61FS/56FG USAAFSpitfire, P-47D, Channel, ETO, 1941-44.22, 17 (Shores), 14
WCdrWitold AleksanderURBANOWICZ17F. OlynykRAF & USAAF111.Esk;601,145,303Sq,Northolt Wg RAF;75FS/23FG USHurricane ace, BoB; P-40, China 43.21; 18 ww2
CaptHenryk J.PIETRZAK14[11+3]7,5Shores & Wil.(4,5 V-1s)PAF, A.Air & RAFKaras Esk; GCIII/9, 306Sq, 315Sq RAF7,5 a/cs
MajJan Eugeniusz LudwigZUMBACH14[12+2]12,66Shores & Will., J.ZumbachAAF & RAFGCII/52, 303Sq, 133WgBoF, BoB ace. Katanga and Biafran wars.12+2sh (Skulski)
CaptMichalCWYNAR13[8+5]5,5C.Shores(2+4 sh. V-1s)Pol.AF, A.Air & RAF113Esk, GCIII/10, 315Sq RAFPZL, Poland. Spit, P-51, ETO 41-44.5+1sh
WOTadeuszJANKOWSKI13[6+7]2,33C.Shores(4+6 sh. V-1s)RAF308Sq, 453Sq, 65Sq, 315Sq20/09/1944Mustang, 1944. KIA.4+4 V-1s
MajMarianPISAREK13[12+1]12,5C.Shores(1 Karas by mistake)PAF, RAF141Esk; 303Sq, 315Sq, 308Sq,1Polish Wg29/04/1942PZL, Poland; Hurricane, BoB, ETO, KIA.12; 11,5
KaptStanislawBRZESKI12[8+4]8,5C.Shores(1+1sh balloons)Pol.AF A.Air & RAF152.Esk; GCII/1, 249Sq, 317Sq, 302Sq RAFHurricane, Spitfire, Channel, 41-44.POW.
LtVictorKALINOWSKI12[8+4]T. PolakVVS233 IAP, 153 IAP, 1 PLM
WOStanislawRUDOWSKI12[11+2]2C.Shores(7+3sh V-1s)RAF317Sq, 315Sq, 306SqPolish top Diver ace, Mustang.7+3sh V-1s
GCptAleksander KlemensGABSZEWICZ11[8+3]9,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsA.Air & RAF114Esk,GCIII/10, 607,303,316Sq,2&1Polish Wg,131Wg7+4sh (Skulski)
FOMichal MiroslawMACIEJOWSKI11[10+1]10,5C.ShoresRAF111Sq, 249Sq, 317Sq, 316Sq RAFPOW 1943.9,5; 11+1sh (Skulski)
F/OAdolfPIETRASIAK11[7+4]8,1C.Shores & C.WilliamsPAF, A.Air & RAF122Esk; ECD Bourges, 303Sq, 92Sq, 308Sq, 317Sq RAF29/11/19437,5
KaptJanSIEKIERSKI11[8+3]1(7+3sh V-1s)RAF306Sq7+3sh V-1s
FSgtKazimierzSIWEK11[9+2]3C.Shores(6+2sh V-1s)RAF315SqMustang 'Diver' ace.2+3 V-1s
WCdrHenryk 'Sneezy'SZCZESNY11[8+3]9,33C.Shores & C.WilliamsPolAF & RAFDeblin Gp; 74,257,302,317Sq, Northolt Wg RAFPoland, 2 v. POW 1943.10; 9,5
FOMiroslaw 'Ox'FERIC10[9+1]9,33C.ShoresPAF, A.Air & RAF111Esk.; Kuzius section, 303Sq RAF14/02/1942PZL Poland, Hurr BoB, Spit Channel. KIFA8+2sh(Skulski)
WOTadeuszSZYMANSKI102C.Shores(8 V-1s)RAF316SqSpitfire, Channel, 1942-44.7 V-1s (Shores)
FSgtJozefZALENSKI10[9+1]0C.Shores(all V-1s)RAF306Sq5+6sh V-1s(Shores)
SgtMjAleksandrCHUDEK9C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF315Sq, 303Sq RAF23/06/1944Spitfire ace, Channel 41 & 43-44. KIA.10
WCdrJan PavelFALKOWSKI9C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF32Sq, 315Sq, 303Sq RAF, Peterhead WgPOW 1945.
