Japanese aces of the China conflicts

  Japanese Army and Navy air forces over China

The first air to air combat took place in the Shanghai sector during the Sino-Japanese Feb-March 1932 confrontation.
JAAF and JNAF were involved in the 'Chinese Incident' or 1937-38 Sino-Japanese war.
Direct confrontation with Soviet forces occured in May-Sept 1939 in the so-called Nomonhan/Khalkin-Gol Incident.

  Claims and credits

The scores were highly overestimated by the Japanese side or the VVS-Chinese side. The Kantoh-Gun archives reported 1260 Russian a/c destroyed during the Khalkin Gol Incident which exceeded the actual number of VVS a/c aligned. Moreover the Soviets have minimized their losses for propaganda and the newly avaible Soviet archives are unfortunaly incomplete. So the real figures will maybe never drawn up.

  The lists

All the lists present the following data:
Name and (when known) first name are presented with arbitrary choice for the spelling (russian, german, arab names...).
RANK of the pilot: see the rank page for the meaning of the abbreviations and the equivalence.
According to the pages, COUNTRY, NATION for the nationality or ethnic origin, AIR_SERVICE for the air arm, are provided.
The number of victories represents usually the total of kills (individual plus shared). The shared kills are indicated when known under the form [indiv+shared]. The official score is indicated when different from the total (American and British scores of ww2 for example).
Authors of the SOURCES column are given; report to the bibliography page to find the books, articles, web pages in alphabetical order. The OTHER_SOURCES column presents the divergent scores with sometimes the author of the source.
The DETAIL column shows occasionally the type of kill, balloons, V-1s, ground kills, unconfirmed kills...
The NOTE column exposes different commentaries and for lack of space, abbreviations are used: report to the abbreviation page for their meaning.

