Pre-war Austrian air collision

  Dramatic air collision between aircraft and airship

Oblt Flatz of Austrian Army, Henri Farman HF.20, collided with the KuK Militärluftschiff M.III (Parseval), 20.06.14, over Fischamend airfield. M.III engaged in a photo mission and a/c too close above the airship and with acrobatic pass, or, according J.Mortane engaged in a mock air attack. The hot exhaust pipes caused the explosion of the hydrogen balloon. All crew of M.III (7 airmen, Hptm Hauswirth kdt) and of the a/c killed (Lt Puchta observer).

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Rank First Name Name Country Air Service Victories Sources Detail Units Death Note Other Sources
Oblt FLATZ Austria Kuk LFT 1 J.Mortane 20/06/1914 HF.20, 1 airship (collision), crew killed. 0
Table: Pre-war first air kill

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