SLdrAntoniGLOWACKI9[8+1]8,33C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF501Sq, 303Sq, 308Sq, 309Sq RAFBat. of Britain ace. Ace in a day.11,33; 8,5
CaptZdzislaw KarolHENNEBERG9[8+1]8,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsPol.AF, A.Air & RAFDeblin Gp; ECD Chateauroux,303Sq RAF12/04/1941BoB ace, MIA Channel.
LtJan BernardKREMSKI9[3+6]4,93C.ShoresPAF, A.Air & RAF121Esk; ELD Bourges; 308Sq RAF
WCdrWaclaw SzczepanKROL9[8+1]8,5C.ShoresPAF, A.Air & RAF121Esk, GCII/7,302, 316, 145, 303Sq,Coltishall WgPoland, France, BoB, Channel, Tunisia.9,5;9;6+5;8+5sh(Skulski)
ColMieczyslawMUMLER9[4+5]5,09Shores + EhrengardtPol.AF, A.Air & RAFIII/3 Dyon; GCII/7; 302Sq RAFPolish campaign, BoF, BoB.6+3sh;4+3sh(Shores);8
WOAleksanderPIETRZAK9[7+2]3,5C.Shores(4+1 sh.V-1s)RAF302Sq, 316Sq, 309Sq02/08/1945Spitfire, 1943; Mustang, 1944. KIFA.3,25
FOGwidoSWISTUN9[3+6]2,5C.Shores(1+5sh V-1s)RAF315SqMustang, ETO, 1944.6+1sh V-1s
FLtEugeniusz MiroslawSZAPOSZNIKOW9[8+1]8,33C.Shores & C.WilliamsPolAF, AAir & RAF111Esk; GCII/6 AAir, 303Sq,316Sq RAFBat.of France, BoB ace.
LtMieczyslawADAMEK8[6+2]6,75P. SkulskiRAF113 Esk, 303, 317Sq RAF18/05/1944Spitfire ace, Channel, 41-42.5,45 (Shores)
WOJakubBARGIELOWSKI8[6+2]5Shores & Will.(1 + 2 sh. V-1s)RAF315Sq RAFMustang ace, Europe, 1944.
FLtAndrzejBEYER8[6+2]1,75C.Shores(5 V-1s)RAF302Sq, 318Sq, 309Sq, 306SqMustang, 1943-44.2+2sh V-1s
FLtAntoni 'Ghandi'CHOLAJDA82C.Shores(6 V-1s)RAF316SqMustang, 1944.5+1sh V-1s
MajJozefJEKA8[7+1]7,5C.ShoresRAF141Esk; 238Sq, 306Sq, 316Sq, 308Sq RAF13/04/19587
CaptWitold 'Tolo'LOKUCIEWSKI8C.Shores, W.HessPol.AF, A.Air & RAF112 Esk, ECD Romorantin, 303Sq RAFPoland, France, BoB. POW.9+1sh (Skulski)
SLdrKarolPNIAK8[6+2]6,53C.ShoresPAF & RAF142Esk; 32, 257, 306(Polish), 145, 308Sq RAFPoland; Spitfire, Tunisia.6,7(Hess); 7+4sh(Skulski)
WOCzewlawBARTLOMIEJCZYK71C.Shores(6 V-1s)RAF316Sq5 V-1s
2ndLtMarianBELC7C.Shores & C.WilliamsPol.AF, A.Air & RAF152.Esk, ECDI/55, 303Sq RAF27/08/1942P11, Hurricane, Spitfire, 39-41. KIFA.6; 7+2sh (Skulski)
LtStanislaw JozefCHALUPA7[3+4]4,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsPolAF, A.Air, RAF123.Esk, GCI/2, 302SqPZL, Poland. MS.406, BoF. Hurr, BoB.