Updated: 09/06/2016

AdjHiromichiSHINOHARA58I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai27/08/1939Ki-27, Nomonhan best ace. KIA.
LtMitsuyoshiTARUI2810I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF1.Sentai; 1.Sentai, 68.Sentai18/08/1944Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan incident. 76 ?
MajKenjiSHIMADA27I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai15/09/1939Ki-27, Nomonhan. KIA.40
SgtMajTomioHANADA25I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai07/10/1939Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIA.17 (Koltelnikov)
2ndLtShogoSAITO251I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF24.Sentai; 24.Sentai, 78.Sentai03/07/1944Ki-27, Nomonhan Incident.
WOShojiKATO23I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11 Sentai06/09/1941Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIFA.
CaptHitoshiASANO22I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF1.Sentai; 248.SentaiNomonhan Incident.
WOZenzaburoOHTSUKA22I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai29/01/1942Ki.27 ace, Nomonhan. Malaya 41. KIA.
MajSaburoTOGO22I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11 Sentai; 6. and 8.Kyo HiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan. Instructor ww2.
LtIsamuHOSONO215I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF1.Sentai; 87.Sentai, 25.Sentai06/10/1943Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. Ki-43, China.21+6
2LtChiyojiSAITO217I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF24.Sentai20/08/1943Ki-27, Nomonhan. Ki-43, N.Guinea. KIA.3 ww2 (Sakaida)
WOGoroFURUGORI2010I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai; 22.Sentai03/11/1944Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan.5 ww2(Quinn); 6
MajJozo 'Ganchan'IWAHASHI201I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai, 22.Sentai21/09/1944Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. Ki-84 ww2. KIA20+2
MSgtBunjiYOSHIYAMA20I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai15/09/1939Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIA.25 (Sakaida)
CaptTomoariHASEGAWA INO193I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai; 11.SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan.
SMajSaburoKIMURA19I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai07/08/1939Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIA.
WOTakeoISHII18I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF1.SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan.
CaptRyotaroJOBO (KAMIBO?)1812H. SakaidaIJAAF33 Sentai; 1.Yasen Hoju Hik.Ki-44 ace.12; 76 (Bueschel)
WOMamoruHANADA17I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11 Sentai12/07/1939Nomonhan Incident. DOW.
CaptShoichiSUZUKI17I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF24.Sentai29/07/1939Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIA.
SgtMTakeoIISHI16J.Quinn et alIJAAFKi-27 ace.
WORiichiITO16I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan.
SgtMajMuneyoshiMOTOJIMA16I. Hata-Y. Isawa(more?)IJAAF1.Sentai04/08/1939Nomonhan Incident. KIA.26 (Koltelnikov)
1LtYoshihikoYAJIMA16I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF1.Sentai25/08/1939Ki-27, Nomonhan Incident. KIA.
MajHyoeYONAGA16I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF24.Sentai; 24.Sentai, 101.SentaiKi.27 ace, Nomonhan.
WOHaruoTAKAGAKI152I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai, 72.Sentai, 246.Sentai15/07/1945Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. Ki-84 ww2. KIA.
EnsTetsuzoIWAMOTO1466I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF12 Ku; Zuikaku;281;204;253;252 & 203 KuA5M ace in China; A6M, Coral Sea, Rabaul182; 202
WOToshioKUROIWA14H. GustavssonIJNAFKaga, 13 Ku, 12 Ku25/08/1944A1N, 1st Japanese victory; A5N
WOTakaakiMINAMI14I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan.
CaptKojiMOTOMURA14I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF2.Datai, 11.Sentai22/08/1939Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIA.
CorpJiroOKUDA14I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai12/08/1939Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIA.
WORikioSHIBATA1413I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai; 101.Sentai, 85.Sentai18/12/1944Ki-27, Nomonhan. Ki44 ace. KIA.21 (Ledet)
WOMasaoASHIDA13I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai12/08/1939Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan, KIA.
WOKiyotoKOGA13I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF13 Kokutai16/09/1938A5M ace, China, 1937. KIFA.
WOTokuyasuISHIZUKA122I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai; 11.Sentai, ?.SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan. Ki-61, Ki-45 ww2.23 (Sakaida); 3 ww2
SMajKoichiIWASE12I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan.10
CaptShojiKURONO121I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Rentai, 24.Sentai; 24.Sentai, 112.SentaiNomonhan Ki-27 ace.
2LtGoroNISHIHARA12I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF24.SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan.
EnsKuniyoshiTANAKA125I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF13 Ku; Tainan KuA5M, China, 37-38. A6M, 41-42.12+8
LtjgSadaaki 'Matsu-chan'AKAMATSU1116I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF13 Ku; 3 Ku, 331 Ku, 302 KuA5M ace, China. A6M ace, 41-43.50?
MajTokuroFUKUDA11J.Quinn et alIJAAF11 Sentai05/03/1943Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIA.
WOKojiISHIZAWA11I. Hata-Y. Isawa(more?)IJAAF24.Sentai, 105.SentaiNomonhan Ki-27 ace. Ki-43, Ki-61 ww2.
2LtDaisukeKANBARA11I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan.9
SgtTakayoriKODAMA11I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF1.Sentai01/09/1939Ki-27 Nomonhan ace. KIA.
WONaoharuSHIROMOTO1110I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai, 1.Sentai; 1.Sentai, 52.Sentai, 11.TrKi-27 Nomonhan. Ki-43, Solomons 42-43.
LtCdrMotonariSUHO114I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF12 Ku, 14 Ku; 252 KuA5M and A6M China. Solomons, Micronesia.