SLdrTadeuszCZERWINSKI7[5+2]4C.Shores(1+2sh. V-1s)A.Air & RAFGCI/145, 302Sq, 306Sq
CaptBoleslaw HenrykDROBINSKI7C.ShoresRAF65Sq, 303Sq RAF
FLtStefanKARNKOWSKI7[3+4]1,5C.Shores(2+3 sh. V-1s)RAF316Sq
SgtStanislawKARUBIN7C.Shores & C.WilliamsPol.AF, A.Air & RAF111Esk; ECDI/55, 303Sq RAF12/08/1941KIFA.
KaptWlodzimierzKLAWE7[5+2]1C.Shores(4+2 sh. V-1s)RAF113.Esk; 316Sq, 306Sq1sh a/c
WCdrWaclawLAPKOWSKI7[6+1]6,33C.ShoresPol.AF, A.Air & RAF112 Esk; ECD Romorantin, 303Sq, Northolt(P)Wg RAF02/07/19416,83(Skulski)
KaptLonginMAJEWSKI7[5+2]0,5C.Shores(5+1 sh. V-1s)RAF303Sq, 316Sq
SgtJerzy AndrzejMIELNECKI7[6+1]0C.Shores(all V-1s)RAF316Sq6 V-1s
WOAntoniMURKOWSKI73C. ShoresRAF316Sq, 309SqSpitfire, Mustang, 42-45.4
WOJan AleksandrROGOWSKI7[5+2]2C.Shores(3+2sh.V-1s)PAF & RAF162.Esk; 303Sq,74Sq,1482Flt,302Sq,306SqHurricane, Spitfire, Mustang, 40-44.
WOKazimierzSZTRAMKO7[5+2]5,66C. ShoresPol.AF A.Air & RAF113.Esk; GCII/10, 317Sq, PFT/145Sq, 308Sq, 315SqSpitfire, PFT, Tunisia.4+1sh(4,33)
KaptTeofilSZYMANKIEWICZ7[5+2]0,5(5+1sh V-1s)RAF317Sq, 316Sq
CaptStanislawBLOK65C.Shores & C.Williams(1 V-1)RAF65Sq, 315Sq, 164SqSpitfire, Channel, 41-43. Mustang, 45.
HieronimDUDWAL6Pol.AF & A.Air113Esk07/06/1940Poland 1939 best scorer, KIA France.4,5
MajCzeslawGLOWCZYNSKI6[5+1]5,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsPAF & RAF162Esk, GCI/145, 302Sq
WORyszardIDRIAN6[5+1]4C. Shores(1+1sh V-1s)RAF303Sq, 1489Fl, 302Sq, 315SqMustang III, 1944-45.
MajStefanJANUS6C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF308Sq, 315Sq, 1 Polish Wg RAF6,5
KaptFranciszekJASTRZEBSKI6[4+2]C. ShoresPol.AF A.Air & RAF132.Esk; GCII/1, 302Sq25/10/1940
MajTadeuszKOC6[3+3]4,33C.Shores & C.WilliamsFA polonaise & RAF161 Esk; 307Sq, 303Sq, 317Sq, 308Sq RAF
CaptWitold AleksanderLANOWSKI6W.N. HessUSAAF61FS/56FG 8th USAAFP-47, ETO, 1944.
FLtEugenieusz Jan AdamNOWAKIEWICZ6[4+2]4,83C. ShoresPol.AF & RAF123.Esk; GCII/7, 302Sq1+5sh (Belcarz)
FSgtWitoldNOWOCZYN61C.Shores(5 V-1s)RAF315Sq'Diver' ace.2 V-1s
KaptLudwik Witold 'Paszko'PASZKIEWICZ6C.Shores & C.WilliamsPAF, A.Air & RAF112Esk; GC II/8, 303Sq RAF27/09/1940
SLdrWladyslaw JanPOTOCKI6[4+2]4,75C.Shores & C.WilliamsPAF & RAF306(Polish)Sq, 315Sq23/12/1996
MajKazimierzRUTKOWSKI6[5+1]5,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsPAF, RAF & USAAF36Esk Obs; 306Sq, 317Sq, 66FS/56FG, 133Wg6
FLtJerzySCHMIDT6[4+2]2C. Shores(2+2sh V-1s)RAAF & RAF453(RAAF)Sq, 65Sq, 303Sq, 315Sq06/12/1944Mustang, France, 1944.
FLtStefanTRONCZYNSKI6[5+1]2,25C. Shores(3 V-1s)RAF306SqMustang, 1944-45.1 V-1
KaptMarianWESOLOWSKI6[2+4]C. ShoresPol.AF A.Air & RAF151.Esk; ECD Ko, 308Sq1sh (Ehr.-List.)
GCaptStefanWITORZENC6[5+1]5,5C.ShoresRAF501Sq, 306(Polish)Sq, 302Sq, 1Polish WgBoB ace.
FLFranciszekWIZA6[5+1]3C. Shores(2+1sh V-1s)RAFSpitfire, Channel; Mustang, 44-45.
POBoleslaw AndrzejWLASNOWOLSKI6[5+1]5,5W. N. HessFAPol & RAF122Esk; 32Sq, 607Sq, 213Sq RAF01/11/1940Polish campaign, BoB.4,5 (Shores)
FLtKazimierzWUNSCHE6[4+2]4,5C.Shores(1 shared V-1)Pol.AF & RAF11.Esk; 303(Polish)Sq, 315Sq4+3sh
CaptJanuszZURAKOWSKI6W. N. HessPoAF & RAFCWL; 234Sq,609Sq,315Sq,306Sq,316Sq RAF3 or 2+2sh (Shores-Will.)
SLdrBogdan StanislawARCT53C. Shores(2 V-1s)RAF306Sq, PFT 145Sq, 303Sq, 316SqSpitfire, Mustang, 1941-44. POW.2
KaptKazimierz BronislawKOSINSKI5[2+3]C. ShoresRAFECD Ko, 307Sq, 72Sq26/01/19422,6
LtColJulianKOWALSKI ROCH5[4+1]4,33R.Gretzyngier-W.MatusiakRAFGCI/145, 302Sq, 133Wg, 131WgCaudron, Hurricane, 1940.3+1sh
F/OTadeuszNOWAK5[4+1]4,5C. ShoresPol.AF & RAF121.Esk; 253Sq, 315Sq21/09/1941
ColTadeuszNOWIERSKI5[4+1]4,5R.Gretzyngier-W.MatusiakPAF & RAF24Esk;609Sq,316(P)Sq,308Sq,2 Polish Wg,133Wg RAF7+1sh; 3+1V-1
WOJanPOMIETLARZ5[2+3]1,45C. Shores(1+1sh V-1s)RAF306Sq, Blackpool P.D.Mustang, 1944.
WOMieczyslawPOPEK5[3+2]C. ShoresPol.AF & RAF152.Esk; 303Sq, PFT/145Sq15/01/19444
LtColJerzyPOPLAWSKI5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF111Sq, 229Sq, 308Sq, 315Sq RAF
FLtJerzyRADOMSKI5[2+3]C.Shores & C.WilliamsPAF, A.Air & RAF113 Esk, GCIII/10, 303Sq, 316Sq, 317Sq
FLtGrzegorz 'George'SOLOGUB5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF306Sq RAF
KaptKazimierzSPORNY5C.Shores & C.WilliamsAdA & RAFCI Pau, 213,17,302,PFT,145,316,306Sq RAFSpitfire, PFT, Tunisia.
F/OFranciszekSURMA5C.ShoresRAF121.Esk; 151,607,46,257,242,308Sq RAF08/11/19417 (Skulski)
SLdrAntoniWCZELIK5[3+2]C. ShoresPAF, AdA & RAFGCI/145, GCI/1, 302Sq, 317Sq, 306Sq14/04/1942Poland, BoF, Channel, 39-42. KIA.2+2sh
WOMiroslav IgnacyWOJCIECHOWSKI5[4+1]4,5C.Shores & C.WilliamsRAF142.Esk; 303(Polish)Sq RAF
Table: Polish aces of WW2

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