SgtMajEisakuSUZUKI11I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai25/08/1939Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIA.
EnsKoshiroYAMASHITA11I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAFRyujo, 12 Ku; 201 Ku30/03/1944First A6M ace, China. KIA.10 (Ehrengardt)
2LtYutakaAOYAGI102I. Hata-Y. Isawa(more?)IJAAF11 Sentai23/06/1942Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIFA.28 (Sakaida)
WOKanishiKASHIMURA102I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF13 & 12 Ku, Yokosuka Ku, 582 Ku06/03/1943A5M ace, China, 1937. KIA 1943.
LtColTateo 'Gunshi'KATO108H. GustavssonIJAAF2.Datai; 64.Sentai22/05/1942Ki-10, Ki-27, China. Ki-43, Burma. KIA.9 and 9+1(Gustavson)
MSgtTaroKOBAYASHI10I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11 Sentai05/08/1939Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan. KIA.
2LtMasatoshiMASUZAWA105I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF1.Sentai, 39.FRKNomonhan ace. Ki-43, Solomons 1943.10+3
WOMomotoMATSUMURA103I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF12, 13, 12 Ku; 6, 601 Ku25/10/1944A5M, China; A6M pilot and instructor.
WOToshioMATSUURA105I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF1.Sentai; 1.Sentai02/12/1943Nomonhan. Ki-27, 1941. N.Guinea. KIFA.
SgtMajTokuyaSUDO10I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF2.Daitai, 64.Sentai01/09/1939Ki-10, China; Ki-27, Nomonhan. KIA.
WOAkiraINA9I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11 SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan.
SaijiKAJI9IJAAFNomonhan Incident.
CaptSaijiKANI9I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF24.Sentai29/07/1939Ki-27 ace, Nomonhan Incident. KIA.
WOShintaroKASHIMA90I. Hata-Y. Isawa(more?)IJAAF11.Sentai; 200.Sentai16/12/1944Ki-27 Nomonhan ace. Ki-84 1944, KIA.
LtKosukeKAWAHARA9I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF2.Datai, 64.Sentai25/10/1937Ki-10, China, IJAAF first ace.5
WOYutakaKIMURA9I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF24.Sentai; 59.SentaiNomonhan Ki-27 ace. Ki-43 ww2.
WOKatsuakiKIRA913I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF24.Sentai; 200.Sentai, 103.SentaiNomonhan Incident.9+12, 25
EnsYoshimiMINAMI96I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF13 & 12 Ku; Shokaku, 601 Ku, 653 Ku25/11/1944A6M carrier ace. KIA special attack.
LtjgIsamuMOCHIZUKI9I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF13 Ku; 281 Ku06/02/1944A5M ace, China. Ww2 as leader. KIA 44.
POMazayukiNAKASE99I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF14 Ku, 12 Ku; 3 Ku09/02/1942A5M ace, China, 41. A6M 1941, KIA.
MajKyushichiNOGUCHI9I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai, 1.Sentai; 22.Rensei HikotaiNomonhan Incident Ki-27 ace.
MajMitsuguSAWADA93I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJNAF2.Datai; 2.Datai, 85.Sentai, 1.Sentai05/03/1943Ki-10, Ki-27, China. Ki-43, Lae. KIA.7 and 5
AdcMisaoINOUE88I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF15/12/1944Nomonhan Incident.
LtMochifumi 'Gunshin'NANGO8I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF13 Ku, Soryu carrier, 15 Ku18/07/1943A5M ace in China. KIA.
MajIoriSAKAI81I. Hata-Y. Isawa(1 B-29)IJAAF2.Datai (5.Rentai), 64.SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan.
1LtMiyoshiSHIMAMURA OKAMOTO81I. Hata-Y. Isawa(1 B-29)IJAAF1.Sentai; 85.SentaiNomonhan Incident. Ki-102, one B-29.
SgtMiyoshiSHIMOMURA82J.Quinn et alIJAAF1 SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan, 1939.
EnsJiroCHONO7H. SakaidaIJNAFKaga Hi, 14 Ku21/02/1941A5M, China. KIA.
CaptYonesukeFUKUYAMA7H. GustavssonIJNAF2.Datai14/04/1938Ki-10, China. DOW.
LtjgMatsuo 'Mustachio'HAGIRI76I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF12 Ku; 204 Ku, Yokosuka Ku
HitoshiHIDA71IJAAFNomonhan Incident.
LtMoritsuguKANAI726I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai; 87. & 25.SentaiNomonhan ace. Ki-43 ace, China.34; 7+19; 25 ww2 Sakaida
LtjgOsamuKUDO70I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF13 Ku, Kaga carrier; 3 Ku03/03/1942A5M ace, China. KIA.
WOHitoshiTOBITA71I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.SentaiKi-27, Nomonhan. Malaya, 41-42.
EnsTadashi 'Hyuozo'TORAKUMA (KIMOTO)7H. SakaidaIJNAF13 & 12 Ku; Kanoya, 751, 253 Ku16/04/1943A5M ace, China, 1937. KIFA.
LtYoshioFUKUI63I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAFRyujo & Kaga; Zuiho, 601 Ku, Zuikaku, 221, 352 KuA2N, A5M China, 1937-38.
LtjgWatariHANDA67I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAFKaga, 15 Ku; Tainan Ku,A5M ace, China, 1937. A6M, 1942.
LtjgIchiroHIGASHIYAMA63I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAFSoryu carrier, 15 & 12 Ku; 261 Ku08/07/1944A5M ace, China. Marianas 1944, KIA.
LtChikamasaIGARASHI6I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAFKaga Hi
EnsMasaichiKONDO67I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAFRyujo, Kaga, 15 & 12 Ku; Zuiho, JunyoA2N, A5N and A6M carrier ace.
1LtHiroshiSEKIGUCHI62H. GustavssonIJAAF'Kato'Chutai, 64.Sentai, 68.Sentai, 105.SentaiKi-10, China; Ki-27 Nomonhan; Ki-61.7 (Hata)
WOToshiyukiSUEDA63I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF13, 12 & 14 Ku; 252 Ku06/10/1943Ace in China. A6M Solomons. MIA.
MajYamatoTAKIYAMA63I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF11.Sentai, 87.Sentai, 104.SentaiKi-27 ace, Nomonhan. B-29 killer, 44-45.9 + 0
CdrTakahideAIOI55I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAF12 Ku; Ryujo carrier, 3, 202, 601 KuA5M ace, China. A6M ace and leader WW2.
CaptKatsumiANMA527I. Hata-Y. IsawaIJAAF64.Sentai08/04/1942Nomonhan and Ki-43 Burma ace. KIA.12+ ww2 (Hata); 8; 34
LtjgHatsuoHIDAKA56I.Hata-Y.IzawaIJNAFKaga, 15 Ku; 6 Ku, 204 KuA6M ace Rabaul 1942.
LtCdrShigeruITAYA5IJNAFHiryu24/07/1944Claude ace in China.
SgtY.KOSIRO5A. DeminIJNAFA6M ace in a day, 1940.
EnsKaneyoshi 'Kinsuke'MUTO523I.Hata-Y.Izawa(60 claims)IJNAF13 Ku; 3, Genzan, 252, Yokosuka & 343 Ku24/09/1945A5M ace, China, 1937.25-30; 35 (Sakaida)
Table: Japanese aces of the China conflicts

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